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Kuanyshbekova Asemgul Atabekovna

Kuanyshbekova Asemgul Atabekovna


Master of technical Sciences, senior lecturer of the Department of land Management and geodesy»

Office 6113, tel. 87779763550



Research interests

Use of geoinformation systems, electronic total stations, laser scanner and software for solving problems in geodesy and cartography

Subjects read

"Geodesy", "Engineering geodesy", "Geodesy with the basics of topography", "Geoinformation systems", "automation of surveying measurements", "Automated methods of geodetic measurements and laser scanning", "Computer calculations of engineering and geodetic measurements", "Design, compilation and publication of maps", "Geoinformatics", "Metrology, standardization and certification", " Cartography».


1989 –1995 Kazakh national technical University, specialty 2201 - " Computing complexes, systems and networks "(Almaty).

2003 - 2006 Karaganda state technical University, specialty "surveying" (Karaganda)

2012 - 2014 Karaganda state technical University, master's degree in surveying (Karaganda)

Work experience

1995-1999 Teacher of computer science at the vocational Lyceum in Balkhash.

2005-2006. Assistant of the Department of Surveying and geodesy, Karaganda state technical University

2006-2008 Teacher of the Department of Surveying and geodesy, Karaganda state technical University

2008-2018 Senior lecturer of the Department of Surveying and geodesy, Karaganda state technical University

2018 – 2020 Teacher of mining disciplines of Karaganda higher Polytechnic College

Advanced courses:

Geodesy, cartography, digital model location, design and creation of maps, digital cartography

Improvement of qualifications

Course training seminar on engineering pedagogy, Kargtu, 2015

Course training seminar "innovative technologies in educational activities of Kargtu", Kargtu, 2016

Course lecture "methodology of organization and implementation of geomechanical monitoring of the content of the vast array and mountain ranges", 2016

Course "design and design of architectural forms", 2019

Course " For participation in seminar training of Dual and vocal education methods (german experience)", 2019

Course "development and improvement of it competencies of teachers", 2020.


Author of more than 18 scientific papers. The most important in the following areas:

  1. Kuanyshbekova A. A. Crdel Tau-Ken geologialjagajaga cans ia-Ben berchin, Pavlodar. Proceedings of the University No. 4, Karaganda, Karstu, 2013. - P. 52-54
  2. Kuanyshbekova A. A. Staticaly of songtao dime topirateurilityesatern, Pavlodar. PROCEEDINGS of the International scientific and practical conference Part III "Integration of science, education and production-the basis for the implementation of the national Plan" (Saginovsky readings No. 9) June 22-23, 2017 Karaganda.
  3. Kuanyshbekova A. A. Mapping the spatial and temporal distribution of atmospheric precipitation using the "WEATHER APP" program. International scientific research journal.Yekaterinburg.No. 05 (71) 2018. - Pp. 143-148
  4. Kuanyshbekova A. A. Laser scanning of quarry slopes at the Vasilkovsky quarry. Second Congress of surveyors of Kazakhstan. Karaganda. Karstu. 2018. - P. 95-98