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Leonidova Balkhash Leonidovna

Leonidova Balkhash Leonidovna


Candidate of Technical Sciences

Senior lecturer of the department

"Technology of food and processing industries"

Office 3224b, phone: +7 (776) 987 19 69



Field of scientific interests

Improving the technology of waste-free processing of meat and dairy products (whey, buttermilk) and effective ways of complex processing of elaborating plants and training scientific and pedagogical personnel in the field of technology and technology of food production.


Scientific qualification

Academic degree - 2010 Candidate of Technical Sciences, 05.18.04 – "Technology of meat, dairy, fish products and refrigeration industries" 

Subjects to be read

Methods of food quality assessment, technochemical control, quality assessment and safety of crop production 

Supervision of undergraduates:

Defended Thesis - 7

Master’s students: 1


1997-2002 RSE "Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University", Faculty of Engineering and Technology, specialty "Technology of meat and meat products"

2002-2005      Postgraduate course of Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University, specialty 05.18.04 - "Technology of meat, dairy, fish products and refrigeration industries"

Work experience

2002 Secretary of the Correspondence and Distance Faculty of Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University, Semey,

2005-2010.     Lecturer, Department of "Technology of meat, dairy and food products" RSE "Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University", Semey.;

Since 2010 Senior lecturer, S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University, Nursultan.

Awards, certificates of honor

 Letters of thanks from the rector of S.Seifullin KazATU, 2012

Advanced training

Name of the topic

Place and period of training

Name of the organization where the training took place

Completion form







"Using the capabilities of the laboratory of engineering profile "Scientific Center for Radioecological Research" for monitoring and ensuring radioecological safety of the Semey region of East Kazakhstan region"



Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University



Improving the pedagogical skills of teachers

Astana, 2011

S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University



Intensive General English

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 2013

English Language Company




Textbook - 2; patent for utility model - 2; scientific articles in databases: CCSES - more than 10.

The most important in the presented areas over the past 5 years:

  1. Leonidova B.L., Irzhanova A.K. Assessment of contamination by foreign elements of grain raw materials / Bulletin of the Shakarim State University of Semey. - Semey, 2016. -№3 –P. 84-88.
  2. Leonidova B.L., Zhmakina L.D. Results of a brief analysis of specific energy consumption during grain drying in recirculating and other types of grain dryers and evaluation of the efficiency coefficients of these grain dryers / Bulletin of the Shakarim State University of Semey. - Semey, 2016. -№3 –Р. 80-83.
  3. Leonidova B.L., Urazalina G. Improving the technology of a natural product from whey with herbal supplements / Materials of the IX International. Student scientific conference "Student Scientific Forum 2017» -
  4. Aigozina A.M., Leonidova B.L., Altayuly S. Development of yogurt production technology using celery and cinnamon / Materials of the International scientific and technical conference "Innovative technologies in the food industry: science, education and production" - Voronezh, 2018.-P.243-247.
  5. Leonidova B.L., Aigozina A.M. Development of technology for the production of preventive dairy products using vegetable raw materials / Materials of the International Scientific and Theoretical Conference "Seifullin readings – 15: Youth, science, technology - new ideas and prospects", dedicated to the 125th anniversary of S. Seifullin. - Nur-Sultan, 2019. - V.І, P.1 - P.150-153.
  6. Zhambyl G.B., Altayuly S.A., Kardenov S.A., Kutsova A.E., Leonidova B.L. Innovative technology of production of enriched pasta with flour of their sesame seed cake / Materials of the International Student Scientific Bulletin. - Moscow, 2019. –N3; URL:

Study guide:

Leonidova B.L. Scientific and theoretical foundations of food production / Textbook - Astana: Publishing House of S.Seifullin KazATU, 2018. – 134 р.

  1. Leonidova B.L., Dikhanova M.B. Improvement of processing and storage of crop production / Textbook - Astana: Publishing House of S.Seifullin KazATU, 2018. – 134 р.

Patents received:

Utility Model patent № 5167 РК. « Semi-finished chicken enriched for preventive purposes» / Leonidova B. L., Gulden Kengirbayevna; published 17.07.2020,