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Mаmyrbаyevа Indirа Каbdrакyмоvnа

Mаmyrbаyevа Indirа Каbdrакyмоvnа


Lecturer of  technical mechanics department

Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences

office 4408, phone 8(7172) 39-74-46



Sphere of scientific interests

Oscillations of continual mechanical systems

Delivered disciplines

"Theoretical mechanics", "Theoretical and applied mechanics", "Strength of materials", "Applied mechanics"



Samara Aerospace University


Ust-Kamenogorsk Construction and road Institute, The specialty «Construction, road and hoisting-and-transport machines qualification engineer-mechanic


Post-graduate studies of EKSU named after S. Amanjolov

Work experience


Senior laboratory assistant of the chair «General and theoretical physics» of EKSU named after S. Amanjolov


Senior lecturer of the chair «General and theoretical physics», later renamed as «Experimental and theoretical physics» of EKSU named after S. Amanjolov


Senior Lecturer of the chair «Technological machines and equipment» of EKSTU named after D. Serikbayev


Associate Professor of the chair «General engineering discipline» of EKSTU named after D. Serikbayev

2012-at the present time

Senior lecturer of the chair «Technical mechanics» KazATU named after S. Seifullin

Advanced training courses

• Certificate of achievement by The Astana school of business and technology, number 0079. She has successfully completed a 120-hour “General English” course and achieved CEFR level “A2”, 2019

• Certificate of achievement by DynEd International, Inc., number ko-qgle-zqw6-ed. She achieved CEFR level “A2”, California, USA, 2019

• Certificate of passing the exam in English IELTS 5.0 from 10/13/2020

• Certificate of professional development “Digital competence of the teacher. Effective online class" in the amount of 72 hours online platform "SKLAD" of the Edu travel company at the Belarusian National Technical University

National and international meetings

  1. 2014 - IV International Scientific Conference "Actual Problems of Mechanics and Engineering" – Almaty.
  2. 2016 - Seminar on the use Thomson Reuters resources for research, Astana.

Professional development

2014 - "The program of qualification improvement for pedagogical specialties of university teachers", JSC "NTSPK Orleu" (Renaissance), Almaty in cooperation with Norwich (United Kingdom).

Published works

Author of more than 40 scientific and scientific-pedagogical publications. 

  1. The resuts of theoretical studies of the vi-brator compensating chamber of the dis-penser of mineral fertilizers// S.O.Nukeshev, D.Z.Eshozhin, Balabekova A., Zhaksylykova Z. S.Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences ISSBN:1816-949x 2018 №13(1) р.130-136
  2. Обоснование параметров высевающего устройства зернотуковой сеялки. Вестник СГУ  2017 №2 (78) c.101-106 Нукешев С.О.,Есхожин К.Д.,Сыздыков Д.А.
  3. Колебания струны с одним демпферным закреплением в нестационарном магнитном поле Вестник науки КазАТУ, 2016, №2(89), С.137-144.
  4. Determination and substantiation of parameters of the self-cleaning sowing device for seeding of the granulated and powdery mineral fertilizers // D.Z.Eshozhin, E.S.Ahmetov, S.O.Nukeshev,N.N.Romanyuk Science Review, 2016, №2(89), С.167-175.
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