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Mergalimova Almagul Kairbergenovna

Mergalimova Almagul Kairbergenovna


Doctor PhD Senior  Lecturer 

 manager by the department of  “Heat power engineering”

 Office 1123, tel. +7(7172)39-76-08


Research Interests

Thermal power optimization process of coal hydrogenation.

 Research and development of technology for replacing reserve fuel oil with gaseous fuel

Delivered disciplines

Theoretical fundamentals of heat engineering

Theoretical foundations of thermal power plants

Energy supply of agriculture

Superchargers and heat engines

Cycles and installations of heating engineering processes.

Main areas of research

Innovative patents

1 Aliarov B.K., Mergalimova A.K.. Method of oil-free kindling of boilers.

Patent for utility model №2450, state register of utility models RК, 2017.


1996 - 2001          S. Toraygyrova Pavlodar State University Thermal Power Engineer in the specialty "Thermal Power Plants"

2005 - 2007          S. Toraygyrova Pavlodar State University Economist with a degree in economics at the enterprise.

2011 – 2013          S. Toraygyrova Pavlodar State University 

2015 – 2018          Almaty University of Energy and Communications Education in PhD doctoral studies in the specialty "Power Engineering"


2001 – 2013           S. Toraygyroa Pavlodar State University Senior Lecturer of the Department "Power Engineering"

2013 – 2015           S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University, Senior Lecturer of the Department "Power Engineering"

2015 – 2018           Almaty University of Energy and Communications, older Teacher of the Department of Thermal Power Plants

2018 г.                   S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University, Senior Lecturer of the Department "Power Engineering"


Scientific internship at the Department of Boiler and Reactor Engineering, Altai State Technical University. I.I. Polzunova, Russia, 2016

Energy audit, Scientific and Technical Center for Standardization and Certification LLP, Nur-Sultan, 2019

Courses of pedagogical skills, KATU them. S. Seifullina, 2019

Republican and international meetings

  • Scientific internship at the Altai State Technical University. I.I. Polzunova on the basis of the department of boiler and reactor construction, 2016.
  • I International Scientific and Practical Conference "Modern trends in boiler building", Barnaul 2017
  • Scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of renewable energy» Karshi, Uzbekistan, 2018


Author of more than 20 scientific publications, of which 1Scopus, 6 international conferences

The most important in the presented directions:

  1. Application of coal thermal treatment technology for oil-free firing of  boilers. latvian journal of physics and technical sciences 2018, n 2 (web of science).
  2. Providing the isolated localities with various energy types at the acceptable cost. 7th International Conference on Thermal Equipment, Renewable Energy and Rural Development. TE-RE-RD 2018
  3. Parameters of heat treatment of coal to obtain combustible volatile substances. Third International Scientific Conference "Alternative Energy Sources, Materials and Technologies (AESMT’20)" 8th June - 9th June 2020, Varna, Bulgaria