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Student life of the military department

Student life of the military department


On the military department actively use a variety of forms and methods of educational work.

In order to cultivate in students a sense of patriotism, respect and love for the country, the state language and symbols of our Republic at the military department, each day begins with a military build personnel with the performance of the Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the corridors of the academic building stands there with the symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan on military issues.

Thus, at least once a week with the students held a 20-minute informative talks on topics recommended by the RK Ministry of Defense educational institutions. Continuing in the framework of military-patriotic work liaison with the Department for Defense, Astana military unit 68665 and the sponsored school № 25 in Astana.

Each year, the military department in conjunction with the Department for Defense Astana held a solemn event - a meeting with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, dedicated to the anniversary of the Great Victory.

Also on the eve of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in the month of February students are encouraged to talk with the veterans - officers of the department  Retired Colonel  Ergaliev K.D. Retired Major  Rahimgulov K.K, to perform international duty as part of a limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, the participation in hostilities operations, the exploits of soldiers and officers of the fallen comrades.

Annually, there are training sessions with the students of the 3rd course of the military department on the basis of the military unit 68665.

In a solemn ceremony held a ritual to bring students to the military oath.

Available wall "Ulan" newspaper, leaflets combat training platoons, which highlights the results of sporting events, the results of target practice and other activities. Organize lectures, talks, information on the socio-political and military topics, film screenings, meetings with servicemen of the military unit 68665, taking into account the acquired military profession.

For students outside the classroom is organized social activities are held chess competition, there is a volleyball court. Students attend the RK Ministry of Defense military equipment museum.

From May 31 to June 1, 2013 in Astana among pupils of professional, vocational and higher educational institutions of the capital held competitions in military-patriotic game "Ak Naiza". Event was organized by the youth wing "Zhas Otan" of Astana city branch of People's Democratic Party "Nur Otan" and the Youth maslikhat of Astana.

Our team consisted of 22 best marching and physically disabled students. As a result, the command of the military department S.Seifullin KATU took prizes:

  • I place in the "Militarized relay race"
  • II place on the subject "Military marching and performance of the song"
  • II place in team event