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Tarabaev Baltash Karimovich

Tarabaev Baltash Karimovich


Candidate of Technical Sciences(PhD),

Senior Lecturer



Sphere of scientific interests

- handling and storage of crop production;

- technology of post-harvest processing of grain;

- drying of grain crops.

Scientific qualification

Academic degree-1998 Candidate of Technical Sciences, specialty 05.18.03- "Primary handling and storage of crop production" 

Subjects to be read

Handling and storage of crop production; Technology of post-harvest processing of grain;

Grain drying technology; Business planning at the enterprises of storage and handling of agricultural products.

Supervision of master’s and doctoral students

Defended thesis



PhD candidate - 1

Master's students - 3 


More than 20 undergraduates defended their dissertations, including: 15.

higher education, Dzhambul Technological Institute - mechanical engineer,1972,

AlmatyTechnologicalInstitute - economist, 2004.

Work experience


1972-1976 - chief mechanic, chief engineer of the Zhaltyr elevator in the Tselinograd region.

1976-1980 - ChiefEngineerintheTselinogradRegionalDepartmentofGrainProducts.

1980-1981 - FirstDeputyintheSemipalatinskRegionalDepartmentofGrainProducts.

1981-1984 - Chief Engineer in the Tselinograd Regional Department of Grain Products.

1984-1988 - SeniorResearcher, KazakhbranchoftheAll-UnionResearchInstituteof Grain.

1988-1994 - Head of the departments of public utilities, industry and foreign economic relations of the Tselinograd city executive committee (city administration).

1994 - 1995 - Director of the elevator named after “30th anniversary of the virgin lands” in Akmola region.

1995 - 1997 - President of the State Food Corporation in the Akmola region.

1997 - 1998 - Vice-President of the CJSC "Food Corporation" of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1999 - 2001 - Head of the akim’s apparatus of the Saryarkа district of Astana city.

2001-2009 - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation".

22.11.2012 - 25.01.16. – Senior Lecturer, S.Seifullin KazATU.

26.01.2016 - 01.07.2016 – Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Kazakh University of Technology and Business.

01.11.2016  till now – Senior Lecturer, S.Seifullin KazATU

Awards, certificates of honor


In 1980 he was awarded the Order «Badge of Honor».

In 2006, he received a thanks' letter from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

November 27, 2013, by a decision of the Presidium of the Regional Academy of Management, was awarded the F. Taylor Gold Medal "For Merits in the Development of Management Thought".

Professional development

2016 Training of internal auditors of the QMS of an educational organization (university), with the assignment of the qualification "Internal auditor of the QMS of an organization" No. 2934-VA QMS.

2017 Certificate of participation in the work of the competition committee of the II Republican scientific and practical seminar - workshop on the topic "Energy of the young for the industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan" L.N. GumilyovENU

2020 Certificate. Advanced training course "Modern forms and methods of teaching: searches and solutions" (72 hours).

2020. Certificate No. 00532. “Digital competence of a teacher. Effective online lesson "(72 hours) Educational online platform" Sklad "BGATU, Minsk. 


More than 50 scientific publications in domestic and foreign scientific journals,including indexed by Scopus, RSCI, CCSES; monograph recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, textbooks.

The Hirsch index (Scopus) is 3

The most significant publications over the past four years:

1. Urazaliev R., Iztayev A., TleubaevaТ., TarabayevВ., MaemerovМ., IztayevВ., Dauletkeldi Y., Moldabekova N. Influence of presowing ion-ozone cavitational processing and air ionization in the cultivation process on high-yielding and seed characteristics of grain crops // International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. - 2016. - Vol. 8. - Iss. 2. - P.14317-14327.

2. YakiyayevaМ.А., Iztayev A.I., Kizatova M.Z., Maemerov M.M., Iztayeva A.A.,

Feydengold V.B., Tarabaev B.K., Chakanova Z.M. Influence of ionic, ozone, ion-ozone and ion ozone cavitational treatment on safety of the leguminous plants and oil-bearing crops at the storage // Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. - 2016. -Vol. 11. - Iss. 6. –P. 1229-1234.

3. Iztaev A., TarabaevВ., Abzhanova S., IztayevВ., Asangalyeva Z. Influence of ion-ozone cavitation processing on the amino acid structure of wheat grain // Biology and Medicine. -2016. - Vol. 8. - Iss. 1. Article number BM-161-16.

4. Aduov M.A., Kapov S.N., Nukusheva S.A., Tarabaev B.K.,Isenov K.G., Volodya K. The influence of random technological and control impacts on the process of seed sowing and mineral fertilizers// Ecology. Environment and Conservation.-2017.-Vol. 23(1), -p.267-277. 


5. Tarabaev B.K. Tehnologicheskie osnovy recirkuljacionnoj sushki zerna pshenicy. Monografija/ B.K. Tarabaev. Almaty: TOO «Izdatel'stvo LEM», 2014 – 212 c.

Textbooks and tutorials

1. Tarabaev B.K., Maқsұtova D.B. Astyqondeutehnologijasy. 1-bolіm – Astana, KATU, 2015.-158b.

2. Tarabaev B.K., ArynbaevaM.Zh., Iskakov B.M. Astyқondeutehnologijasy. 2-bolіm – Astana, KATU, 2018.-133b.

3. Tarabaev B.K., ArynbaevaM.Zh., Iskakov B.M. Astyқkeptіrutehnologijasy  – Nur-Sultan, KATU, 2020.-156b.