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Republican SRWS competition in 2023 1st stage results

Every year, the Republican competition of SRWS is held within the walls of the S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University.

So this year, from November 2022 to February 2023, work was organized at the faculties to conduct the qualifying intra-faculty stage of the SRWS competition.

The organization and holding of the competition was very responsibly approached by our curators of Research and development at the faculties. Conversations were organized with teachers and students engaged in science in each specialty. Future contestants were familiarized with the requirements of the MSHE for the preparation of competitive works, registration of information about the author and the review of competitive works, the need for peer review of the work by third-party specialized specialists. Competitive selection committees and reviewers were created at the faculties for each specialty in which students are being trained. The works submitted to the competition, on condition of anonymity, were analyzed according to the evaluation scale developed at the university. At the faculty level, the winners of the qualifying intra-faculty stage of the SRWS competition were rewarded with diplomas and letters of thanks.

Taking into account the points scored, after passing the plagiarism test, the competitive works of the participants who won prizes at the faculty level were recommended for participation in the official 1st stage of the Republican SRWS competition.

Currently, the official 1st stage of the Republican SRWS competition has been completed, the winners and applicants for participation in the 2nd interuniversity stage of the SRWS competition have been determined. A total of 173 students won prizes at the university. Of these, 32 students took first places, 42 second places, 3680 third places, the rest were encouraged by letters of thanks.

The winners of the 1st stage of the Republican SRWS competition were:

1st place: Kaliev R., Baltabaev D., (supervisor Mukushev B.A.): Zakharchenko G., 05-057-20-11 (supervisor Akanova A.S.); Temertasova S.A., (supervisor Narbaev S.); Satbek A.T. (supervisor Barinova G.K.); Urmanova F. (supervisor Kuatbaev A.T.); Musataeva M.S. (scientific supervisor Kenzhegulova S.O.); Perdebek S.B. (scientific supervisor Rysbekova A.B.); Akhmetzhanov M.T. (scientific supervisor Khasanov V.T.); Babachenko D.A. (scientific supervisor Mutallyapova Sh.E.); Bekbulatova D.M. (scientific supervisor Akhmetova A.E.); Askar N.A.. (scientific supervisors Temirova A.B., Narbayeva G.K.); Akhundova A.I. (scientific supervisor Ernazarova A.K.); Abdukhap D.D. (scientific supervisor Zhakisheva K.M.); Botasheva A. (scientific supervisor Baldzhi Yu.A.); Ormanbek A.T. (scientific supervisor Shaikenova K.H.); Kozhageldi T.Zh. (supervisor Umirzakov R.A.); Zhamalkhanova Zh.G. (supervisor Mehtiev A.D.); Kalbanova A.H. (supervisor Zhetpisbayeva A.H.); Rakhimov D.K. (supervisor Alipbeki O.A.); Bilyalov T.M. (supervisor Asetkyzy A.); Bekeshov S.S. (supervisor Beristenov A.T.); Palitsyna A. B. (supervisor Antoncheva L.A.); Karimova K.B. (supervisor Tatarintsev V.L.); Ivanova A.A. (supervisor Kornilova A.A.); Serikova M. (supervisor Zhanabaev A.A.); Sheruova E.A. (supervisor Akibek O.S.); Abdrakhmanov M.S. (supervisor Kostyuchenkov N.V.); Baktymuratkyzy D. (supervisor Kardenov S.A.); Bekshora S. (supervisor Kakimov M.M.); Zhangalieva G. (supervisor Kurmangalieva D.B.); Lesova Sh.M., Fazylzhan U.F. (supervisor Zhandarbekova A.M.);

2nd place: Toktarbayev M.M., (scientific supervisor Dyusembayeva L.K.); Ermek B.K. (scientific supervisor Orynbasar N. K.); Kelesbay G.E. (scientific supervisor Barinova G.K.); Ivan S.Zh. (scientific supervisor Asylbekova A.S.); Malikov K. (scientific supervisor Rakhmanov S.S.); Zhunis M.S. (supervisor Khamitova T.O.); Rakhmatulla U.A. (supervisor Kekilbaeva G.R.); Kaldybek A.S. (supervisor Zhanbyrshina N.Zh.); Beisenbayev E.B. (supervisor Esenbekova G.T.); Aryn N.T. (supervisor Izbastina K.S.); Anuarbek S.E. (scientific supervisor Rysmaganbetova A.K.); Danilenko K.V. (scientific supervisor Khapova A.V.); Fatyhova A.R. (scientific supervisor Zhunusova R.M.); Sayran R. (scientific supervisor Akhmetova A.E.); Nurmashova D.B. (scientific supervisor Madenova K.M.); Omarova A.D. (scientific supervisor Narbayeva G.K.); Ergalieva D.A. (scientific supervisor Nukesheva A.Zh.); Sydykova A. (scientific supervisor Ainakanova B.A.); Yusup M.E. (scientific supervisor Kenes G.K.); Akhmet S.M. (scientific supervisor Mataybayeva G.A.); Svergun T.E. (scientific supervisor Zhakisheva K.M.); Mendigalieva N. (scientific supervisor Auteleeva L.T.); Makhmutkankyzy D. (scientific supervisor Zhanabayeva L.K.); Moldakhmetova M.B. (scientific supervisor Omarova K.M.); Nuralkhanova A.T. (scientific supervisor Shaikenova K.H.); Kayrollin Zh.K. (scientific supervisor Umirzakov R.A.); Nurabai Zh.B. (scientific supervisor Mehdiyev A.D.); Perevyshin K.A. (supervisor Khamzina B.E.); Ilesbay Zh.B. (supervisor Kusainova G.D.); Sultanova A.A. Moldumarova Zh.E.); Oiratova T.E. (supervisor Antoncheva L.A.); Dikina P.P. (supervisor Andrishulik V.M.); Romazanova A.Zh. (supervisor Dzhakupov I.T.); Oleks I.A. (supervisor Leader L.A.); Kydyrkozha A.S. (supervisor Bulashev A.K.); Amangeldinova M. (supervisor Bekkuzhina S.S.); Maratbekov Al-Farabi R., Abilkasim R. N. (supervisor Iskakov R.M.); Akkonysova A.S. (supervisor Smagulova M.E.); Shanazar A.N. (scientific supervisor Rzaev B.T.); Espenbetova A.S. (scientific supervisor Altayuly S.); Tolegen U. (scientific supervisor G.T. Yusupova);

3rd place: Aybat N.A., (scientific supervisor Mukushev B.A.); Toleubekov A.G. (scientific supervisor Bakhov Zh.Zh.); Zhakipova A.A. (scientific supervisor Kekilbaeva G.R.); Orazgali A.A. (scientific supervisor Dyusibaeva E.N.); Yerzhumanov R.T. (scientific supervisor Zhanbyrshina N..Zh.); Erik A.T., Yerbolatkyzy T. (supervisor Esenbekova G.T.); Askharkyzy S. (supervisor Izbastina K.S.); Syzdykova N.A. (supervisor Tulegenova Zh.U.); Burkhandinova D. (supervisor Tukenova B.I.); Mukan R.N. (supervisor head Baidakov A.K.); Makhmetova K.M. (scientific supervisor Kunafina G.T.); Nurgaliyeva D.M. (scientific supervisor Ernazarova A.K.); Baktiyar T.K. (scientific supervisor Zhenshan D.); Mushkenova Zh.E. (scientific supervisor Orynbekova G.A.); Zhanysbay A. (scientific supervisor Asauova Zh.S.); Tusupbekova Sh. (scientific supervisor Eseneeva S.S.); Kanzhil E.M. (scientific supervisor Shaikenova K..X.); Pyzhankina Yu. (supervisor Saginbaeva M.B.); Kalim B.T. (supervisor Shaikenova K.H.); Baysarieva D. (supervisor Sadenova M.K.); Ferderer R.A. (supervisor Gerasimenko T.S.); Kabyl A.S., Kayyr E.E. (supervisor Kapasova A.Z.); Ermekova K.A. (supervisor Music O.S.); Alimbekkyzy R. (supervisor Eszhanova G.T.); Aitymov B.B. (supervisor Seitkamzina D.M.); Zhumadilov T.A. (supervisor Dzhakupov I.T.); Fogelzan N.A. (supervisor Kukhar E.V.); Turlybek N.D. (supervisor head Kukhar E.V.); Zeynulin M.K. (supervisor Kulmagambetov T.I.);

Omirzak Zh.K. (supervisor Saparov O.S.); Hastarbekkyzy B. (supervisor Mustafayeva A.K.); Baymakhan S.G. (supervisor Smagulova M.E.); Shanzharkhanova L.D., Nesiptayeva N.N. (supervisor Altauly S.); Zaitov M. (supervisor Sarsembayeva T.E.);

The letter of thanks was received by the contestants: Konakbayeva M. (scientific supervisor Alimkulova E.Zh.); Esenova A.A. (scientific supervisor Keulimzhayeva Zh.A.); Khasenova D. S., Dayyrova M., (scientific supervisor Sarsekova D.N.); Nysambayeva D.B. (scientific supervisor Aidarkhanova G.S.); Baktybai A.E. (scientific supervisor Nurmanov E.T.); Tursynbekov A.G. (scientific supervisor Gordeeva E.A.); Kanafina M.A. (scientific supervisor Bekenova Sh.Sh.); Berdibaeva A.B., Duman A.T. (scientific supervisor Esenbekova G.T.); Mukhtar K.M. (scientific supervisor Elnazarkyzy R.); Ernazarkyzy R.M. (scientific supervisor Karabasov R.A.); Bukinova K.A. (scientific supervisor Sametova R.M.); Abbasova A.S. (scientific supervisor Baytuova L.T.); Tumenbayeva Sh.B., Berikkhanov B.Zh. (scientific supervisor Musina R.S.); Akhmetova A.R. (scientific supervisor Zhumanova D.T.); Khasanov M.M. (scientific supervisor Omarkhanova Zh.M.); Adasbekova A. (scientific supervisor Inirbaev A.K.); Aikimbayeva S. (scientific supervisor Zhumakaeva A.N.); Bagramov D., Syzdykov Yu. (supervisor Amantai S.); Baylina G. (supervisor Omarova K.M.); Zhienbek E.L. (supervisor Umirzakov R.A.); Kazikhanova S.E. (supervisor Khamzina B.E.); Arystanbek Sh.A. (supervisor Medetov B.Zh.); Apendina A.M. (supervisor Umirzakova A.D.); Sultangazina A.M. (scientific supervisor Kornilova A.A.); Nurlan N.S., Temirkhanova N.Zh., Seittikov E.S. (scientific supervisor Eszhanova T.S.); Kinereish K.A., Abdimalik A.T., Mukhamadieva D. (supervisor Gaetskaya M. E.); Abilov D.T., Oraz A.E., Aidanbek G., (supervisor Abdykarimova Sh.T.); Litvinova M. (supervisor Andrishulik V.M.); Ramazanov G.M., Sergeeva V. (supervisor Antoncheva L.A.); Nabat A. (supervisor Beristenov A.T.); Akylbek K. (supervisor Kusainova G.D.); Tashmakanova A., Kulumbaeva D. (supervisor Zhanabaev A.A.); Kasyanova A.K. (supervisor Eszhanova G.T.); Kravchenko A.V., Otan A. (supervisor Terlikbaev A.A.); Aldabergenova A. (supervisor Rakhimzhanova D.T.); Kanatova D. (supervisor Bekkuzhina S.S.); Bisekenova S.S. (supervisor Kukhar E.V.); Depu A.A., Yesilbay A., (supervisor Begenova A.B.); Soyko E.R. (scientific supervisor Zhumabaev H.Zh.); Satanova A.S. (scientific supervisor Auezova N.S.); Begen K. (supervisor Kulmagambetov T.I.); Akhmetbekov A.M. (supervisor Ramazanova Zh.M.); Nedviga V.V. (supervisor Magavin S.Sh.); Zhumatai A.A. (supervisor Iskakov R.M.); Ospanova A.K. (supervisor Zhakupova G.N.); Mizina Yu.A. (supervisor Baytukenova S.B.); Rysbekova A.A., Mikhailova V.M. (supervisor Akhmetova V.Sh.); Bekibaeva K.K. (supervisor Sataeva Zh.I.); Sarbasova A.K. (supervisor Mashanova N.S.); Elimanova A., Oraz U. (supervisor Kurmangalieva D.B.); Shveykin K. (supervisor head Gulyarenko A.A.); Abuova Z.A. (scientific supervisor Baiguzhina G.N.).


Congratulations to the winning contestants and scientific supervisors!