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Student Scientific Circle «Mangilik El»

The circle was organized: 26.09.2017.

The head of Scientific Circle: Abdildina H.S., Ph.D., senior lecturer

The main goal of "Mangilik El" Student Scientific Circle: mastering the methodology of scientific research by students, as well as involving students in research work of sociopolitical issues of society.

Scientific Circle members: Gappasova A., Sadykova T., Kakhanov S., Amantaev A., Bakhtiyar A., Iembergen A., Saken Ә., Bimurzaeva A., Zeynullina M., Mergali T., Kabzhiev A., Zhakupbekov A ., Shayakhan Ә., Sabi Ә.

Information about events: Within the framework of the scientific circle, students conducted sociological studies on the topics "Ush tugyryly tyl", "Kazakhstannyn kiely zherlery", "Mangilik ulttyk dasturler", "Bolashakta zhogaltyn mamandyktar". In the future, Scientific Circle plans to participate in scientific student conferences.