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Sponsors awarded educational grants

The multidisciplinary design company "QazaqZher" as sponsorship allocated an educational grant to one student of the Kazakh agrotechnical research university named after S. Seifullin.

On September 19, 2023, on behalf of the multidisciplinary design company" Qazaq Zher "awarded the educational grant to Didar Baikuanyshev, a 1st-year student of the technical faculty in the specialty" Agroijenery". The educational grant was presented by the representative of the multidisciplinary design company "QazaqZher" Kanat Toybekov. The award ceremony was attended by the chairman of the Saryarka District branch of the Amanat party E. E. Dakenov, Executive Secretary of the Saryarka District branch of the Amanat party R. Sh.Konakbayev, vice-rector for Student Affairs Kusainova zh.a., general manager of the Department for Academic Affairs A. A. Tulbayev, deputy dean for educational work and curator of the group.

Sponsors awarded educational grant

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