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The project "Anti-Corruption volunteering"

was launched, Compliance officer KATI Tokushev K.A. explained to students the purpose and ways of implementing the project "Anti-Corruption Volunteering", and also answered students' questions in detail.

In particular, the project is aimed at attracting volunteers to anti-corruption activities in the following areas:

- formation of an anti-corruption culture in the student community;

- development of anti-corruption solutions taking into account the specialization of the university and organizations;

- participation in the organization of anti-corruption events / forums, conferences, seminars, etc./;

- participation in the creation of anti-corruption content / development of films, social videos, performances on anti-corruption theme, etc./.

More than 80 students wished to participate in the project "Anti-Corruption volunteering"

At the end of the meeting, Board member – Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Zh.A.Kusayynova on behalf of the university management wished success to the volunteers in the implementation of the project.