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Student Ecological Club «Eco Life»


The Student`s Ecological club "Ecolife" has been operating at the Department of Ecology since 2009. The club promotes environmental protection measures, students' research projects, and various environmental campaigns.

The goal of the Student Ecological club "Ecolife":

Formation of an ecological worldview and improving the ecological culture of students.

Tasks of the Student Ecological club "Ecolife":

The team of the Student Ecological club "Ecolife" in  2020-2021 academic year:


Toktarova Akim

2. Research work of the students coordinators:

Zhakenova Aruzhan

Olga Logacheva

Akparova Aқnur

Shakir Aruzhan

Ivkina Veronika

Zhamantayeva Kamila

3. Coordinators of environmental activities:

Kostubaeva Zhanar

Dolgieva Tanzila

Aubakirova Diana

Gamova Angelina

Dildabekova Zarina

Aldanazar Meyirzhan

4. Coordinators of cultural and educational events:

Tolibaeva Raikhan

Anarbekova Ayim




5. Information Service Coordinators:

Ashirkhan Alima

Zhakenova Aruzhan

Marchuk Ekaterina

Head of the club Dyusenova G.B.

Club "Eсolife" was created with the aim of participating in solving the problem facing humanity - increasing the ecological culture of society through the upbringing of an ecological personality with an ecocentric type of ecological consciousness, uniting teachers and students to develop and implement ecological projects. By conducting and participating in various environmental activities, students gradually move towards this goal.

Every year students of the specialty "Ecology" and members of the "Eсolife" club take an active part in actions organized by the ecological alliance "Baitak-Bolashak". In autumn 2019, first third year students of the Department of Ecology, together with their curators, took an active part in environmental campaigns “One tree for each Kazakhstani - planting 18 million trees”.

Also, every year, members of «Eсolife» club hold a round table on the topic "Global environmental problems" with the participation of students of the "Ecology" specialty.

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic in the 2020-2021 academic year, all events held within the club were done online. We opened the page of the ecological club "Ecolife" on the Instagram social network.

Currently, members of the club actively maintain a page on Instagram, where students  post information on the activities of the club and department. In order to improve the ecological culture among students, eco-challenges were held. In October 2020, a photo competition "Ecology of the Homeland" was held, where students from all faculties of the university took part. According to the results of the competition,  the winner was Nazymbekova Nurmadina Abzalovna, a student of the agronomic faculty, specializing in Forest Resources.

On November 5, 2020, as a  part of a republican-level event, a round table  on the topic "Prospects for the development of ecotourism in Kazakhstan" with the participation of  the  2nd year students (groups 19-09, 19-07, 19-10), members of the Ecolife club of  S.Seifullin KATU Department of Ecology and the  3rd year students, group Ec-301, Department of Biology and Ecology of Toraigyrov University was held.

The organizers and moderators of the event were A.Sh. Utarbayeva, curator of the group 19-09 and D.D. Yesimova, Head of the Department of Geography and Tourism.

On November 11, 2020, with the participation of members of the Ecolife club and Bolashak Academy (Karaganda), a republican round table  on the topic “The problem of environmentally friendly medicinal herbs in Kazakhstan” was held.

From December 2020 to February 2021, an eco-challenge "Helping smaller brothers in winter" on the club's Instagram page was held, where students from different faculties of our university also actively participated. With the help of the club members, a trip to the shelter for homeless animals was organized.