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Abaidildin Janat Muhametgalievich

Abaidildin Janat Muhametgalievich


Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education

Address: Astana, VictoryAvenue, 62.Main Building.

Department of the Physical Education.

Phone: +7 747 242 19 68


Sphere of scientific interests

Physical Culture and Sport, Sport psychology of athletes of higher sports skills, Theory and methodology of Physical education.


1989-1993 Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture in Almaty, specialty is "Physical culture and sport". Qualified as "Teacher of physical training, weightlifting coach"

Students: 4 Master of Sports

Work experience

1993-2001- Weightlifting Coacher, Sports School number 3 in Astana

2001-2002- State coach in weightlifting of Kazakhstan.

2002-2007- Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education KazATU S.Seifullin

2007-2013 - senior coach’straining center of Olympicreserve in weightlifting.

Since 2013 and is currently a senior lecturer in physical education KazATU S.Seifullin.

Awards and Honours

2011- was awarded an honorary diploma by the local Administration of Astana for his contribution to development of Kazakhstan sports.

2016 - was awarded a diploma for the 2nd place in the weightlifting world championships among veterans. (Germany)

2016 - was awarded a diploma in the nomination best coach of the year KazATU.


2007- Certificate of professional development of the Kazakh language in Astana. Certificate of qualification category trainer-teacher methodologist on sports instructor for the number 22076 from 14.03.2007, the decision of the Qualification Commission, the order of 1-10 / 48 dated 06.03.2007 was awarded the category of "coach-teacher of high qualification of the highest category in weightlifting "Certificate of conferring the title of the title of" master of sports in weightlifting, "1989g.2005- international Judge weightlifting order number 4657

Published works

2016 - Ways of increasing the level of physical fitness of students. “Seyfullin’s reading – 12” Materially of scientific conference.