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Auteleyeva Laura Tylegenovna

Auteleyeva Laura Tylegenovna


PhD, Associate Professor

Office 8418, tel. +7(701)770 87 14



Research interests

Food  safety, veterinary and sanitary examination of food, forensic and environmental expertise.

Readable disciplines

 «Codex Alimentarius in food examination» «Veterinary-sanitary expertise of animal», «Theory and experimental methods»,  «Academic writing». 

Main areas of research

Food safety.  Assessment of quality and safety of foodstuff.

Current research projects

Project manager for young scientists with grant funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, IRN No. AP09058301 "Aflatoxin contamination of various nuts and the development of methods for their detoxification" for 2021-2023.



Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullin. Veterinarian-sanitary doctor


Master’s degree, Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullin, master of veterinary


Kazakh University of Finance and International Trade Economics Bachelor of Economics and Business in the specialty «Economy»


Doctorate, Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullin, specialty: Veterinary Sanitation



Manager of LLP «Agro Global», sphere of activity: chemical means of plant protection


Junior researcher of the scientific project of JSC Kazakh Agrotechnical University of S.Seyfullin «Development of methods for identifying micro-organisms, hazardous substances and livestock safety evaluation »


Confucius Institute at L.N.Gumilev Eurasian National University, Manager


Leading researcher of the project for the budget program 217 "Development of Science" MES RK JSC "Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin" «Ecological consequences of «Proton-M» launches in animal husbandry»


Senior Lecturer, Department of Veterinary Sanitation, KATU named after S. Seifullina


Acting Associate Professor of the Department of Veterinary Sanitation of KATU named after S. Seifullin

2022 – until now

Associate Professor of the Department of Veterinary Sanitation of KATU named after S. Seifullin

Awards, Certificates of merit

2019 - Laureate of the State Scholarship for Talented Young Scientists

2021 - « Best University teacher - 2021».

Professional development

  • National capacity building workshops on Codex Alimentarius issues (2018-2022).
  • • Scientific internship at Henan Agricultural University (China, Zhengzhou) 2018.
  • Part in the international conference «International Conference on Trends & Innovations in Management, Engineering, Science & Humanities, 2018 (ICTIMESH - 2018), Turkey
  • The Xinjiang Agricultural University, Faculty of «Food Science», Urumchi, China, 2014, 2015;
  • Seminar «Methods of enzyme immunoassay for safety control of food products, grain, feed and feed additives»,  Tecna  Astana, 2014;
  • Language internship «  Shanghai Jiaotong University »(SJTU), China, Shanghai, 2013.
  • Internship «Veterinary and sanitary examination of raw materials and products of animal and vegetable origin, fish and seafood»  Omsk  Agrarian University, Omsk, Russia, 2011;
  • Language internship «Xinjiang Agricultural University», Urumchi, China, 2010.


Author of more than 50 scientific works. The most important in the presented areas:

  1. Maikanov, B., Mustafina, R, Auteleyeva L. Wisniewski, J., Anusz, K. Grenda, T. Kwiatek, K. Goldsztejn, M. Clostridium botulinum and Clostridium perfringens Occurrence in Kazakh Honey Samples статья DOI:10.3390/toxins11080472 TOXINS, 2019 г.
  2. Maikanov, B.S. Zabolotnykh, M.V, Auteleyeva, L.T.  Seidenova, S.P. Influence of antitox and Vitamin E-selenium on meat quality and safety in rabbits after 1,1-experimental dimethylhydrazine toxicosis VETERINARY WORLD, 2020 г. DOI10.14202/vetworld.2020.1567-1572.
  3. Maikanov B.S., Ismagulova G.T.,Auteleyeva L.T. Kemeshov Z.O., Zhanabayeva D.K, Assessment of quality and safety of meats from various animal species in the Shuchinsk-Burabay resort zone, KazakhstanVeterinary World - 2021, 14(6),- P. 1615–1621 
  4. 4. Maikanov, B.S., Auteleyeva, L.T., Zhubatov, Z.K., Terlikbayev, A.A., Kamsaev, K.M. The Effect of an Accidental Carrier Rocket Crash on Soil and Vegetation Cover//Journal of Ecological Engineering, 2022, 23(2), стр. 176–184, 
  5. Maikanov, B.S., Auteleyeva, L.T., Ismagulova, G.T., BeŁkot, Z., Anusz, K. Quality and safety of fish products in the Shuchinsk-Burabay Resort Zone//Medycyna Weterynaryjnathis link is disabled, 2020, 76(10), стр. 585–588
  6. Maikanov, B., Auteleyeva, L., Inirbayev, A.K., Zhumakayeva, A.N., Bainiyazov, A.A. Background assessment of sulphur dioxide in the air in the Shchuchinsk-Borovskoye resort area//Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 2020, 26 (August Suppl. Issue), стр. S343–S346.
  7. «Consequences of the «Proton-M» launch vehicle on livestock production» Монография - Астана 2019. - 168 с.
  8. Майканов Б.С., Аутелеева Л.Т., Исмагулова Г.Т. Ветеринарно-санитарная оценка рыбы озера Щучье Многопрофильный научный журнал «3i: intellect, idea, innovation – интеллект, идея, инновация» Костанайский государственный университет имени А. Байтурсынова, г. Костанай - 2020. №1. - С.22-26.
  9. Майканов Б.С., Аутелеева Л.Т. COVID-19 карантиндік іс шараларының Щучье Бурабай курортық аймағындағы ауаның ластану денгейіне әсері Печатный Вестник науки КАТУ им. С.Сейфуллина (междисциплинарный). - 2021. - №3 (110). -С. 106-112 7 с.