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Tleulesov Rakhimtai Boranbekovich

Tleulesov Rakhimtai Boranbekovich


Candidate of Veterinary Science
Cabinet: 830
Sphere of scientific interests
Veterinary medicine, food safety, veterinary and sanitary expertise, veterinary sanitary expertise of plant, fish and bee products..
Readable disciplines
Veterinary and sanitary examination of national food products, veterinary sanitary examination of plant, fish and bee products.Food safety.
Main areas of research
Expertise of national products, quality and safety. Veterinary and sanitary examination of horses and sheep.
Research projects
1. Researcher “Mal sharuashylygynda “Proton-M” zymyran tasygyshyn ushyrudyn ecology zardaptary”;
2. Researcher “Proton-M” zymyran tasygyshyn ushyru saldarynyn qorshagan ortaga aseri zhane detoxification adisterin azirleu”;
Domestic and foreign employees
Kairat Iskhan, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, leading researcher.
Master's and doctoral students working under the supervision
Under the guidance of R. B. Tleulesov, he supervised the scientific work of 4 undergraduates.


Akmola Agricultural Institute Veterinarian


Postgraduate study at the Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin, PhD thesis at the Joint Dissertation Council at KazNAU on the topic "Veterinary and sanitary examination of horse meat in endoparasitosis in Northern Kazakhstan" in the specialty 16.00.06-veterinary sanitation, ecology, zoo hygiene and veterinary and sanitary examination
Work expirience


Republican Veterinary Laboratory Astana city


Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, Chemical Technology and Ecology of the Kazakh University of Technology and Business Astana city
2012-2013 Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs at the Kazakh University of Technology and Business Astana city
2013-2014 year Head of the Postgraduate Department of the Kazakh University of Technology and Business Astana city
2014 year Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University named after S. Seifullin, Senior lecturer of the Department of Veterinary Sanitation Astana city
Awards, certificates of honor
1. "Algys khat" CU on the day of independence of Kazakhstan, 2013
2. 60 g of the Kazakh agrotechnical University" Algys khat " 2016
3. " foreword Kazakh agrotechnical research university, 2023.
– 2013 ж.Сertificate in continuing education has participated in 72 academic hong Advanced course  in ``Engineering management in chemistry and environmental biology``  provided by  Central Bohemia University with grade ``A`` Prague, November 11-21,2013 
-2019 national accreditation Center. Certificate. As part of the seminar for experts on certification of halal food products in Nur-Sultan from December 10 to 12, 2019 by Muhammet Ozhan Günduz, an expert at the Turkish Standards Institute, a teacher at MAC/TSE;
-2022 ж. International science group MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND RESULTS. 05-08.04.2022.Prague, Czech Republic
-2022 Kazakh scientific research veterinary institute, Karaganda scientific research veterinary station, from 04 to 15 July 2022 in Karaganda "Veterinary and sanitary expertise" volume of 72 academic hours.
- 2023 internship organized by Hema LLC on the following topics: determination of mycotoxins in grain processing products, determination of microbial transglutaminase enzyme content, milk powder, allergens in food products, training on Elisa method for determination of antibodies to infectious diseases of birds".
Published works
More than 50 scientific and methodological works, including 3 teaching aids and articles. Among them are the most important:
1.G.E.Esirkepov, B.L.Leonidova, R.B.Tleulesov Технология производства вкусоароматических добавок» Академия естествознания. Успехи современного естествознания №7 2014г. Москва 3. Научно-теоретический журнал. Импакт фактор РИНЦ-0,300.
2.Ж.С.Бакишева, Т.Г.Бакишев, Р.Б,Тлеулесов ,А.Н.Ахметов Ж.О,Кемешев Procedural Scheme Design Activity on Creation of the Methodical System for Teaching Bacheiors Технические науки      World Applied    26-12-2015г.
3.G.E.Esirkepov, B.L.Leonidova, R.B.Tleulesov Diagnosis of the Hardened Inflammation of the Mammary Gland in Cattle and Methods of Treatment» Ветеринарные науки  «Biology and Medicine» ISSN: 0974-8369 SJR (импакт фактор)-0,246 Скопус.      24-06-2015                 
4.G.E.Esirkepov, B.L.Leonidova, R.B.Tleulesov А.В.Zhanysova. Production technology of flavors Life Science Ветеринарные науки  Life Science Journal 2014; 11 (6s) 439-441       24-06-2014  
5.A.Zhubatkanova, G.Kurmanova, R.Tleulesov ,S.Dyusenov, G.Bexultanov, A.Paritova, D.Zeynettinova Efficiency of using probiotic preparation “Chrisal” for mastitis prevention EurAsian Journal of BioSciences Eurasia J Biosci 13, 1841-1848 (2019) 12
6. R. B. Tleulesov A. K. Inirbayev T. G. Bakishev T. B. Baikonys U. S. Issa Veterinary sanitary examination and helmintosis comparative monitoring of fish of water sources of korgalzyn district, akmola region. herald of science of s. seifullin kazakh agrotechnical research university: veterinary sciences  № 1 (001) 2023. 43-57.
7. T. G Bakishev., R.B Tleulesov., Zh.S Bakisheva., B.Nurgaliev Influence of the factors of environment on the quality of  the feed in the karaganda oblast. Scientific and practical  journal  of  Zhangir  Khan  West  Kazakhstan           Agrarian-Technical  University 2023.154-1617
8. Т.Г.Бакишев, Р.Б,Тлеулесов, Ж.С.Бакишева, Асауова Ж.С. Қарағанды облысы шаруашылықтары жағдайында сиыр еті мен сүтінің сапасына қоршаған орта факторларының әсерін зерттеу  Ахмет Байтұрсынұлы атындағы Қостанай өңірлік университеті №4  2023.11-22.
9. Әдістемелік нұсқау Р.Б.Тлеулесов, Ж.С.Асауова Өсімдік өнімдерін сараптау/ С.Сейфуллин атындағы ҚАТЗУ. Астана, -2022.
10. Әдістемелік нұсқау Р.Б.Тлеулесов, Ж.С.Асауова Балық және балық өнімдерін ветеринарлық-санитарлық сараптау/ С.Сейфуллин атындағы ҚАТЗУ. Астана, -2022.
11. Әдістемелік нұсқау Р.Б.Тлеулесов, Ж.С.Асауова ветеринариядағы зертханалық диагностика / С.Сейфуллин атындағы ҚАТЗУ. Астана, -2022.