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Ussenbayev Altay Egemberdievich

Ussenbayev Altay Egemberdievich


Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor

Date of Birth: 18.12.1961

Mobile Phone: +7 (777) 875 32 33


Bithplace: Jambyl Region, Sarysu Province, Saudakent Village

Civil Status: married, daughter



Leningrad Veterinary Institute, Veterinary Faculty, specialty «Veterinarian»


Postgraduate of Skryabin All-Union Research Institute of Helminthology, specialty «Parasitology»


Associate Professor of Veterinary Sciences, Ministry of Education and Science, RK

Work experience


Senior Laboratory Assistant, Junior Researcher of the Zhambyl Department of Skryabin All-Union Research Institute of Helminthology,  Jambyl


Senior Researcher, Head of the Research Group at the Zhambyl Research Veterinary Station of the Kazakh Research Veterinary Institute


Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Biology and Geography, and Biology and Methods of Biology Teaching departments of Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University, the Taraz State Pedagogical Institute and the Taraz Innovative Humanitarian University,  Taraz


Associate Professor, Professor of the Food Safety Department of the Kazakh National Agrarian University, Almaty

From 2017 – the present time

Associate Professor of the Veterinary Medicine Department of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University

Awards, honour certificates


The award pin of the Kazakh National Agrarian University "For contribution to the development of agrarian education, science and production"


State grant «The best teacher of the university»

Advanced training

May-June 2017

Internship on the epidemiology at the Toulouse National Veterinary School (France) in the framework of the veterinary  twinning educational program

August    2019

Internship at the Genetics and Cytology Institute of the Russian Science Academy’s Siberian Department, Novosibirsk

October  2019

Internship at the Parasitology Institute of the Justus Libich Giessen University, Germany


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