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Technological machines and equipment

Technological machines and equipment

5B072400 – "Technological machines and  equipment"

Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering and Technology

Training term: 4 years

Form of education: internal

Fourth subject: physics

Short description of the application of knowledge: the graduate of the specialty "Technological Machines and Equipment" can apply the knowledge gained during the studying and development of all disciplines of an educational program in the sphere of agricultural mechanical engineering. He is able to carry out the analysis causes of infringement of technological processes in agricultural mechanical engineering and develop actions for their prevention with receiving qualitative results of measurements. The gained knowledge allows to apply on the basis of theoretical aspects of farm vehicles and equipment, theoretical and practical receptions in creation of competitive technological machines with application of modern methods and design tools of mathematical and computer modeling of technological processes and equipment.

Short description of skills: after completion of training the graduate will acquire skills of possession of methods of collecting and analyses information basic data for design, skills use by standard computer-aided design facilities when calculating design of details and knots, skills development of project and working documentation, skills control of compliance of the developed projects and technical documentation to standards, skills  modeling of processes and objects on the basis of standard packages of the automated design and researches use of mathematical apparatus, skills of carrying out control, adjustment, adjustment and skilled check of the equipment and software. The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor is production, all industries, including design, research and military industrial complexes.

Summary of the program: training in the specialty 5B072400 – "Technological machines and equipment" is conducted on two educational programs "Agricultural machines and equipment" and "Engineering of technological  equipment" which allow to develop designs of farm vehicles and the equipment in agricultural mechanical engineering with application of computer-aided engineering systems; to choose and count the capital and service equipment taking into account the solution of problems of energy saving and resource-saving; to prove optimum methods of the organization of production; to use design-technology providing and maintenance of the operating production. He is able to carry out technical designing of electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic means of automatic control on the basis of standard solutions of objectives, to choose the basic principles and test methods, to analyze and process results of researches; to carry out and analyze the review of scientific and technical literature in the field of the professional activity and to carry out patent search. The purpose of programs – the directed preparation on educational programs providing theoretical knowledge and practical experience in area of technological machines and equipment of agricultural and machine-building branches.

The program by specialty 5B072400 - "Technological machines and equipment" (magistracy) takes 5-th place in the national rankings of NAAR.

Contacts of an edvayzer: Mukasheva Naylya Absamatovna, +7 701 342 17 55, email: mna2008@inbox.ru


6М072400 – «Technological machines and equipment»

Qualification: Master of engineering and technology in the direction of Technological machines and equipment

Duration of study: 2 years

Form of study: Full-time

Brief description of the application of knowledge: the choice of vehicles and their systems, the organization of highly effective use of agricultural machinery and technological equipment in the production, storage, transportation and processing of crop and livestock production; application of modern technologies of maintenance, repair and restoration of machine parts to ensure continued efficiency of machines and equipment; implementation of the input of raw materials’ quality control, production control of processed products and process parameters, evaluating the quality of the finished product, and provided technical service

Brief description of skills: the main activity of the Master of Engineering Sciences is:

  • Improving the design of technological machines and equipment;
  • Analysis of scientific and technological progress in the field of agricultural engineering;
  • Introduction of modern technologies in the production of technological machines and equipment;
  • The study of international experience of production technology and itsuse in the agricultural sector;
  • Comprehensive mechanization and automation of production machines and equipment and processes;
  • The establishment and maintenance of optimum technological modes of operation of machines and equipment operation

Future graduates of the specialty of 6M072400 - "Technological machines and equipment" of the educational program can work in holding companies, business units of the system of public enterprises, joint stock companies and private firms of agricultural, oil and gas and other national companies of the republic, as well as scientific-production associations, scientific, engineering, and design organizations.

Brief content of the program: basic courses, educational trajectory, what is the feature of our program, its competitive advantages, strengths. The educational program "Technological machines and equipment" was developed in accordance with

The program by specialty 6M072400 - "Technological machines and equipment" (Master’s degree) takes the 7-th place in the national rankings of NAAR.

Department Technological machines and equipment

Catalog of electiv disciplines by specialty 6M072400-"Technological machines and equipment"

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6М072400 –«Technological machines and equipment» (by the program of GPIIR-2)

Qualification: Profile Master's degree

Duration of study: 1.5 years

Form of study: Full-time

Brief description of the application of knowledge

The state program of industrial-innovative development was created by the government not only to increase the staff, or increase the performance of a product, but also to improve the economy of Kazakhstan as a whole.

The program is a part of the industrial policy of Kazakhstan and is focused on the development of the manufacturing industry, as well as an effective industry regulation.

In modern conditions, an important tool to protect the economic security of the country and adequate way of promoting domestic products on the market is also a technical regulation, which sets the level of technical requirements to technology and serves as a reference for industries in the choice of technical solutions.

The purpose of the program - to improve Kazakhstan's economy and increase its competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

Brief description of skills

At the end of the whole curriculum, graduate student agrees to work in industry of not less than three years. This three-sided agreement is concluded with the employers, enterprises included in the map of industrialization of Kazakhstan GPIIR in the 2015-2019. In such a difficult moment, when the world crisis, takes place undergraduate is by provided one hundred percent of employment.

Brief content of the program

Currently, this educational program of study is carried out in Kazakh, English and Russian languages.

The process of study can be divided into several points:

  1. The curriculum is divided into cycles, thereby graduate student has the opportunity to study two subjects for three weeks. This method of learning is common in Europe, and as the statistics show, it is very effective.
  2. During the process of training professional undergraduate studies professional English. As our President Nursultan Nazarbayev said: "Every citizen of Kazakhstan should know 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English." Especially English knowledge of undergraduates will be useful during their training courses abroad.
  3. Throughout the learning process, professors come from near and far abroad. Thus, graduate student learns not only from highly qualified faculty of the University, but also from professors of international scale.

Laboratories of the Department with the necessary laboratory equipment, with different kinds of machine tools, a variety of welding machines, invited foreign scientists, and much more, it helps to improve the quality of knowledge, as well as their use in practice.

The program by specialty 6M072400 - Technological machines and equipment (Master’s degree) takes the 7-th place in the national rankings of NAAR.

Department Technological machines and equipment

Catalog of electiv disciplines by specialty 6M072400-"Technological machines and equipment"

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