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Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science


Department of "Computer Science" was founded by the decision of the Academic Council NPJSC "S. Seifullin Kazakh Agricultural University" on April 1, 2022 based on the association of two departments - "Computer Engineering and Software" and "Information and Communication Technologies".

The department "Computer Engineering and Software" was founded in 2001 as a result of the reorganization of the department "Higher Mathematics" and the opening of a new specialty 370140 - "Computer Systems of Information Processing and Control". Initially the chair was called "Computer Systems and Applied Mathematics", the head of the chair was appointed Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Yeslyamov S.G. In 2005 the chair "Computer Systems and Applied Mathematics" was divided into two chairs - "Higher Mathematics" and "Computer Systems". The department was called "Computer Systems" until 2010.

Since 2010 the department was called "Computer Engineering and Information Systems". In 2015 the department was once again divided into two departments - "Computer Engineering and Software" and "Information Systems".

At different times the department of "Computer Engineering and Software" ("Computer Systems and Applied Mathematics", "Computer Systems") was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Atanov S.K, PhD Baideldinov M.U., PhD Turebaeva R.D., Associate Professor Zhantlesov J.Kh., PhD Suleimenova R.Z., PhD Adamova A.D., PhD, Associate Professor Baimuratov O.A.

As the independent structural division, the chair "Information and communication technologies" began to function since 1992, was called chair "Informatics" and the head of the chair was Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Chernyavskiy A.I. In 1996 the chair "Informatics" was united with the chair "Pedagogy" and had the name "Pedagogy and Informatics". In 2001 after the reorganization the department was renamed to the department of "Information Technology" and was graduating on specialty 370440 - "Software and hardware for computers and systems".

In 2010, the department's name was returned to the Department of Informatics and in 2016 it was renamed the Department of Information and Communication Technology.

At different times, the department of "Information and communication technologies" ("Informatics", "Pedagogy and Informatics", "Information Technology") was headed by Opyonkina E.A., Bayzhanova Z.T., Gumarova J.S., Nurmukhanova K.J., Koxegen A.E., Tursynbay N.F., Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Murzabekova G.Y. 

Currently, the department is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences Aynagulova Aliya Siyundukovna.

Training areas of the department

Department of Computer Science provides training in the direction of "Information Technology" at three levels: Bachelor's - Master's - PhD in the following educational programs:

- Bachelor's level:

6B06102 - "Business Informatics";

6B06103 - "Computer Engineering".

- Master's level:

7M06102 - " Computational Systems and Technology";

7M06103 - "Informational business analytics".

- PhD doctorate level:

8D06102 - "Systems Engineering";

8D06103 - "Modeling and optimization of business processes".

Scientific activities of the department

The main activities of the department are conducting research and teaching disciplines related to IT-technology.

On the basis of the department operates a research laboratory "Information Technology" and the training center "1C".

The department has training and laboratory classes in robotics, circuit engineering, microprocessor technology and digital measurement devices.

Department History

The chair of "Computing and the software" was founded in 2001 on the base of the chair of Higher Mathematics. This change was connected with the opening of new specialty 370140-"Computer systems of information processing and management". Candidate of Technical Sciences S.G. Eslyamov became the head of the chair.The chair was divided into two chairs "Higher mathematics" and "Computer systems" on the 1st of July, 2005.Candidate of Technical Sciences S.K. Atanov was appointed as a head of the chair of "Computer systems". Candidate of Technical Sciences M.U.Baideldinov headed the chair from 2007 to 2008. Candidate of Technical Sciences Turebaeva Rakhila Daulbekovna was in charge of the chair from 2008 to 2010. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Zhangabul Khamitovich Zhantlesov headed the chair from 2010 to 2011. Candidate of Technical Sciences Raya Zinaddinovna Suleymenova headed the chair from 2011 to 2013.

On 26th of February, 2010 the chair was renamed "Computing and information systems" by resolution of the Academic Council of the university.

Since June, 2013 the chair has been headed by Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Zhangabul Khamitovich Zhantlesov. Since June 2015 the chair has been divided into two chairs " Information systems" and " Computing and the software ". Today the chair conducts trainings of students on the following specialties: 5B070400-"Computing and the software", the tuition is provided according to full-time, correspondence and extramural forms of education. Magistracy course of scientific -pedagogical and profile direction is delivered for students of specialty 6M070400 – "Computing and the software". Graduate students conduct their activity in Russia, as well as in Germany, Italy and China.

International cooperation

The chair has international connections for Innovation and Science with the following scientific and educational organizations: Tomsk State Technical University, Belarusian State Agro Technical University (Minsk).

Students and undergraduates have the opportunity to pass foreign training in accordance with the agreements concluded with the University of the Belarusian State University of Technology, Malaysia, Italy and University Xinjiang (China).

Staff of the chair takes an active part in scientific seminars of international level: Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, South Korea.

Implementation of Staff of the chair academic mobility program is conducted according to the plan of passing. According to this plan have been academic mobility following teachers: V.V Grusin - Hong Kong, Russia; Suleimenova R.Z - Czech Republic, Prague; ZhantlesovZh.Kh.- Germany, Russia; A.N Seraly - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur University; Mussayf M. - Korea, Seoul University.

To improve the quality of teaching, the exchange of experience at the Faculty launched Staff of the chair academic mobility. The program, funded by the MES: "External academic mobility of faculty" to the chair was invited to a scientist from a leading university- Professor Stefano Ferrari from the University of Milan, Italy. Professor Stefano Ferrari lectured on subjects «The discrete-time fourier analysis», «Digital filter structures», «Applications in adaptive filtering» . For students specialties Computing  and the software, PE and IS.

It should be noted that the chair in recent years actively collaborates with the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics (Novosibirsk) in terms of training opportunities for staff of the department on the basis of the University.

Student life

The social life of chair of Computing and Software very comprehensive and diverse. Formation of an active life position, patriotic spirit, the optimistic outlook of each specialist is based on the programs and plans of action adopted at the university level and faculty.

Different organizations working in universities, such as student maslikhat, Debate club "Amanat", Student Council. Students of the chair consists of the following organizations Jas Otan, the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan.
In addition, there within the faculty  clubs and associations that contribute to the formation of an active lifestyle of chair. Students of the of chair are participating in the dance ensemble "Қyzgaldak", "Shattyk", as well as determined in the national-instrumental "Shabyt" ensemble. Students of the of chair are engaged in vocals. Students of the of chair take an active part in the team of CCR "Agrarkasarbazdary". CCR team "Agrarkasarbazdary" is one of the leading teams of CCR.

As part of the socio-political, patriotic and legal education held curatorial hours devoted to the Kazakhstan national holidays, the conversation on the topic of discussion of the Annual message of the President, Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050".


010000,  The Republic of Kazakhstan 

62 Zhenys Avenue, Astana

Biokorpus, campus  №2

phone .: +7 (7172) 383-958


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