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Fortified feed has been developed to obtain high-quality and safe quail products

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Scientists from Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University have developed enriched feed using highly nutritious, easily digestible and natural plant components to obtain high-quality and safe quail products with scientific justification for their effective use.

Quail farming in Kazakhstan is a relatively new branch of agricultural production, and many farm managers have not yet sufficiently appreciated the economically useful qualities of this bird and the opportunities for increasing the production of eggs and meat that this branch of poultry farming can provide. A new branch of poultry farming for Northern Kazakhstan - quail farming - is one of the sources of satisfying people's needs for poultry products such as eggs and meat.

The main idea and uniqueness of the project is to develop enriched feed using extruded and natural plant components that stimulate physiological and biological processes, strengthen overall health, and improve feed digestion, which will make it possible to obtain safe, high-quality quail products. At the same time, digestion processes, the morpho-biochemical status of blood and metabolism will be optimized, meat and egg productivity, and biologically valuable products will be increased.

Recipes for new easily digestible, highly nutritious fortified feeds for meat and bark quails based on natural plant components have been developed.

“We have developed a line of feed for quails with the Start recipe. In 2023, all lines of feed for meat and egg quails were tested: Start (primary), Grower, Layer, Finish (secondary with improved composition). A distinctive feature of our recipes is the absence of meat and bone meal and the inclusion of extruded grain components,” says the head of the scientific project, senior lecturer at the Department of Veterinary Sanitation of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Livestock Technology - PhD., Associate Professor of KATRU Dinara Zhanabaeva.

Recipes for new enriched, easily digestible, highly nutritious feeds for meat and bark quails based on natural plant components have been developed. The influence of newly developed feed based on easily digestible, highly nutritious natural plant components on the body of quail and their meat and egg productivity was studied. An assessment was made of the quality and safety of the developed feed for quail, as a result of which the feed was non-toxic and safe and met generally accepted standards and requirements for high-quality and safe feed. The results of studying the influence of enriched and easily digestible quail meat and bark feed based on natural plant components on the quail body showed significant improvements in the meat and egg productivity of quail in the experimental groups.

The development of agriculture, especially quail farming, unlocking its potential as a high-quality and healthy product, and increasing export capacity is a priority for the health and well-being of the population.

It should also be noted that the project’s research is interdisciplinary, including the study of quail feeding technology, veterinary safety and the study of the quality and safety of quail products.

As part of the project, based on the results of the research work, activities will be carried out to disseminate knowledge among agricultural producers.