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Sowing campaign of the Department of Agriculture and Crop Production

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After completing the preliminary spring fieldwork in preparation for sowing the teaching staff, doctoral students and undergraduates successfully conducted a sowing campaign at the field site of «A.I. Baraev Scientific and Production Center for Grain Farming» LLP.

For many years, on a plot of 1 hectare, the Department of Agriculture and Crop Production has been sowing cereals, legumes, oilseeds, fodder and industrial crops, including 0.5 hectares left under steam, which is processed by the "farmers" of the department.  The crops are carried out as part of the research of teachers and students. Almost more than half of the dissertation researchs of doctoral students of the department was conducted at this site. In addition to scientific research, an annual sowing of a collection nursery is conducted to collect educational materials that are used in teaching students the varieties of crops.

This year the scientists of the Northwestern University of Agriculture and Forestry (S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University partner from China since 2016) have transferred seeds of varieties of Chinese breeding not only legumes, but also potato microtubers, which will be planted in the fields of «Naydorovskoye» LLP, since potatoes require irrigation. The organization and planting of potatoes by the teachers of the department is planned this week, taking into account weather conditions. 

The sowing campaign was successful - now the harvest depends on the weather and the necessary care throughout the growing season.