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Department of Computer Systems and Vocational Trai

Department of Computer Systems and Vocational Trai


Faculty of Computer Systems and Vocational Education(hereinafter is called as CSaVE) was founded in 1985. In the last 20 years the faculty`s name has been changed several times: Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy, Faculty of Vocational Education and Pedagogy and Faculty of Humanitarian and Pedagogical Studies. The CSaVE was founded to provide engineering and pedagogical specialists for northern and central oblasts of the RK.

There are more than 3000 graduating students for the whole period of faculty existence; most of them have leading positions in different companies in Kazakhstan and abroad. Our faculty is one of the outstanding faculties in central and north Kazakhstan, according to our profile.

There are 7 departments in the faculty of Computer Systems and Vocational Education:

Our Faculty awards B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. There are three programs:

Our faculty consists of more than 115 highly qualified specialists, among them there are 6 Doctors of Science, 36candidates of sciences, 9 Ph.D., 41 in M.Sc. programsand 3 Honored coach ofRK.

There are 3 laboratories, 1 research centerand 1 training center, 11 computer classes to provide educational processes and science research at the faculty, which meet desired equipment requirements.

Following projects were developed and implemented by our students:

  1. Automatic system for dean’s office «Records of students»;
  2. Information network system «Classroom passport» to the order of the executive vice president of awareness-raising work and social issues;
  3. Information network system «Student dormitories»;
  4. Information network system «Utility network KATU»;
  5. @ksipobot - Telegram-бот.

According to the rating conducted by the Independent Agency of Accreditation and Rating 2020, the Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University of the Republic of Kazakhstan took 1st place in the Educational program 8D01401-«Management in Technical and Vocational Education», 3nd place in the Educational program 7M01401-«Leadership in vocational Education». Currently, the dean of the faculty is the associate Professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Aruova Aliya Boranbaevna.



History of faculty

The CSaVE was founded in 1985. Invaluable contribution to development of the faculty was made by Academician, Doctor of Economics, Professor K.A. Sagadiev, Doctors of Science B.O. Alimzhanov, Ya.Ya. Maul’, A.K. Bulashev, Ph.D., Assistant Professors V.A. Lyubarets, B.N. Gurin, Zh.K. Abel’dina, A.A. Loshak, K.K. Takabaev, M.A. Aduov, O.A. Cheremisinov, N.A. Fabritskiy, I.K. Shnel’bakh, V.A. Rodionova and others.

Mr. V.A. Lyubarets, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Technical Science, was the first dean of our faculty (1985-1990). From 1990 to 2001 Mr. B.N. Gurin, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Technical Science, was dean of the CSaVE. Mrs. Zh.K. Abel’dina, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics, worked as dean for the next 5 years (2001-2006), since 2006 the faculty was headed by Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics, Assistant Professor A.Zh. Askarova (2006-2018), since 2006 the faculty was headed by Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor K. A. Sarbasova (2018-2020). Currently, the Dean of the faculty is the associate Professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Aruova Aliya Boranbaevna.


The research is an important part of the educational process. Unity of educational and scientific processes is ensured by attracting students to participate in research work. Our students take part in the research projects, which are being financed by Central Government Budget and other sources of funding.

Currently, more than 115 teachers work at the faculty, there are 6 doctors of sciences, 36 candidates of sciences, 9 PhD, 41 masters, 3 Honored Trainers of the RK. 

At the moment, there are a number of indicators, in accordance with which the effectiveness of the scientific activities of the departments is determined:

  • Degree of the department.
  • Availability of initiative topics at the department.
  • Availability of funded topics at the department.
  • Activity of the teaching staff in obtaining patents / copyrights.
  • Publications (in the context of the Russian Science Citation Center, the KKSON base, other journals with a non-zero impact factor).
  • The work of the dissertation council for the defense of doctoral theses.

The teaching staff of Department conducts work on 12 registered initiative research topics. The faculty implements 3 international projects:

1) Within the framework of the international Erasmus+ program, project No. 574157-EPP-1-2016-1-IE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP is being implemented on «Developing transregional information literacy for lifelong learning and knowledge economy-DIREKT».

2) Within the framework of the international Erasmus+ program, the DECIDE project (No. 598661) «Developing services for Individuals with Disabilities» of the Erasmus + program is being implemented.

3) Scientific project No. 1716971 on «Control, observation and identification of differential equation networks» is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

In 2020, 14 teachers were submitted for the competition for grant funding for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2021-2023 (fundamental and applied scientific research) in priority areas of development of science, and 1 application for the competition for young scientists. Based on the results of 2 projects, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan received grant funding for 2021-2023:

  • №AP09259657 «Research and development of an automated proctoring system for students' knowledge in conditions of distance learning», project supervisor is Сandidate of pedagogics Zulpykhar J.E.
  • №АР09260956 «Scientific and methodological foundations for the organization of the educational process in the conditions of distance learning at the Agricultural Research University», project supervisor is Doctor of Education, professor А.М. Abdyrov.

For scientific research, the faculty has 3 laboratories, 1 research center and 1 training center center, meeting all the necessary requirements in terms of equipment:

1) «Non-destructive testing laboratory» Head of Laboratory PhD, Associate Professor. Zh. Zhantlesov.

2) B. Abdikarimuly «Modern psychological problems of personality laboratory», Head of Laboratory, PhD in Pedagogy, senior teacher D. S.Shakhmetova.

3) Laboratory «Information Technologies», Head of Laboratory Master of Computer Science, senior teacher A.S.Akanova.

4) «Research Center for Advanced Training of Specialists», Head of the Center, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Т. Galiev.

5) Training center IT, Head of the center A.G. Shaushenova.

The results of scientific research are reported and published at various republican and international conferences, symposia and forums. The activity of publications of scientific works of the teaching staff of Department for the last five years from 2016 to 2020 is 959 articles.

For the period from 2018 to 2020, 312 articles were published in international scientific journals of the Web of Science and Scopus, Committee for Control in the Sphere of Education and Science and Russian Science Citation Index. 11 scientists of Department have the Hirsch index.

Since September 2020, senior lecturer of the ICT department, master, certified business analyst IQBBA, certified Astana Hub tracker, responsible for R&D at the faculty of Seifullina A.O. work is underway to raise awareness among students and teaching staff of the faculty to stimulate innovation at the faculty. The results of these works are the following:

  • Students of the departments of ICT and IS prepared a startup project «CrossTime» for participation in the business incubation program of Nazarbayev University «ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0» ( in the period from 12.02.2021. on May 6, 2021;
  • developed the web-site containing information about conferences, internships, funding, scholarships in the framework of the master's thesis of a 1st year master's student of the ICT Department on the topic «Analysis of business processes of scientific activities of Department of Computer Science and Vocational Education»;
  • 2 open lectures were held for the students of the faculty.

1. Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

2. Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

3. The University of Milan, Italy

4. The University of Oklahoma, USA

5. Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarus

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