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Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design

Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design


The Faculty of Land Management was organized in 1957, the Faculty of Architecture in 1965. Personnel training is conducted from the admission of students to full-time and full-time distance learning. According to order No. 857-N dated December 26, 2017, in terms of implementing the university's strategy to transform into a research university like Nazarbayev University, the land management and architecture departments are merged into one faculty - Land Management, Architecture and Design.

Over the entire period of activity of the faculties, more than 7,500 specialists have been trained, most of whom hold leading positions in land management, geodetic services and architectural organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

From September 1, 2021, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Toleubekova Zhanat Zekenovna has been appointed Dean of the Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design.

The Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design has 4 departments:

Training of specialists is carried out at three levels of education.

Undergraduate educational programs

• 5B090300 – «Land management»

• 6В07304 – «Land management»

• 5B090700 – «Cadastre»

• 6В07303 – «Cadastre»

• 5В071100 – «Geodesy and Cartography»

• 6В07305 – «Geodesy and Cartography»

• 5B042000 – «Architecture»

• 6В07304 – «Architecture»

• 5B042100 – «Design»

• 5В090800 – «Evaluation»

Master's degree programs

• 7M07304 – «Land Management»

• 7M07303 – «Cadastre»

• 7M07302 – «Geodesy»

• 7M07301 – «Architecture»

• 7M02101 – «Design»

• 7M04107 – «Evaluation»

Educational doctoral programs

• 8D07304 – «Land management»

• 8D07303 – «Cadastre»

• 8D07302 – «Geodesy»

• 8D07301 – «Architecture»

The faculty of the Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Construction includes 100 teachers, including 9 doctors, 26 sciences, 4 doctors of sciences, 61 senior instructors and assistants.

Faculty of State Instruments and Reserves, available specialized funds with a fund of more than 80,000 volumes of educational, scientific and regulatory literature on cadastre, land management, assessment, geodesy, architecture and design. Training is conducted in specialized classrooms for land management, AIS land cadastre, assessment, geodesy, drawing, painting, composition, design, architectural design, computer design and a model workshop.

For preliminary research and scientific research at the faculty of factories, studios and computer classes:

- Research Studio «Innovative Technologies in Architecture, Design and Urban Planning»;

- «Specialized research laboratory for resource assessment»;

- «Specialized Research Laboratory for Land Management and Cadastre»;

- «Laboratory of Geomonitoring and Remote Sensing of the Earth»;

- 4 computer classes for students.


The existing research base of the faculty makes a significant contribution to the development of GIS technologies and the use of data from the Kazakhstan system of remote sensing and NEOS. Laboratories and computer classes are equipped with modern equipment and software for practical training of specialists. Laboratories and computer classes have modern programs used in the educational process: the capabilities of the ERDAS IMAGION program for processing Earth remote sensing data, the ARCGIS cartographic material digitization program, the complex for collecting field geodetic data, which consists of the CREDO software and modern geodetic instruments, modern graph-plotting programs used in digital cartography. There are also programs for three-dimensional modeling «3DMAX», «PHOTOMOD», «AUTOCAD».

Scientific research is carried out in the areas of formation of an automated land cadastre system, environmentally sustainable land use, land and other real estate valuation, development and arrangement of territories.

In terms of introducing innovative technologies at four departments, the following software is used in the educational process:

• ArcGIS v.10.4 program (on disciplines «Geodesy», «Photogrammetry», «Digital Cartography», «Higher Geodesy», «AIS of Land Cadastre», «Multifunctional AIS of Land Cadastre», «Geoinformation Systems», «Evaluation of Land and Land cadastre»);

• AUTO CAD program (in the disciplines «Inventory and registration of real estate», «Land management design», «Computer design», «Architectural design», «Computer graphics»);

• Corel draw program («Evaluation of land and land cadaster», «Geodesic work in land management and cadaster», «Computer design», «Architectural design»).

• Programs Adobe Photoshop, REVIT, SketchUp («Computer design», «Architectural design» and other disciplines).


At the Department of Architecture and Design, the studio method of teaching in the form of «Master Class» is widely used in the educational process. Classes are held in the workshops of the city's leading practitioners-architects, headed by our graduates. These are the firms: VL, Bureau-Arch, Studio-Art, scientific research design institute AstanaGenPlan, Zharnama-Astana, Calibri-Astana, Astana Project and others, where, along with general professional training, training in special subjects and time is given to real design. Starting from the third year, talented students are invited to architectural firms, where our graduates are hired after graduation.

The faculty cooperates with foreign and domestic universities and scientific organizations. The partners of the faculty are 38 enterprises and organizations that carry out dual training in order to improve the quality of practical training of students.


Faculty History

The Faculty of Land Management was organized in 1957. Since its inception, it has become the only faculty in Kazakhstan that provides training in the field of land management and cadastres. At the Department of Planning of Rural Settlements of the Faculty of Land Management in 1965, the first recruitment for training in the specialty «Architecture» was carried out. In 1969 a separate department of architecture was opened.

During the existence of the Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design, more than seven thousand specialists have been trained and graduated, who successfully work in geodetic, land management and land cadastral organizations, appraisal companies, in the field of architecture and design, as well as in other sectors of the national economy and make a worthy contribution to the development of Kazakhstan.

The faculty has formed a qualified teaching staff, which does a lot of work to improve the quality of the educational process, the development of multi-level training programs for specialists, conducts scientific research on various problems of geodesy, land management and cadastre, architecture and design, allowing for the training of personnel, taking into account the requirements of employers and production generally.

Currently, the faculty includes four departments: land management, geodesy, cadastre and assessment, architecture and design. The departments closely cooperate in research and educational work with industrial organizations, mutually enriching themselves methodically and theoretically, which is the basis for continuous improvement of the educational process and raising the level of training of young specialists.

At different times, the faculty was headed by prominent scientists, professors, associate professors, each of whom contributed to its formation and development: Fedorov V.I.; Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Tikhomirova E.D.; Doctor of Economics, Professor Spektor M.D.; Doctor of Economics, Professor Maul Ya.Ya.; Ph.D. associate professor Rezaev V.V.; Ph.D. associate professor Krykbaev Zh.K.; Ph.D. associate professor Abeldina R.K.; Doctor of Architecture, Professor Kornilova A.A.; Candidates of Architecture, Associate Professors: Kopp A.A., Chikanaev A.Sh., Latyshev V.A., Spektor D.M.; Associate Professor Garmider V.I., Zelyak N.P., Professor Toskin V.F., Associate Professor Svetlichny V.I.

From 2001 to 2018, the faculty was headed by Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Abeldina R.K., from 2019 to 2021, the faculty was headed by Ermekov F.K. From September 1, 2021 to the present, Ph.D., Ass. prof. Toleubekova Zh.Z. Deputy Dean of the Faculty - Master of Science, Art. teacher Abeeva N.A.

At the origins of the formation of the faculty was a famous scientist, doctor of economic sciences, professor Gendelman Moses Aronovich - the founder of the scientific school of land management not only in Kazakhstan, but throughout the post-Soviet space. A number of fundamental works, the relevance of research, their novelty, and practical significance earned him the fame of one of the prominent theoreticians of agrarian and economic science. As part of the working group of the Mazhilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan, they participated in the discussion of the «Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan», in the preparation of a new Concept for the rational use and protection of land, adopted by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In general, his activities were aimed at scientific and methodological support of the ongoing land reform in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Gendelman M.A. was a leading figure in the land management science of Kazakhstan, a famous scientist, for 22 years he was the rector of the university. Pupils of his scientific school today work in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Germany.

Gendelman M.A. author of more than 230 scientific papers, many of his theoretical developments are included in textbooks and teaching aids.

In different years, M.A. Gendelman trained 45 candidates and 8 doctors of science, many of whom are now working in our university. In 2013, by the decision of the Academic Council of the University, the conference hall of the main building was named after the scientist M.A. Gendelman.

Today at the faculty, continuing the traditions, a scientific school is successfully functioning, created by a well-known agricultural scientist in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries, the author of numerous works on land management, agricultural economics, planning of rural settlements, Doctor of Economics. Professor M.D. Spector. He made a huge contribution to the development of land management science, on his initiative, an industry research laboratory was opened at the faculty, which was engaged in research on rural settlement. They resulted in books, an atlas, articles and defended doctoral and candidate dissertations.

Spector M.D. is the author of more than 250 works, including 28 books, many of which have become reference books for agricultural specialists.

The faculty is proud of its graduates, who have made a great contribution to the solution of topical issues of land management and cadastre, Eserkepov R.T., Seifullin Zh.T., Akimov V.V., Chikanaev K.Sh., Zhmykhov A.A., Menshaev A.V. ., Bekishev Z.B., Khatiev N.O., Saduev B.K., Shulenbaev I.M., Palaev V.V., Mambetov E.E., Kenzhebaev N.A. and others. Employers highly appreciate the quality of training of graduates of the faculty, they are in demand in the labor market.

 The faculty has four departments:

- Department of Geodesy and Cartography;

- Department of Land Management;

- Department of Cadastre and valuation;

- Department of Architecture and Design.

Research and innovation

9 doctors, 26 candidates of sciences, 4 PhD doctors, 61 senior teachers, assistants and masters of sciences conduct research activities at the faculty.

The priority areas of research work at the faculty are:

• Methodological and scientific-methodological foundations for the rational use of land resources and organization of the territory;

• Scientific research in the field of geodesy and cartography;

• Development of theoretical and scientific-methodological foundations of the land cadastre;

• Assessment of land and real estate, development and arrangement of territories;

• Development of design, architecture and urban planning in the market conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the successful implementation of scientific research at the faculty there are laboratories and a studio:

- Research Studio «Innovative Technologies in Architecture, Design and Urban Planning»;

- Specialized research and development laboratory for resource assessment;

- Specialized research laboratory for land management and cadastre;

- Laboratory of Geomonitoring and Remote Sensing of the Earth.

To date, the teaching staff of the department is working on the scientific problem of the rational use of land resources and the organization of the territory within the framework of projects:

• Program-targeted financing of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Study of the impact of state policy in the agricultural sector on the development of cooperative processes in the agro-industrial complex, sustainable development of rural areas and ensuring food security» (2021-2023) (head O.A. Alipbeki)

• Grant of the Kazakh Research Institute of Water Resources (2021-2023) (supervisor Toleubekova Zh.Z.)

Based on the results of research over the past five years, faculty members have published 10 monographs, 6 intellectual property certificates, 32 articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals included in the Scopus database, more than 200 articles in scientific journals included in the RSCI database and recommended by CQASES. 

Foreign partners - universities and research organizations

The international activities of the Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design are aimed primarily at improving the quality of education, taking into account modern requirements for higher education and integration into the international educational space, improving the educational process and research activities based on the use of innovative foreign technologies, supporting international the image of domestic higher education and the development of new promising areas of international cooperation, taking into account the possibilities of attracting additional intellectual, financial and other resources of foreign partners.

Currently, the Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design cooperates with many universities in the CIS countries and abroad.

To improve knowledge in the field of sustainable development of territories, the laws and principles of the innovative system for managing sustainable development of territories, the students of the internship were teachers of the departments of land management and geodesy, cadastre and assessment, as well as undergraduates in the specialty «Land management». The international educational and scientific internship was held from December 5, 2021 to December 9, 2021. Head of the internship Tatarintsev Vladimir Leonidovich, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Leading Researcher of the R&D Department, Professor of the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Altai State University", Russian Federation.

From April 8 to April 18, 2022, a scientist from Germany, Dr. Ing. Moser D.V. gave lectures to students and teachers of the faculty in the direction of «Modern requirements for geodetic work». At the end of the course, students were awarded certificates.

Dr. Ing. Moser D.V. participated in the Plenary Session of the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Seifullin Readings - 18: Youth and Science - a look into the future».

Foreign partners and organizations:

  1. State University for Land Management (Moscow, Russia);
  2. Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland);
  3. Korea Institute of Population and Land Research (KRISH, South Korea);
  4. University of Putra Malaysia (UPM);
  5. Irkutsk State Agricultural Academy (Irkutsk, Russia);
  6. Perm State Agricultural Academy. D.N. Pryanishnikov (Perm, Russia);
  7. Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies (SGUGT) (Novosibirsk, Russia);
  8. Altai State Agrarian University (Barnaul, Russia);
  9. St. Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  10. Omsk State Agrarian University (Omsk, Russia);
  11. Buryat Agricultural Academy (Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russian Federation);
  12. Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI);
  13. Penza State University of Architecture and Construction;
  14. Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania;
  15. Brno University of Technology;
  16. Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering;
  17. Moscow Institute of National Design;
  18. International Public Organization for the Promotion of Architectural Education (MOEPAO).
  19. Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture named after N.I. Isanov (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
  20. Vienna University of Natural Sciences (Vienna, Austria).
Companies and organizations - partners of the faculty

The partners of the Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design are the largest state structures, joint-stock companies and private enterprises and organizations.

  1. Committee for Land Management of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. Department of Land Cadastre and Technical Inspection of Real Estate NJSC «State Corporation «Government for Citizens»;
  3. RSE «Stateurbancadastre» of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  4. «Department for Land Management of the city of Nur-Sultan» of the Committee for Land Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  5. State Institution «Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations of Nur-Sultan»;
  6. State Institution «Department of Land Relations of the Akmola Region», Kokshetau;
  7. State Enterprise «National Center for Geodesy and Spatial Information»
  8. JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary»
  9. State Enterprise «National Cartographic and Geodetic Fund»
  10. LLP «Design and Survey Institute KAZDORPROEKT»
  11. GeoTerr LLP
  12. LLP «HIE Kazakhstan»
  13. LLP «Construction company «BAZIS»
  14. Integra Construction KZ LLP
  15. LLP KazAeroSpace
  16. LLP «Nadir»
  17. LLP «Turkistan General Plan»
  18. GeoScan Kazakhstan LLP
  19. LLP «Center for Asset Valuation»
  20. LLP «Independent Appraisal and Legal Center»
  21. Capital Assessment Agency LLP
  22. ANA Astana LLP
  23. LLP «ProServiceSouth»
  24. LLP «Auroom interiors»
  25. LLP «Design and construction company» PPK
  26. LLP «Center of Modern Architecture»
  27. LLP «Project Energo Stroy – NS»


Full name








Deputy Dean



Head of the Department of Geodesy and Cartography



Head of the Department of Land Management


Akhmetov Bolat Zhumagalievich

Head of the Department of Cadastre and Valuation



Head of the Department of Architecture and Design


Graduates of faculty