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The Department of Physics and Chemistry

The Department of Physics and Chemistry


The history of the department "Physics and Chemistry" begins in 1958, when during the formation of the Akmola agricultural institute, the departments "Chemistry," "General Physics and Mathematics" were created.

On a department chemical and physical disciplines are taught for students of agronomical, technical, electric, veterinary and soil faculties. Among them on the trilingual program chemical disciplines are taught in English language for specialities "Biotechnology", "Agrarian technique and technologies", "Technology of food products".

The degree maturity of the department is 59%. There are 17 lecturers of them doctors of sciences - 1, candidates of sciences - 9, master's degrees - 7.

Since 2021 the department is managed by a candidate of chemistry, associate professor Ibatayev Zh. A.

The highly qualified professionals are working in the department: the honoured worker of education РК, honoured worker of university, "The best teacher of the university - 2011" candidate of physicist and mathematical of sciences, associate professor Аbeldina Zh.К., "The best teacher of the university - 2018" candidate of chemistry, associate professor Ibataev Zh.A., owner of I.Аltynsarin badge, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of Аlimkulova E.Zh.

Also teacher the professorial staff of department constantly further training abroad (Russia, Germany, Turkey, Georgia).

  • acting professor Аbeldina Zh. -.Lomonosov МSU (2012, Russia), Prague University (2014, Czech), Shihezi University (2012, China), Private professional educational institution «TsPDO Lan» (2021, Russia);
  •  associate professors Аbeldina Zh.К. and Аlimkulova E.Zh. (on the program of the polylingual educating) (2012, Turkey);
  • associate professor Кudaibergenova S. Zh., senior lecturers Мuhanbetova N.А., Raisova G.K. in the institute  of "ISEL" in Lissabon (2014, Portugal)
  • associate professor Ibataev Zh.A. successfully completed a scientific internship at the Gifu Pharmaceutical University (2017, Japan);
  • Abildina G. Sh. 2018 has comleted a course at the Department of Horticulture in the Michigan State University in East Lansing, USA by the International program scholarship Bolashak (2018, USA).

There are 2 physics laboratories, 3 chemistry laboratories on, 1 virtual laboratory and a computer room.

Under the guidance of scientists Zh.Ibataev, G.Nurgazina, G.Abildina are conducting research on the following topics: research of chemical composition and biological activity of plants (birchs, plants of family coniferous, basil), receipt of biotechnological preparations for veterinary medicine and medicine; chemical modification of natural tri terpenoids; spectral research of bioactive substances and nanostructural particles; creation of new pesticidal preparations and their introduction; receipt of new bioactive preparations for an agrarian sector on the basis of vegetable and chemical raw material.

Research work of department lies within the framework of implementation of following projects:

  • "Research of software products and mathematical models in online mode for the remote teaching in modern educational space" (associate professor Zh.Аbeldina);
  • "Methodology of preparation of students of higher agrotechnical institutions of higher learning on the basis of independent, research works and intersubject connections" (associate professor E.Аlimkulova);
  • "Obtaining highly efficient fertilizers and their application" (PhD G.Nurgazina);
  • "Research of plant raw materials and products and determination of the possibility of their use" (associate professor Zh.Ibataev).

History of department

The department of chemistry, department of general physics and mathematics, were created first. The organizer of department of general physics and mathematics was N.Uffelman. The first teachers brought in a large contribution to creation of department: А.P.Salmina, I.D.Brudin, L.N.Кushirinskya, I.М.Kirova.

From 1961 the department of physics moved away from the department of higher mathematics and became an independent department.  Gandrbur N. carried out the duties of department head. Physics was taught then on 5 faculties: mechanizations agricultural, soil, agronomical, economic and zootechnic.

From 1965 to 1970 the candidate of engineering sciences Brudin I.D headed the department of physics. A department of physics was in the building of agronomical faculty, occupying 3 audiences, equipped for mechanics, electricity and optics. 12 teachers and 2 laboratory assistants worked in department structure. After opening of new faculties of electrification and veterinary load increased on a department.

From 1970 to 1981 the department of physics was managed by L.N.Кushirinskya.  Experienced teachers Bloshinskya А.В worked together with her., Kirov I.М., Bisalieva Е.М., Коshеrbaev К.А., Nurahmetova J.К. had a large contribution to scientifically methodical work of department.  L.N.Кushirinskya and Bisaliev Е.М. were engaged in advanced study, and were competitors for an associate professor Vibe К.G. In this period department structure was filled up by young teachers: Мjsnicova L.А., Surgutkov Е., Оmarkulov К.А., Аkpenova B.Т., Ramasanova R.А.

From 1982 to 2000 with small interruptions, the department was headed by Candidate of physicist and mathematical of sciences, associate professor of Аbeldina Zh.К.


1963 год                                                                      1990 год

At the beginning the department of physics was within the faculty of electrification agricultural, after 1985 it was included in engineering-pedagogical faculty.

The first head of the chemistry department (1957-1963) was candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor Lasarev Anatoliy Ivanovich.

In 1964 the department was divided into two: the department of organic and biological chemistry and department of general chemistry. The department of general chemistry in 1967 was renamed to the department of inorganic and analytical chemistry. Over the years this department was headed by Еpifanova Dilemma Fedorovna, Gneti Stanislav Andreevich, Banaeva Ljudmila Valentinovna, Vershinina Clavdia Timofeevna.

The department of bioorganic chemistry belonged to the zootechnic faculty. Over the years it was headed by Sergeev А. (1968-1973), Gerashenko(1974-1978), Rebrikova Irene Ivanovna (1979-1996).

Large optimization happened in 1997. Two departments of general chemistry and biochemistry were originally incorporated, and then they were added to the department of physics.

From 2000 to 2008 Head of Department was a  candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor of physics  Мukashova А.K.

Мустафина Зинаида Адамбаевна

From 2008 to 2021 Head of Department was  a candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Аlimkulova Elmira.

From 2021 to date the department is headed by a candidate of chemistry, associate professor Ibatayev Zh. A.


International cooperation

A scientific collaboration is conducted with the department   of physics of sea and waters of dry spell and department of nuclear processes of the Moscow state university of М. В.Lomonosov. So, an underback scientific project "Research, development of virtual space and software products for the controlled from distance departmental teaching in the mode of on line" was executed together with the employees of these departments, and also center of the controlled from distance technologies (2012-2014).

An agreement is also signed on a collaboration in the field of education and science with the Russian chemical-technological university of D.Меndeleev.

From November 25 – to November 27, 2020, in order to implement the effectiveness of basic disciplines teaching within the framework of the dual diploma education program, a three-day seminar was held between NJSC "S. Seifullin KATU" and AGROPARISTECH in accordance with the action plan of the Physics and Chemistry Department for 2020-2024 years, that was planned by professors of Physics Michel Aubert and Muriel Dujardin from the Lycée Fénelon University (Agreenium, France).

The content of the "Chemistry" and "Physics" disciplines’ working programs was discussed in the framework of the seminar. During the meeting exchange of ideas with colleagues, amendments and additions to the work programs of the disciplines were made and processed.

Professor Michel Aubert gave a lecture on "Thermodynamics", prepared for the academic staff of the Department, where he shared with his ideas.

The issues of natural science subjects’ teaching discussed at the seminar were useful for academic staff in scientific and methodological terms.

Student life

Student life is not only study, but also funny meetings with friends, discos, sports events that you will remember all your life, matriculation, the autumn ball and discussions with friends. In higher education institution education and science are closely connected, so the main task of the student is to gain knowledge. All forces should be given in order to achieve this task.

Student Government solves the problems connected to student's life in the university like leisure, protecting rights of students and cooperation with other universities.

Student Government also carries out work on the scientific direction. The main objectives are cultivating in students skills of independent creative work and attracting to direct participation in research works, preparing future experts for planning, the organization of research work, active participation in scientific conferences, reviews and competitions of scientific works. Activists of SG participate in the organization of scientific discussions and solve the problems of groups, help the students who are taking part in conferences, hold competitions, debates, round tables and quizzes. And also provide students with the  information on conferences, grants, the Olympiads, journals, hold presentations of programs of students’ exchanges.

КStudent Government works on developing creativity in students. Main objectives are the creation of conditions for leisure activities, and development of creativity and self-realization of the identity of students, and also increases their social activity and culture level. Actions and the events are held propagandizing inadmissibility of offense commission, a healthy lifestyle, informing students on the harm done to an organism by tobacco smoking, alcohol, narcotic substances, and opportunities of prevention and disposal of addictions

Teachers of the department are the counsels of academic groups of faculty of DCSVT: Raisova G., Аbildina G., Nurgazina G., Rakhimzhanova L.A., Shekerhan N., Murzalinov D.O.

The students of the supervised groups actively participate in public life of university, city.

Excursions get organized in Museum of the First President of country, National museum, S.Seifullin museum, museum of the university, visit theatres.

Information on a student conference

On February 6, 2021, at the Department of Physics and Chemistry of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Vocational Education of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University, senior teacher Suleimenova Zh. K., Master of Chemistry Zhanzhaksina A. Sh. In   connection with the introduction of quarantine in the country, an online Olympiad was held in the disciplines "Physics", "Chemistry" in Kazakh and Russian at the level of the republic.

Graduates of all schools, colleges and 1st-year students of higher educational institutions of the country were invited to participate in the Olympiad.

The opening ceremony of the Olympiad was held on the Zoom platform from 11: 00 to 11: 15, Nur-Sultan time.

The organizers of the subject Olympiad explained the course of the event to the participants.

Head of the Department of Physics and Chemistry Alimkulova E. Zh. congratulated the students on the holiday of knowledge and wished them success in conducting the event: identifying and supporting talented and gifted students, revealing creative abilities; assisting in the formation of the intellectual potential of students; directing students and young scientists to solve modern scientific problems; increasing interest in educational and scientific activities.

Senior lecturer Akimbekov E. T. spoke about the achievements and educational programs of the university for the purpose of career guidance, the advantages and achievements in their development.

The jury, made up of the faculty of the department, expressed sincere wishes and wishes of success to the students.

The subject Olympiad was held in 2 stages: test tasks were conducted in the Google docs program from 11: 15 to 11: 45, the second stage - from 11: 45 to 12: 45. 50 points were set for the tasks of each stage. According to the results of the subject Olympiad, which lasted two days, the winners were determined.

The winners of the subject Olympiad were awarded with special certificates and letters of thanks, and all participants who passed the 2nd stage were awarded with special certificates.

On the subject of Chemistry:

2st place                



- 1st year students of the agronomic faculty of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University

3st place -


- K. Bekkhozhin School, Pavlodar.                                          




-1st year students of the agronomic faculty of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University

On the subject of physics:

1st place -



- № 54 secondary school, Karaganda city 



- S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, student of group 062-20-11.

2st place-


- GKKP "KOPiS" AKD-305



- GKKP "KOPiS" AKD-305



- S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, student of group 062-20-11.

3st placе -


- Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University.



- S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, student of the group 062-20-11.



- №54 secondary school, Karaganda city 

The winners of the subject Olympiad and all participants who passed the second stage were awarded with special certificates.

We hope that the subject Olympiad has become a good event to improve the    knowledge and skills of students.

From October 19 to November 1, 2019, a delegation from the higher educational institution Lycée Fénelon (Agreenium, France) visited the Seyfullin Kazakh Agro Technical University.The goal is to conduct seminars on the modernization of educational programs in the fundamental disciplines of "Mathematics", "Physics", "Chemistry", "Biology" and "Information Technology". Teachers of the Department of Physics and Chemistry took an active part in the seminar. Together with Michel Ober, professor of physics at LycéeFénelon University, teachers discussed the content of physics programs for a pilot project to reorganize KATU.

The project participants, the senior teacher Akimbekov E.T., acting professor Abeldina Zh.K., art. teacher AbildinaG.Sh., professor Michel Ober, translator Aida and senior teacher Mukhamedrakhimov K.U.

The project participants, the senior teacher Mukhambetova N.A., associate professor KudaibergenovaS.Zh., associate professor AlimkulovaE.Zh., professor Michel Ober, translator Aida, senior teacher, doctor PhD Kazangapova N.B and senior lecturer, doctor PhD Nurgazina G.M.

An agreement was reached with university management that a group of French professors will help project participants and KATU teachers over the next 4 years. These are professors of biology, ecology, mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry. The pilot project aims to improve the quality of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Agronomy. In the future, it is planned to expand the experiment to the entire university.

The tutorial session of the Information Systems Group 05-703-18-16 was held on 17.09.2020, at 11.00, via zoom platform,

The supervisor - Associate Professor of the Physics and Chemistry Department Kudaibergenova Sayagul.

Topic: "Sanitary requirements and ways to prevent the virus" COVID-19»

An online meeting was held by the head of the Family Health Center Department (Karaganda), candidate of Medical Sciences, family doctor Maksutova Ainur. The doctor presented a lecture prepared on the topic "Covid-19 Coronavirus infection": how to protect yourself, what protective measures should be taken, and how to behave if we have symptoms of the virus.

The student of the group Novak Valerij is "the hero of our days", who, worked as a nurse with his older brother, in the intensive care block of the  Infectious Diseases Center (Nur-Sultan) during the summer holidays, he worked directly with patients with COVID-19.

Студент группы Новак Валентин –

санитар в реанимации городского

инфекционного центра


A week of Physics and Chemistry disciplines department

In April 23-28, 2018, the Department of Physics and Chemistry held the Welcome Day event on the theme: “Improving the quality of training specialists using innovative teaching technologies"

Aim: Sharing experiences of innovative teaching technologies use in improving the quality of training specialists.


  • Develop professional skills of teachers
  • Share experiences in working among teachers
  • Improve students’ competencies
  • Support talented students and attract to participating in Olympiads, research works and conferences
  • Conducting career-guidance work

A Welcome Day is a traditional event, held once a year at the Department of Physics and Chemistry at S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University.

The staff of the department and students took an active part in organizing and holding the “Welcome Day” event in April 23-28, 2018.

The dean of the faculty of CS&VE A.Zh. Askarova and the head of the chair E.Zh. Alimkulova spoke in front of the students and trainees about the most interesting and significant achievements of the faculty and department and about participation of students.

The following was organized during preparatory works for the “Welcome Day” event at the Department of Physics and Chemistry:

  1. Advertising materials (posters, booklets about specialties) have been prepared;
  2. A career-guidance work was conducted in schools of Astana, the aims of which were:
  • Meetings and interviews with high school students;
  • inviting students of schools in Astana for the “Welcome Day” event at the Department (by prior notice);
  • Distribution of promotional materials.
  1. The event plan was developed;
  2. Technical equipment of the classrooms for the event was examined and prepared;
  3. Students’ speeches were revised (PowerPoint presentation)

Scheduled subject Olympiads were very interesting:

  • Intellectual Olympiad in Biochemistry with second-year students, 5В072700 “Technology of food products” specialty, organized by Associate Professor E.Zh. Alimkulova and master of chemistry A.K. Ashirbekova
  • Olympiad in Chemistry and Physics organized by teachers of the department D.A. Nurgalieva, G.M. Nurgazina and A.M. Zikirina.

The student conference on 20th anniversary of Astana event was organized by Zh.A. Ibataeva.

The Welcome Day raised students’ interest who took an active part in all events. In general, the “Welcome Day” ran at a high scientific and methodological level.

At the end of the week, teachers, students and pupils, who took an active part in the event, were awarded diplomas, commendations and certificates.

Olympiad prizewinners:

on Chemistry” subject 







Ramazanova Asem


5В072700 Technology

of food products

1 place


Imash Symbat


5В072700 Technology of food products

2 place


Uspanova Saltanat


5В072700 Technology of food products

2 place


Kabduakhit Daryn




3 place


Amangeldieva Aimereke



Soil Science and Agrochemistry

3 place



Demesіn Aruzhan



Plant Protection and Quarantine

3 place

on “Analytical Chemistry” subject










Asylbekova Nargiza



5В070100 Biotechnology


1 place



Zhakhina Amina



5В070100 Biotechnology

2 place



Nysynbek Zhanar



5В070100 Biotechnology

3 place

on “Biochemistry” subject









Adilet Eleusіzov


5В072800 Technology of processing industries

2 place



Temerzhan Amina


5В072700 Technology of food products

3 place



Tumar Smagulova


5В072700 Technology of food products

3 place


Lyceum school 27



Irina Kiseleva

Lyceum school 27

11 grade

1 place


 Information about attending the seminar on Education in the field of clean technologies (Cleantech VIP Day), held in the VIP-hall of the Finnish pavilion EXPO 2017.

On august 29, 2017 in the VIP-hall of the Finnish pavilion EXPO 2017 , in Astana hosted a seminar "Kazakhstani-Finnish Education Opportunities in Cleantech and Green Economy" where the teachers of the Department of Physics and Chemistry of the Kazakh Agrotechnical University (KATU) named after S.Seifullin Abeldina J.K., Kalmanova D.M., Zikirina A.M. are participated.


The organization from the Finnish side ( KFEIG ) includes :

  • JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Jyväskylä)
  • Häme University of Applied Sciences ( HAMK)
  • Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Lahti UAS)
  • Tampere Adult Education Center (TAKK)

They offer:        

  • Development of Applied Bachelor’s and Master’s Programms
  • Training modules
  • Research and Development on Clean Technologies
  • Development of the Institute of Bioeconomy
  • Energy technology

In these areas, the Finns have achieved some success and offer cooperation to Kazakhstan universities.

Our teachers have established contacts, agreed on possible participation and joint projects..


Open door lessons in physics

The information about  open door lessons in physics conducted by Zh.K. Abeldina,  the acting professor of physics and chemistry department

Zhaydary Kaltaevna Abeldina, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, acting professor of physics and chemistry department conducted the open doors according to the plan of  open door lessons in physics. The methodical developments were prepared to all open doors, the lecturers attending the open door lessons acquainted with handouts previously. In addition, the photos and videos of open door lessons were taken.

Zhaidary Kaltaevna Abeldina gave a lecture on the topic "Physics of Oscillations" to the second-year students in the specialty 5В0090300 “Land management” on the 11th of October, 2017. The educational goal of the lesson was to introduce the concept of oscillatory processes, to form students' ideas about free, dying and forced vibrations of the world. The developing goal was the emergence of the students` critical thinking and intellect, independence and the ability to analyze, generalize, draw conclusions, develop logical thinking. The educational goal was the inculcation of the worldview concept (cause and effect relations in the surrounding world)..

The technical support of the lesson was carried out with the help of the multimedia board,  multimedia projector, technical and switching capabilities of the software, the formulas and diagrams were displayed using  the electronic pen.

The elements of problem based learning were used during reading, there were presentations on the themes: Pendulums, amplitude and phase of forced oscillations, resonance. The video fragment  of "Vibrational motion" was shown.

The students actively participated in the process of the session, asked questions, tried to answer the problem assignments given by the teacher, and the students came to the necessary conclusions together with lecturer . During the lesson, the video was shown.

Zh.K. Abeldina gave a lecture on the topic "Corpuscular Wave Dualism" to the second year students in specialty 5В0081200 "Power Supply of Agriculture" on  November 1, 2017 .  She conducted the open door lesson in physics with the first year students in specialty 5В0071900 "Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications" in the virtual laboratory .

After each open door session, the lecturers discussed the course of the open door lesson, noted the successful pedagogical methods and the high professionalism of the lecturer  and got feedback on how to improve the organization of future training workshops and further training.


10000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, st. I. Altynsarina, Building No. 2, Faculty of Computer Systems and Professional Education, room 2309.



Information about the open lesson in physics: lecture on "The quantum nature of light"