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The Department of Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems


The Department "Information systems" was established in 2015 on the basis of the Department  "Computer engineering and software".

The main activities of the Department are research and teaching disciplines in the field of analysis, modeling and design of information systems in various areas (Economics, management, science, education, etc.).

The Department is producing in the AREAS of TRAINING:

5B070300 - "Information systems"(bachelor's degree);

606101 – "Software Engineering"(bachelor's degree);

6B06115 - "Digital agricultural systems and complexes"(bachelor's degree);

7M06101 – "Information systems and IT solutions by industry"(master's degree in scientific, pedagogical and profile areas);

8D06101 – "Big Data Analytics"(doctoral research, teaching and profile areas).

Rated IAAR 2020: undergraduate-3th place, masters – 4th place, doctorate -2 place.

According to the rating of "Atameken" - 14th place out of 55 universities of Kazakhstan.

The Department employs more than 22 employees, the degree of the Department is 41%. The staff of the faculty of the department is composed of 1 doctor-professor, 6 candidates of sciences, 2 doctors of PhD, 13 masters.

Every year, work is carried out to improve the skills of the teaching staff of the Department, foreign trips to Europe and CIS countries, courses in IT areasare organized.

The research work of the department is carried out within the framework of grant funding for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2021-2023 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan scientific project No. AP09259657 "Research and development of an automated proctoring system for monitoring students' knowledge in a distance learning environment". Project manager - Zulpykhar Zhandos Yensebekuly - candidate of pedagogical sciences, co-director Anargul Gimranovna Shaushenova - candidate of technical sciences, head of the department.

Training in a magistracy is carried out only for multilingual program, as well as in 2016 the multilingual program for the bachelor students was introduced. In order to organize the educational process, working curriculum for specialties carrying out the multilingual training, EMC of disciplines in Kazakh, Russian and English languages, СED, structure of multilingual educational programs were developed. The disciplines of the working curricula of specialties that train multilingual personnel are divided into three groups: disciplines delivered in Kazakh, disciplines delivered in Russian, disciplines delivered in English.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM «Software engineering»

in the direction 6b061 Information and communication technologies is aimed at meeting the needs of society in qualified personnel in the field of information technology and computer technology, capable of solving complex engineering problems.

The purpose of the educational program is to train software engineers capable of successful independent and team professional activity in the field of software engineering.

Competitive advantages of the graduate of EP "Software engineering" are:

  • in-depth knowledge of modern and advanced DevOps techniques;
  • ability to analyze big data using artificial intelligence;
  • the ability to apply acquired knowledge at all stages of application development, from server logic to client code that runs directly on users ' devices.
  • MAJORS: Object-oriented programming and design patterns, mobile application Design, Algorithms, data Structures and programming, Architecture of computer systems and server operating systems, virtualization and containerization Technologies, CI / CD, programming in MS SQL, Internet application Design and SEO optimization, Design of software interfaces (API) and SDK development tools, etc.

In 2021 S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University and "The International University of Information Technologies" JSC developed the educational program 6B06115 - Digital agricultural systems and complexes in the direction B057-Information Technologies.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM "Digital agricultural systems and complexes"

In the direction of B057-Information technology prepares highly motivated personnel for innovative and knowledge-intensive areas of agriculture with theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for their implementation in professional activities, meeting the needs of domestic and global intellectual labor markets, ready to make a qualitative breakthrough in the agricultural sector of the economy of Kazakhstan. A specialist in the digitalization of agriculture will use the tools of the programming language when solving production tasks and perform data analysis, identify trends. And also this educational program will allow you to develop mobile applications for the needs of the agricultural sector.   

A specialist in the digitalization of agriculture, also advises consumers on how to apply IT infrastructure components in the agricultural sector of the economy and modernize agricultural systems and complexes.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM "Information systems and IT solutions on industries»

The purpose of the educational program: the formation of students 'competencies to ensure their professional activities in the field of information systems and training in research, development, implementation and maintenance of information technologies and systems in different sectors of the economy reflected in the State program "Digital Kazakhstan" for 2018-2022.

Educational program is aimed at acquiring skills to develop new methods and means of designing information systems based on modern technologies, to carry out supervision of the design, implementation and maintenance of information systems and technologies, it conducts the research and development of theoretical and experimental models of objects of professional activity in the areas with the aim of introducing it; it arranges the collaboration with the teams of customer and developer, etc.

MAJORS: Design of IT infrastructure of enterprises, it solutions for business, Big Data in practice, Digitalization of agricultural enterprises, design of server infrastructure of enterprises, Cloud technologies in practice, IT solutions based on geosystems, quality Management of information systems, Analysis, modeling and design of information systems.

Our graduates are competitive in the labor market. Areas of professional activity of graduates — any structure where information systems operate: ACS departments of banks and large industrial enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, provider organizations, computer centers, etc.

Since 2021the head of the Department is the  candidate of pedagogics Shaushenova Anargul Gimranovna.


Head of the Department " Information Systems" - Shaushenova Anargul Gimranovna

Telephone+7 (7172) 38-23-43


Business hours: Wednesday 14.00-16.00

Department History

In 2001, the Department of computer systems and applied mathematics was established on the basis of the Department of higher mathematics. This change was due to the opening of a new specialty 370140 "Computer systems of information processing and management". The head of the Department was candidate of technical Sciences S.G.Yeslyamov.

Since July 1, 2005 the Department was divided into two departments - "Higher mathematics" and "Computer systems". S.K. Atanov, candidate of technical Sciences was appointed as a head of the Department of Computer Systems.

In the 2007-2008 academic year, the Department was headed by Ph. D. Baideldinov M. U., 2008-2010 - PhD. Turebayeva R.D., 2011-2012 - PhD., associate Professor ZhantlesovZh., 2012-2013 PhD Suleimenova R.Z., 2013-2015 PhD., ZhantlesovZh.

On February 26, 2010 by the decision of the Academic Council of the University the Department was renamed as "Computer engineering and information systems".

In 2015, the Department was divided into two departments– "Information systems" and "Computer engineering and software". A candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Baymukhanov Z.K.was appointed as a head of the Information Systems Department

In 2016, a doctor of philosophy PhD Ismailova A. A.was appointed as a head of the Department "Information systems"

In 2019 since September, a candidate of pedagogical Sciences Zulpyhar Zhandos Yensebekuly was appointed as a head of the Department.

In 2021 since September, candidate of technical sciences Shaushenova Anargul Gimranovna was appointed as a head of the Department.

International cooperation

Today, the Department of Information systems successfully cooperates with several major universities in the world, universities are members of international, European and Eurasian associations of universities, the world consortium of universities, etc.Among them we can distinguish the University of Milan (Italy), the Belarusian state University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, the University of Porto (Portugal).

International academic mobility has become an important area of international activity of the University, which has received a qualitative and dynamic development in recent years. Every year, our students undergo training and language training, as well as scientific training in foreign institutions of science and education . The University annually organizes foreign trips of the teaching staff and administrative staff of the University to international conferences, meetings at the invitation of foreign higher educational institutions and organizations in the CIS countries, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia. The Department of information systems actively contributes to the positive image of Kazakhstan abroad.

The Department cooperates with leading foreign universities in Europe and CIS countries. Teachers of such foreign universities as the University of Milan (Italy), Concordia University (USA), Warner Pacific College (USA), Northwest Nazarene University (USA) take part in the training of multilingual specialists. In the spring of 2015, our University was visited by visiting Professor Stefano Francesco Angelo Ferrari from the University of Milan (Italy) with lectures on "Image Processing" for undergraduates and students engaged in scientific research on this topic.

Student life

Teachers and students of the Department took an active part in many events held by the University, public organizations, the city administration. And the most worthy students were awarded with certificates and diplomas.

At the beginning of each academic year in September and October, the university event "Dedication to Students" is held for 1st year students. Annually more than 80 students and teachers take part in sports events of the university and faculty .

The event of joining the ranks of the 1st year students was held on October 14, 2019.

Students of our Department take an active part in the development of social responsibility, mutual assistance and support among the students of KATU S.Seifullin.   

Educational work among students is carried out with the participation of all teachers of the Department and is under the constant control of the head of the Department. Curators and advisors of the specialty 5B070300 - "information systems"  work effectively to determine and guide the trajectory of education and training. All conditions for independent development of students in various fields of activity are created. Conversations about the prevention of AIDS, tuberculosis, drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking are systematically held in student groups.

Students of the Department actively conduct research on current modern technologies in the field. They constantly participate in conferences, competitions and Olympiads held in KATU or other higher educational institutions. According to the results of various scientific conferences, Olympiads, students of the Department annually receive certificates of honor, diplomas and letters of thanks. 

«6В06101 - Software engineering» specialized international accreditation certificate
«8D06101 - Big Data Analytics» specialized international accreditation certificate
«7M06101 - Information systems and IT solutions by industry» specialized international accreditation certificate
Educational program «6В06101 - Software engineering»
Educational program «7М06101 - Information systems and IT solutions by industry»
Educational program «8D06101 - BigData Analytics»