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The Kazakhstan History Department

The Kazakhstan History Department


The Kazakhstan History Department is the Independence brainchild. The foundation of Kazakhstan History Department coincides with date of Republic gaining state independence. As an independent structural the university unit, Kazakhstan History Department was formed on basis of CPSU History Department (the Soviet Union Communist Party).

In 1991, Kazakhstan History Department was formed on basis of the Political Science Department. The creation of Kazakhstan History Department was due to many factors.

Firstly, the development of Kazakhstan as a sovereign state has highlighted problem of objectively studying the Kazakhstan history in the context of world history.

Secondly, historical heritage is the basis for the civic and patriotic education of younger generation. Historical science is main dominant factor in formation of Kazakhstan patriotism foundations and patriotic education of younger generation.

Thirdly, historical science always attracts special attention due to significance it has for any society in all periods of its development. The extent to which society will learn lessons of past and not repeat past mistakes depends on how fully and objectively history as a science is developed.

A powerful tool for influencing public consciousness are specific examples from lives of outstanding people: scientists, cultural figures, patterns of people behavior in difficult and crisis periods in history.

Therefore, the National history study in the educational process plays an important role in the formation of Kazakhstan patriotism feelings.

Since 1992, a course in Kazakhstan history has been introduced in educational institutions of country as a compulsory discipline for all specialties. The national importance of studying Kazakhstan history its role in priority implementation tasks for Kazakhstan society development has increased in modern period when Kazakhstan is developing in conditions of accelerated economic, political and social modernization and society faces the most important task of becoming one of thirty most competitive countries in the world.


History of the department

The heads of Kazakhstan History Department were:

1991-1996 – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Agubaev Nurtai Zhetpisbaevich;

1996-2001 – Doctor of Historical Sciences Alpyspaeva Galya Aitpaevna;

2002-2004 – Doctor of Philosophy Abdina Ainur Kanapyanovna;

2004 to 2013 the Department was headed by candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Aubakirova Khadisha Alkeevna. She did painstaking work to complete scientific and pedagogical staff and material and technical department base, which made it possible to conduct educational process and intellectual searches at the level of modern requirements.

April 2013 to September 2022, candidate of Historical sciences Bekmaganbetov Umirbay Zholdybekovich successfully led the department. As a leader, he had a high level of professionalism, pedagogical competence, and effectively organized the work of the team.

In September 2022 and to this day the head of the department is PhD (History) Aliakbarova Ainur Pernebekovna.

The Kazakhstan history study is based on new conceptual approaches and involves a large amount of independent work by students. At lectures and seminars, interactive teaching methods are used, students gain skills:

- critical thinking;

- chronology understanding ;

- discovery of historical evidence;

- interpretation;

- rationalization of historical facts;

- oratory;

- public speaking;

- general and systematic analysis of historical events, phenomena, personalities;

- imagination, creativity.

Improving the quality of students’ knowledge is facilitated by their active involvement in research work on local history, regular visits to city museums, holding subject Olympiads, student conferences and scientific seminars.

The Department Kazakhstan History has intellectual potential and personnel capable of teaching and preparing future professionals.

As of 2023, the department’s graduation rate was 76.4%.

The average age of teachers with academic degrees and titles is 49 years.

17 teachers of the department teach in the state, Russian and languages, which is 100%. Two teachers teach multilingual groups in English. The selection of teaching staff is carried out from among persons with academic degrees or titles and with pedagogical and professional experience.


Research activities

The Kazakhstan History Department has developed following scientific directions on priority problems of department disciplines: Kazakhstan historical urbanism in the 19th-20th centuries, Kazakhstan social processes in the northern regions, industrial development history in the Eastern region of Kazakhstan, Turkic historical and cultural heritage as one of components world civilizations, the female phenomenon problems in Kazakhstan history, Kazakhstan historical figures.

The research work of Kazakhstan History Department is mainly carried out in three directions.

First direction: implementation and holding of scientific and theoretical seminars, conferences that promote development of language and history in modern society, participation in discussion of socio-political and spiritual-philosophical issues.

Second direction: participation of department teachers in international scientific conferences, publication of articles in scientific academic journals.

Third direction: conducting scientific projects at the department and completing scientific internships.

In first direction, 2018-2024. Teaching staff of department took an active part in work of round tables, seminars and conferences. Every year in April month teachers of hold a “Decade of History” throughout the republic and Astana city.

As part of second direction, teachers took part in scientific and practical conferences, regularly publish articles in scientific academic journals and publish manual, textbooks and monographs.

Third direction is related to research work of department; teachers work in various grant, government-funded projects and engage research in initiative projects.

2018-2024 number of articles published by teachers of department consists more than 200 articles.


Research work with students

In 2018-2023 yy., department's teachers have provided scientific supervision to more than 100 student research projects. Teachers of department annually prepare students for participation in the republican scientific and theoretical conference “Seifullin Readings”.

In addition, scientific guidance of PhD Dzhumagalieva K.V., Aubakirova K.A., Abisheva Zh.R., Gabdulina A.Zh., Demeuova N.K., PhD Aliakbarova A.P., Koskeyeva A.M., Baizhuma G.B., teachers Asylgozhina Zh.S., Smakhanova Zh.S., students took part in international conferences in countries far and near abroad.

Therefore, Yesengeldina Shugyla took 2nd place in the third republican student competition, research works “Scientific view: research, innovation”, scientific supervisor PhD, associate professor  Gabdulina A.Zh. (2021, certificate No. 132243).

In 2022, 1st year student of Land Management, Architecture and Design Faculty  Turmagambetov Alim the scientific supervision of PhD Dzhumagalieva K.V., took part in the Republican student competition, research works. Awarded 1st degree diploma.


Participation and holding subject Olympiads

The First place - 2021 – students: Filontseva D., Ikhsanov A., participated in the International History Olympiad (online). (Scientific supervisor – Dzhumagalieva K.V.). Students were awarded 1st degree diplomas.

In 2021, students Kazbekov M., Saylauov T., the guidance - K.V. Dzhumagalieva, took part in the Republican online Kazakhstan history Olympiad. The students won 1st place and were awarded diplomas.

In 2021-2022, leadership H.A., Aubakirova, A.Zh., Gabdulina students took part in international and republican online olympiads and conferences, where they won prizes.

1st year student Darina Apkarimova 20.11.2020 took part in the Republican Olympiad dedicated to the 175th Abai Kunanbayev anniversary “Abai - uly dalanyn uly tulgasy”. Students awarded certificates. Scientific supervisor A.Zh.Gabdulina

April 7, 2022, the department held a city Olympiad for students in grades 10-11. 22 schools in the city took part. First place was taken by K. Battalova, S. Maulenova secondary school No.37; second place – Abykenova B., school for girls BIL; third place – Bakineeva Z., school-lyceum No.15. - K.V.Dzhumagalieva.

April 26, 2023, Zhuman G., Gabdulina A.Zh., held a city Olympiad Subject among schools and university students in Astana. 1st place went to Birzhanuly Sultan, L. Gumilev ENU; 2nd place – Derbisalin A. – 1th grade of gymnasium school No. 30;

3rd place was shared by Amirbekov Madiyar, S.Seifullin University;

Kurban N., - EAGI; Adilkhanuly Akadil, S.Seifullin University.


Research projects

In 2017-2020 The department completed research work on initiative topic: “Nomads and their role in political history.” Scientific supervisor: Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Nurbay K. Zh., performers: teachers of the Department of History of Kazakhstan: Alpysbaeva G.A., Dzhumagalieva K.V., Zhuman G., Gabdulina A.Zh.

In 2022 a research project with grant funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kazakhstan Republic was successfully completed: “State-confessional relations in Kazakhstan: the beginning of the 20th century. - late 1930s.", the scientific supervision of Doctor Historical Sciences, Professor Alpyspayeva G. A.

In 2022, grant funding project for Sh. Ualikhanov Institute History and Ethnology, the executor of which was Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Dzhumagalieva K.V. The theme of project is “Political portraits of Junior Zhuz leaders in the 18th-1st half of the 19th centuries. In domestic and foreign history."

In 2020, candidate historical sciences associate professor Gabdulina A.Zh., was a research assistant (0.25 rate) in the Water Resources Laboratory on scientifically funded project “Development of passports for the Kazakhstan rivers.”

2017-2023 teachers of department presented 13 projects for grant and program-targeted funding competitions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2018-2023 38 articles were published in scientific publications included in the Scopus database above If 0.

The Department Teachers have the Hirsch Index. In 2018, 1 Hirsch was acquired - Nurbay K.Zh., Alpyspaeva G.A.

In 2019 Nurbay K.Zh., Alpyspaeva G.A., Gabdulina A.Zh., Zhuman G.Zh., Dzhumalieva L.T. had One Hirsch Index.

According to results of scientific activities in 2023,  Hirsch index №2 -  Alpyspaeva G.A., Gabdulina A.Zh.


Educational and methodological work

The provision of department's discipline with teaching manual, textbooks and methodological literature in two languages is 100%. The department uses following control types when assessing students' knowledge: current, intermediate and final control, oral questioning, test method, state exam in the Kazakhstan history.

2018-2023 academic years, teachers of department published manuals:

1. Dzhumagalieva K.V. Kazakhstan in the early to mid-twentieth century, textbook. – Astana, 2018.

2. Gabdulina A. Zh. Modern history of Kazakhstan, a textbook for all specialties. – Astana, 2020.

3. Aubakirova Kh. A., Abisheva Zh. R., Ensepov B.B. Modern history of Kazakhstan, a textbook for all specialties in the Kazakh language. - 2019.

4. Aubakirova Kh.A. Modern history of Kazakhstan, textbook. - 2021.

5. Koskeyeva A. M. 1946-1953 LJ. Kazakhstan ultshyldykka karsy kures tarihy. - Textbook, Nur-Sultan - 2021.

6. Dzhumagalieva K.V. Kazakhstan in the second half of the twentieth century, textbook. – Nur-Sultan, 2022.


Advanced training for the Department teachers

Two teachers of department are graduates the international program “Bolashak” and have diplomas of completing scientific internships in countries: Russia, Moscow - Demeuova N.K.; UK, Reading University - Gabdulina A.Zh.

Aliakbarova A.P. has a scientific internship diploma with the “Orleu” program in Germany.

Five teachers of department were trained as part of targeted doctoral training.

1 Koskeyeva A. M. - L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University, specialty 6D020300 - History, defended in 2020.

2. Aliakparova A.P. - L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University, specialty 6D020300 - History, defended in 2022;

3 Bayzhuma G.B. – L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University,

specialty 6D020300 - History, (defending);

4. Abdildina B.S. – L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University, specialty - 6D050200 - Political Science;

5 Asilov K.R. – postgraduate student, Omsk Humanitarian Academy (OMHA), specialty – History of Pedagogy (4 years of study).

Teachers of the department annually improve their knowledge and skills by taking active part in various advanced training courses and internships.

In 2019, Ensepov B. B. and Mustafa D. S. took courses at the National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” JSC in Almaty.

04/21/2020 teachers of the department Aubakirova Kh.A., Dzhumagalieva K.V.

Abisheva Zh.R., Koskeeva A.M., Demeuova N.K., Gabdulina A.Zh., took part in online course of electronic library system "LAN" in St. Petersburg on topic: "Technology for creating electronic training courses in a distance learning system based on LMS Moodle."

In August 2020, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Alpyspaeva G.A. participated in work of expert commission the Ministry of Education and Science the Kazakhstan Republic to consider applications for the academic title of professor and associate professor.

September 2020 Professor G.A. Alpyspaeva passed national accreditation as a subject of scientific and scientific-technical activities.

Gabdulina A.Zh., took part in the III Republican Pedagogical Competition “Modern Lesson: New Methods and Innovations”, was awarded a 1st degree diploma.

2020 Dzhumagalieva K.V. won the republican competition “Best Candidate of Sciences in Kazakhstan - 2020”. She was awarded a 1st degree diploma and a badge.

April 7-23, 2021 Department teachers: Aubakirova Kh.A., Gabdulina A.Zh. (Certificate, No. 00335), Dzhumagalieva K.V. (Certificate, No. 00339), Demeuova N.K., Aliakparova A.P., Abdildina B.S. took part in an international online internship at the Belarusian State University “University 4.0. Digital transformation", Minsk.

April 16-May 15, 2021 Aubakirova Kh.A., Aliakbarova A.P., Gabdulina A.Zh., Demeuova N.K., Dzhumagalieva K.V., completed a refresher course on topic “Digital teachers competence. Effective online lesson."

August-September 2021 Department teachers: Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Alpyspaeva G.A., candidate of Historical Sciences, acting. professor Aubakirova Kh.A., candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Ensepov B.B., candidate of historical sciences Abisheva Zh.R., PhD, senior lecturer Koskeyeva A.M., completed a course on training experts in evaluating textbooks and educational-methodological complexes at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kazakhstan Republic.

16.10-15.12. 2021 on basis of M. Tanka BSPU (Minsk), candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Gabdulina A.Zh., took courses on “Blended Learning Technology”.

10.11.2021 – 01.12 2021 Master of history, senior lecturer Abdildina B.S., candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Dzhumagalieva K.V., Gabdulina A.Zh., took courses at the M. Tanka BSPU. (Minsk) on the topic “Education of the 21st century: new challenges and solutions.”

2018-2023, teachers Alpyspaeva G.A., Aubakirova Kh.A., Aliakbarova A.P., Abisheva Zh.R., Gabdulina A.Zh., Demeuova N.K., Dzhumagalieva K.V. , Dzhumalieva L.T., Zhuman G.Zh., Koskeyeva A.M. took part in various republican and international advanced training courses. Each of teachers has certificates of completion of courses.

2019, Aubakirova Kh. A., Demeuova N.K., studied English language courses. (Certificates registered).

August 2019, Gabdulina A.Zh. completed a long course in English at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus, Famagusta (Certificate attached).

2020, Koskeyeva A. M. completed a course in English. (Certificate attached).

14-27.02.2022 - Shymkent, M. Auezov South State University successfully conducted advanced training courses among scientific historians (Abildina B.S., Abisheva Zh.R., Ensepov B.B., Aubakirova Kh.A., Asylov K.R., Demeuova N. K., Zhuman G.Zh.).

2022-2023, Abdildina B.S., Abisheva Zh.R., Gabdulina A.Zh., Aliakbarova A.P., Ensepov B.B., Koskeeva A.M., took part in a refresher course on the topic: “History. Interaction of libraries and archives in preserving historical memory”, organized by M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.

In addition, in 2022- 2023 academic years Alpyspayeva G.A., Gabdulina A.Zh., Ibraev S.I., Ensepov B.B., Dzhumalieva L.T., Dzhumagalieva K.V., Nurbay K. Zh., Demeuova N.K. completed advanced training course on the topic “Digitalization of historical science”, organized by the research and educational center “Liberty Group”, Astana.

History of the department

The date when the foundation of the department was first established coincides with the date when the Republic of Kazakhstan gained its independence (in 1991).

The first head of the department charing from 1991 to 1996, who had to bear the brunt of the formation period, was associate professor, PhD Agubaev Nurtai Zhetpisbaevich. The most respected veteran workers who made a huge contribution to the formation of the foundation of the department were J. J. Iskakov, A.I. Gubanova, P.P. Golovina, N.Samsonova and A.M. Mukazhanova.

Its crucial to note those lecturers who were first to teach the discipline "History of Kazakhstan", primarily G.M. Kakenova, S.A. Maken, K.O. Kashaeva, R. Khalikov and I. Volovinskaya.

        Young lecturers actively working in the department were R.T. Kabieva, S.V. Zavgorodnyaya, D.B. Shaimerdenova, A.K. Bayanova, B. Oroskhan, E.V. Shelokova, Z.E. Eleshova, A.M. Suleimenov, S.B. Zhainakova, Zh.S. Mazhitova, B.K. Omarova and many others.

Senior technicians of the department, such as N. Maletskaya, M. Birkemelova, A.Isabekova, J. Sadykova, G.Asainova and J. Almenova have contributed to the provision of quality educational and methodological work at various periods of time. Alpyspayeva Galiya Aitpayevna, candidate of historical sciences, managed the department from 1996 to 2001. During this period, major organizational work on introduction into the curricula of other courses and disciplines, such as "The formation of a multi-ethnic composition of the population of Kazakhstan", "The spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people" and "Economic History of Kazakhstan"was held and additionally methodological basis for lecturing of the disciplines was prepared.

From 2002 to 2004 the department was lead by Ph.D. Associate Professor Ainur Kanapyanovna Abdina who revived noticeably scientific life of the department and contributed to the development of its scientific potential with personal example and enthusiasm.

From 2004 to 2013 the management of the department was lead by candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Aubakirova Khadisha Alkeevna. She had carried through an extensive and diligent work on recruitement of scientific and teaching staff and provision of material and technical base for the department, which today allows conducting educational process and intellectual pursuits on the level of the present day demands. Since April 2013 our department has been directed by candidate of historical sciences Bekmaganbetov Umirbaev Zholdybekovich.

International cooperation

International cooperation the Kazakhstan History Department has carried out in academic mobility programs implementation for teaching staff (international internships, business trips).

One of this program is “Bolashaq” International Scholarship, established by the First President of the Kazakhstan Republic N.Nazarbayev on November 5, 1993.

One of the most important strategic projects initiated at the dawn of the independence of Kazakhstan, when leaders of a new format were needed, who would build up high-quality relations and communications with the international community personnel training and scientific, industrial internships in leading companies and universities of the world.

Thus, associate professor Gabdulina A.Zh., became a scholarship recipient JSC “Bolashaq” and completed training: “English Language Enhancement Programme”, Pedagogical Internship: “Improving University Leadership, Management and Teaching and Learning Programme”, UK.

In addition, senior lecturer N.K. Demeuova completed an internship program JSC “Bolashaq”: “History of academic education” at M. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Within international cooperation framework and advanced training PhD Aliakbarova A.P., took courses “Orleu” program in Germany.

Since 2019 A.Zh. Gabdulina took full-time English courses at the International Mediterranean University in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.

Abdildina B.S., Aliakbarova A.P., completed an internship at St. Petersburg State University and Mimar Sinan University of Arts, Turkey, as part of their doctoral studies.

Senior teacher Asylgozhina R.E. completed advanced training courses in India at the V.V.Giri National Labor Institute under the program “International Labor Standards and promotion of Gender Equality.” In addition, in 2014-2017, she successfully completed her doctoral studies at the Mediterranean International University in Northern Cyprus, Famagusta.

In addition, teaching staff of the department actively cooperates with well-known scientists of various universities including the Belarusian State University, Minsk; the Reading University, UK; Mimar Sinan University of the Arts, Turkey; as well as Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.

One of the main partners Kazakhstan History Department is Mimar Sinan University of Arts Doctor of Historical Sciences Professor Abduakapa Kara (Istanbul, Turkey), who in 2023 held an open lecture at S.Seifullin University.


Student life

An educational work is certainly an essential aspect of the departments' activities. Department of History of Kazakhstan implements educational activities every academic year in several directions.

At the early stage of the year, first-year-students are taught open lectures on «Constitution – foundation of our state» by the department's lecturers. The main purpose of these lectures is to cultivate in prior school pupils a sense of patriotism and love for their country.  

To enhance the spiritual, moral and intellectual education, teachers of the department conduct various kinds of  events. The cognitive game “Tұғыры биік тұлғалар” (Abisheva Zh. R.), the intellectual competition “In the labyrinths of history”, ( Dzhumagaliyeva K.V.), subject Olympiad “Activities of the national intellectuals in the early XX century” ( Gabdulina. A. Zh., Demeuova N.K.)

The department's academic staff annually give lectures within the framework of the Nazarbayev's  programme article on “Рухани жаңғыру: Болашаққа бағдар”.

Particular attention is paid to the improvement of students' civic activity, the enhancement of their political knowledge, ethnocultural development and education. In this regard, the most effective type of educational work is the ones performed with in clubs. This year, clubs include “Atameken” (leader Dzhumalieva L.T.), “Astana-symbol of independent Kazakhstan” (leader Alpysbayeva G.A., Sayakhimova Sh.N.) and  “Miras” (leader  Ensepov B.B.)

The major aims of these clubs are:

 - Hosting events among students, developing their national consciousness, enhancing the ability to express their ideas freely, participating in the improvement of personal  qualities and increasing  the students  creative potential.

Informative evenings, round tables, competitions of various formats, meetings with interesting people, participation in conferences and excursions in museums are organized as a result of the activities  of these clubs.

Lecturers of the Department of History of Kazakhstan, primarily Dzhumaliyeva L.T., Gabdulina A.Zh. and Demeuova N.K. are also supervisors in the Department of technical and computer systems and in the Departments of professional education. Their work is primarily performed on the basis of the Regulations on supervisors in Academic Groups, approved by the Rector. During the office hours, students were presented with information and analytical materials on  topical issues of the political life ofthe country, directed by the administration of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhsta. Academic staff of the Department of History of Kazakhstan prepared abstracts of office hours on significant dates and public holidays. Lecturers of the department prepared and published  educational materials to help supervisors.

At the end of the 2018-2019 academic year, ATT-18-02 group  leader   Dzhumaliyeva L.T. won the competition "The Best and Active Group".

According to the plan of the department's academic staff, the scientific research  work of the students is carried out by Mustafa D.S.

Addionally, students annually participate in international, republican and regional contests and conferences  under scientific supervisors of Dzhumagaliyeva K.V.,  Abisheva Zh.R., Koskeeva A.M., Demeuova N.K.






Astana,  Zhenis avenue, 62

Department of History of Kazakhstan

Biological Building

Office 2715 – Lecturers office

Office 2702 –Head of department, open hours: 14.30-16.30

Tel.: +7 (7172) 38-23-30