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Department of Hunting and Fisheries

Department of Hunting and Fisheries


The Department of “Hunting and Fisheries” was established in 2001. Thedepartment trains specialists in the educational programs 6B08301 – “Hunting and animal husbandry” and 6B08401 – “Aquaculture and aquatic bioresources”.

From 2001-2007, the department was headed by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Zhumagazy Kuzembaevich Kurzhykaev. From 2007 to 2014, 2018-2021, the head of the department was Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Kuanysh Nygmanovich Syzdykov. From 2014 to 2018, the department was headed by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Serik Narbayev.

Currently, the head of the department is Candidate of Biological Sciences, Zhaskhayyr Mukhangalievich Karagoishin.

In the early years, the department was in dire need of specialists, so from the very beginning, the department's staff underwent internships and advanced training at the biological faculty of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, in higher educational institutions of Moscow, Irkutsk, Astrakhan, Kirov, training specialists in hunting and fisheries.

The staff of the department in a short time fully provided the necessary educational and methodological literature on the specialties of hunting and fisheries.

At the moment, 15 teachers work at the department. Among them: 1 Doctor of Sciences, 2 Doctors of Philosophy (PhD), 7 candidates of Sciences, 4 Masters of Agricultural Sciences.

Currently, there is a decrease in the number of animals and birds in Kazakhstan, and some species are threatened with extinction altogether. Therefore, the Republic of Kazakhstan faces the task of preserving and increasing natural bioresources. To perform this task, professional specialists of these industries are required. At the moment, all conditions have been created for the training of professional specialists by the university. The educational process and production practices take place in the Dudarai farm (located in the Korgalzhin Nature Reserve), the Saryarka training and production complex (located in the Burabay State Research) and Production Enterprise, in hunting farms and fish nurseries in the Akmola, Kostanay, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions.



History of the Department of Hunting and Fisheries

The staffof the departmentare actively engaged in scientific activities, in addition to the educational process.In order to provide the specialty with professional personnel, a master's degree program was opened in 2009 on the specialties 6M080300 – “Hunting and animal husbandry” and 6M080400 – “Fisheries and Industrial Fishery”. Since the opening of the department, 4 candidate’s and 56 master’s theses have been defended. At the moment, there are 10 graduate students studying at the department.

To ensure scientific research, the department has opened a scientific and innovative center for fisheries. Also, the staff of the department conducted research to determine the fishery parameters of the reservoirs of Akmola and Kostanay regions. Joint research work is also being carried out with the Northern Branch of the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries, which is located in the university building.

The department maintains strong relations with foreign higher education institutions.In 2001, a cooperation agreement was drawn up with the Irkutsk State Academy of Agriculture (Russia), in 2002 with the B.M.Zhitkov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Hunting and Animal Husbandry and the Vyatka State Agricultural Academy. In 2008, a cooperation agreement was drawn up with the Department of Aquaculture and Bioresources of Astrakhan State Technical University.

In order to improve their skills, the staff of the department visited the Vyatka Agricultural Academy in Kirov (Russia), in 2011 the “Development of Aquaculture in third countries” FAO seminar, held in Turkey, in 2012 at the Freshwater Fisheries Research Center in Wuxi (China), at Astrakhan State Technical University (Russia). Our graduates R.Nurgaliev, A.Bakhiyanov, S.Bolozh, B.A. Isakhaev, work in the Forestry and Wildlife Committees of the MEGNR PK. R.Nurgaliyev R. graduated from the Master’s degree of the Sorbonne University in France. From October 1st, 2014 to January 31st, 2015, a second–year master’s student of the specialty 6M080300 – “Hunting and animal husbandry” I.V.Olenik successfully studied at the Krakow Agricultural University as part of the academic mobility program.In 2015, from February to May, lecturer of the department Zh.B. Kuanchaleev visited Obihiro (Japan), in order to undergo training on the topic of Information and communication technologies in agriculture. In 2016 Zh.B. Kuanchaleev visited the Republic of Finland, the Kuopio city, in order to exchange experience in fish farming. In 2016 from December 5th to December 20th, lectures of the departmentG.A. Aubakirova and A.T. Zhaparova visited the Republic of Turkey on the “Training course the development of aquaculture in third world countries” training program.

In June 2019, Associate Professor of the Department G.A.Aubakirovacompleted a scientific internship in the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Academy of Fisheries Sciences on the topic: “Growing new aquaculture facilities”. From August 30th to September 12th, 2021, she visited the Russian Federation, in order to improve her skills at the Lomonosov Moscow State University on the topic: “Variability of habitual, craniological and anatomical features in fish”. From November 1st to 15th, 2021, she completed a scientific internship at the Novosibirsk branch of the Institute of Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS. From June 28th to July 7th, 2021, she visited the Russian Federation, in order to improve her skills at Novosibirsk State University on the topic: “Hydrochemical regime of water and methods of collecting and processing Artemisia”.

In 2019, lecturer of the department Zh.M.Karagoishin visited A.A.Yezhevsky State Agrarian University Irkutsk (Russia), in order to improve his skills on the topic: “Current problems of hunting and animal husbandry”.

In November 2021, Associate Professor of the Department A.S.Assylbekova visited the Zhangir KhanWest Kazakhstan Agro-Technical University on the topic: “Technology of growing sturgeon fish in the installation of closed water supply and carp fish in ponds”.

At the moment, the department is implementing two scientific projects funded from the state budget:“Development of biotechnical techniques for artificial reproduction of walleye in a closed-loop water supply system”, “Creation of a cryobank of reproductive cells of valuable fish species of Kazakhstan”, “Development and implementation of industrial technologies for growing Australian red-clawed crayfish (ARCC) in the conditions of fish-breeding enterprises of Kazakhstan”.

Scientific Research Center "Fisheries" (SRC)

In order to coordinate the research work carried out in the field of fisheries, the teaching staff  participate in the implementation of priority areas of fisheries development, professional development, improvement of the educational process and, guided by Article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Science” regulating the establishment of scientific units at the University, by order of the Chairman of the Board of JSC “S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University”№ 577 dated 07.10. 2010, the scientific research center “Fisheries” was established.

“SRC”is a research unit that organizes and coordinates the development of fundamental and applied sciences in the field of fisheries.The purpose of “SRC” is to determine the priorities for the development of the main areas of scientific research and the most relevant areas of fish farming, fisheries and aquaculture; search for an optimal solution to the problem of integrating science and practice and training qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel; develop recommendations for coordinating the activities of “SRC” with related higher educational institutions and research institutes for the formation of scientific programs carried out at the expense of the State budget on a competitive basis.


In its daily activities, “SRC”implements the following tasks:

  • performing research, design and implementation work in the field of fisheries;
  • participation in competitions in priority and most important areas of fundamental and applied research in the field of fisheries, as well as in international projects;
  • development and implementation of innovative projects on topical issues of fisheries of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • formation of creative teams from among the leading scientists of departments and related scientific organizations, as well as undergraduates for the implementation of projects of republican scientific assignments and international programs;
  • participation in the formation of programs and methods of scientific research and control over their implementation by responsible executors of topics;
  • retraining and advanced training of personnel in the above areas for regional enterprises;
  • carrying out biological justification on reservoirs


The “SRCF”includes the following scientific divisions:

- Laboratory of Hydrobiology and Ichthyology;

- mini - reproduction workshop;

- laboratory of ornamental fish farming;

- educational and production hunting and fishing farm "Dudaray".

To carry out research work of “SRC”, a staff was formed, including the director of “SRC” - PhD, associate professor Syzdykov K.N., head of the laboratory Kuancheleev Zh. B., research associates Mussin S.E., Aubakirova G.A., Musina A.D.

Currently, the employees of the “SRCF”are conducting research work and projects on the following topics:

  1. "Development of biotechnical techniques for artificial reproduction of pike perch in a closed-loop water supply system" with a total funding of 18.2 million tenge. Project Manager: Syzdykov. K.N.
  2. "Creation of a cryobank of reproductive cells of valuable fish species in Kazakhstan" with a total funding of 17.5 million tenge. Project manager: Assylbekova A.S.
  3. "Development and implementation of industrial technologies for the cultivation of Australian red-clawed crayfish (ARCR) in the conditions of fish-breeding enterprises in Kazakhstan" with a total funding of 14.7 million tenge. Project Manager: Mussin. S.E.
International cooperation

The Department of "Hunting and Fisheries" cooperates with leading foreign scientific centers, such as the Japan Agency for International Cooperation in Obihoro (Japan), Warsaw University of Natural Sciences (Poland), Krakow University (Poland), Putra University (Malaysia), University of Western Hungary (Hungary), University of Eastern Finland (Finland), Vyatka State Agricultural Academy (Russia), Irkutsk State Agricultural University (Russia), Astrakhan State Technical University (Russia), Novosibirsk State Agrarian University (Russia).The results of international cooperation are shown in regular joint publications in highly rated scientific publications.

The republican scientific and technical journal "Bulletin of Science of the S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University" is published on the basis of the university. Leading scientists of Kazakhstan and Russia, countries of the near and far abroad are involved in the editorial work of the journal.

Guest lectures for the reporting period:

  1. Annie Christianus, Putra University (Malaysia), 2013
  2. Marian Brzozowski, Professor, Warsaw University of Natural Sciences (Poland), 2014
  3. Andras Nahlik, Deputy Rector of the University of Western Hungary (Hungary), 2014
  4. Rein Cortet, Head of the Department of Biology at the University of Eastern Finland (Finland), 2014
  5. Thomas Polikar, Associate Professor at the South Czech University in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic), 2021.


Student life

Annually, under the guidance of curators, students visit the Museum of S.Seifullin KATU and the Museum of the First President visit the cultural places of the city (exhibitions, theaters). Students organize open evenings dedicated to republican holidays at the level of the department and faculty. Students are informed about the events held through the stands, the website, the university newspaper "My University".


The University has a Youth Affairs Committee. The Student Youth Organization (KDM) and student self-government bodies (student deaneries) have existed since the organization of the S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University. The involvement of students of the specialty in planned educational activities is 95%.


Students of the specialty "Hunting and animal husbandry" participate in the breeding review of the national breed of dogs Kazakh tazy, conducted by the Republican Association of public associations of hunters and subjects of hunting economy "Kansonar".


For educational purposes, every year students of the specialty "fisheries" are taken to the Ishim River for stocking with young carp fish obtained in the Maybalyk fish nursery.

Participation students of Hunting and Fishery Department in Republican thematic Olympiads

Every year our students participate in the Republican conference "Seifullin readings", and also participate and take prizes in the subject Olympiads, that take place in the basic universities of the Kazakhstan Republic. At the same time, the existing potential in the organization of H&F Department is sufficiently realized.

XII Republican Student Subject Olympiad of Kaznu (Almaty):

2019 – 2-nd place – SaulebekovaMezgil, Dina Imbayeva (05080400 - Fisheries and industrial fishing),

 2-nd place - KuandykovMukhamedali, 3-rd place - Anna Kharchenko (05080300 - Hunting and animal husbandry).

XIII Republican Student Subject Olympiad of Kaznu (Almaty):

2020 – 3-rd place - ZhamalUlzhan, KelesbaiGulaykhan, Satbek Ansar (05080400 - Fisheries and industrial fishing), 3-rd place - ErgeshovZhanbolat, ErmekBeknur (05080300 - Hunting and animal husbandry).




010019, Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, International

settlement, Armandastar str., 2b

tel.: +7 (7172) 43 67 37

e-mail: hunting-fishing@kazatu.k

5B080400 - "Fishery and commercial fisheries" specialized international accreditation certificate
6M080400 - "Fishery and commercial fisheries" specialized international accreditation certificate
6B08301-«Hunting And animal husbandry» specialized international accreditation certificate
7M08304-«Rational use of natural bioresources» specialized international accreditation certificate