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Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Technology

Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Technology


Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Technology was established in 2009 by the merger of two faculties: Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Technology (Pr. No. 129 of 10.03.2009), which were founded respectively in 1972 and 1964.

Throughout its activities, more than 10,000 specialists were trained by the faculty staff, many of whom hold leading state and administrative positions in various departments, are specialists in agricultural organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. The faculty is one of the leading in Kazakhstan in its profile.


The Faculty has four departments:


Head of the Department

"Veterinary Medicine"

Mukhanbetkaliev Ersyn Ergazyevich

Head of the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology

Begenova Ainagul Baybolsynovna

Head of the Department

"Veterinary Sanitation"

Adilbekov Zhanat Shabanbaevich

Head of the Department

"Technology and Processing of Livestock Production"

Dulat Ibrayev

Currently, the faculty's teaching staff includes 102 highly qualified specialists, 79 of them with an academic degree, including 10 doctors of sciences, 51 candidates of sciences and 18 doctors of Philosophy (PhD), the degree is 77.4%. 23 teachers are holders of the title "Best University Teacher" and 12 teachers teach classes in English the language.

Over the past 3 years, four faculty members have won the "Best University Teacher" grant and 5 state scientific scholarships for talented scientists. Four faculty members enrolled in the targeted doctoral program (2 – in universities abroad).

In order to ensure the educational process and conduct scientific research within the framework of projects and programs, as well as funded contracts, the faculty has 31 laboratories that meet all the necessary requirements in terms of equipment.

Since 2017, the Faculty has been operating a joint Kazakh-Chinese Laboratory for Biological Safety (SKKLBB), established as part of the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the People's Republic of China on Scientific and Technical cooperation and a Memorandum of Understanding between the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Agrarian University and the S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University. This laboratory was created for the purpose of studying and diagnosing infectious animal diseases of mutual interest to both countries. The level of safety and equipment of the laboratory make it possible to work with pathogens of particularly dangerous, transboundary animal diseases.

The work of the laboratory is organized on the basis of the BSL-2 safety standard. The laboratory is equipped with a supply and exhaust system and a pass-through autoclave, which ensure complete environmental safety from the spread of potentially dangerous biological agents.


The laboratory is also equipped with the necessary equipment for serological and molecular genetic diagnostics of animal diseases.

Now the laboratory has passed the accreditation procedure for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories".


Since 2020, the Laboratory of Zootechnical Analysis of milk and feed has been functioning. The main purpose of which is to provide information and technical support for the efficient production of livestock products to domestic agricultural producers based on modern laboratory methods of Zootechnical analysis of milk and feed.


The Department of Veterinary Sanitation of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry Technology is working on the accreditation of the laboratory "Food Safety".

They conduct research on the quality of food safety, where the objects are: raw milk, raw skimmed milk, raw cream, dairy products (drinking milk, drinking cream, sour cream, etc.), fresh, chilled meat, fish and fish products, honey, crop production, feed for agricultural animals.


The faculty has a museum of parasitology named after N.T.Kadyrov – one of the largest repositories of scientific collections of helminths and other parasitic organisms collected in various regions of Kazakhstan, which includes more than a thousand exhibits. The beginning of the collection was the collections that were held since 1956 under the leadership of N.T. Kadyrov and were aimed at the systematic study of the helminth fauna of agricultural, hunting, commercial, domestic and wild animals in various climatogeographic zones of Kazakhstan. The students of Professor N.T.Kadyrov contributed to the replenishment of the museum: Tokan S.S., Ibraev B.K., Aubakirov S.A., Amambayeva B.E., Kireeva S.N., Leader L.A. and many others.


The basis of the exposition are macro-preparations representing the pathogens of helminthiasis and the organs of animals affected by them - mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, which are hosts of parasitic worms. There are exhibits demonstrating severe and even incurable diseases caused by helminths. The museum has stands with original photographs of Professor N.T.Kadyrov, there is a work desk with personal belongings of the scientist.

The museum is an integral part of the educational process, where students, undergraduates and doctoral students get acquainted in detail with the pathogens of parasitic diseases and the pathologies caused by them. Frequent visitors of the museum are schoolchildren, as well as delegations of guests - students, teachers, scientists and specialists from our and other countries

Students (bachelor’s, undergraduates and doctoral students) are also involved in the research work of the faculty. During the year, events are held among students to develop scientific, creative and spiritual potential.



The faculty cooperates with many universities and scientific organizations from around the world. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, 96 enterprises and organizations are partners.


Students of the faculty participate in external academic mobility. During the 2018-2019 academic year, a total of 45 people participated in external academic mobility, and 16 students came to us under this program.


Every year, the faculty holds a "Job Fair" for graduate students, where employers from public and private organizations are invited. At this meeting with students, heads of enterprises conduct interviews and conclude employment contracts.


The employment rate of graduates of the faculty in 2023 was 67%. In the national rating of the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency in 2020, one specialty of the faculty took 1st place, four specialties - 2nd place, one specialty - 3rd place. The faculty is one of the best faculties in the university according to the results of the annual ranking.

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry Technology is Candidate of veterinary sciences, acting Professor Akibekov Orken Sultanhamituly.


History of faculty

According to the order of the University Nb. 129 of 10.03.09, the faculties of veterinary medicine and medicine were United, and therefore the name changed. 

The zootechnical faculty was established in 1964. Over the 50 years of its existence, the faculty has changed its name several times. So in 1973 it was named "Zooengineering", and in 1998 on the basis of Association of two faculties, faculty began to be called "Zooveterinary". In different years, the deans of the faculty were V.N. Fateev (1966-1967), V.T. Nagorny (1967-1973), N.P. Vysokos (1973-1975), R.K. Kazikhanov (1975-1978, 1985-1987), B.O. Alimzhanov (1978-1985), K.Z. Idrissov (1992-1995), E. Shekenov (1995-1998), B.S. Maikanov (1998-2002), A.I. Shurkin. (2001-2004), and from December 2004 until 2009, the Dean of the faculty was S.K. Shauyenov.

The faculty of Veterinary medicine was founded in 1972. The first Dean of the faculty is associate Professor N.P. Vysokos (1974-1977). Subsequently, the deans were elected V.N. Poyarkov (1977-1982), A.F. Dmitriev (1982-1983), A.Zh. Zhakipbaev (1983-1987), R.M. Ibragimov (1987-1990), B.S. Maikanov (1990-2002), T.Zh. Abdrakhmanov (2002-2012), B.S. Maikanov (2012-2018) for more than 20 years the Deputy Dean was a Candidate of veterinary Sciences, associate Professor G.I. Terebinov.

The founders of the faculty are professors and associate professors: V.T. Nagorny, E.S. Shelepov, V.F. Matusevich, N.T. Kadyrov, V.G. Rodionov, R.K. Kazikhanov.

Первые учебные корпуса

Candidate of Agricultural sciences, associate Professor V.T. Nagorny

Первые учебные корпуса

Candidate of Agricultural sciences, associate Professor E.S. Shelepov

Первые учебные корпусаDoctor of Veterinary sciences, Professor

V.F. Matusevich

Первые учебные корпуса

Doctor of Veterinary sciences,


N.T. Kadyrov

Первые учебные корпуса

Candidate of Veterinary sciences,

associate Professor

V.G. Rodionov

Первые учебные корпуса

Doctor of Agricultural sciences,


R.K. Kazikhanov

Faculty research and innovative activities

The academic staff of the faculty constantly participates in competitions for scientific projects held by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also conclude agreements with business entities to conduct further research.

The volume of topics financed through the ministries for 2021 amounted to 894,259.00 thousand tenge, and on an economic contractual basis - 5,050.0 thousand tenge.

Today, scientists of the faculty conduct scientific research on the following topics within the framework of budgetary programs:

267 "Increasing the availability of knowledge and research":

1. Scientific and technical program BR10764944 "Development of methods for analytical control and monitoring of food safety" (2021-2023) (supervisor - Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor A. Bulashev);

2. Development of ICA for the rapid detection of the causative agent of campylobacteriosis in biological material and animal products (supervisor - candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Borovikov S.N.);

3. Development of technologies for keeping, feeding, growing and reproduction in dairy cattle breeding based on the use of adapted resource-energy-saving and digital technologies for various natural and climatic zones of Kazakhstan (supervisor - candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Bostanova S.K.);

4. Development and creation of scientifically grounded Smart farms (herd horse breeding, beef cattle breeding) using at least 3 different digital solutions for each area of ​​digitalization implementation for the current production tasks of agro-industrial complex entities and the formation of the necessary reference database for training employees farms and peasant farms and the transfer of digital knowledge to students (supervisor - candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Bostanova S.K.);

5. Development of technologies for effective management of the selection process in poultry farming (supervisor - candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Saginbaeva M.B.);

217 "Development of Science":

1. Development of the domestic energy immunomodulatory drink "Balkumyz" (supervisor - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor B.S.Maikanov);

2. Serological diagnostics of brucellosis based on a combined recombinant antigen (supervisor - Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor A.K.Bulashev);

3. Development and introduction into production of multifunctional feed additives to increase the productivity of animals with an assessment of the quality and safety of livestock products (head - Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Yu.A. Baldzhi);

4. Organization of production of resource-saving feed additives to increase the productivity of cattle (head - candidate of veterinary sciences, associate professor BaldzhiYu.A.);

5. Development of a model for the effective functioning of personal subsidiary farms on the example of poultry meat production (head - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Saginbaeva M.B.);

6. Rapid test for the diagnosis of trichinosis (supervisor - candidate of veterinary sciences, associate professor O.S.Akibekov);

7. Indicators of the usefulness of feeding dairy cows (supervisor - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Bostanova S.K.);

8. Molecular biological analysis of the rabies virus circulating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (head - PhD, senior teacher Esembekova G.N.);

9. Aflatoxin contamination of various nuts and the development of methods for their detoxification (supervisor - PhD, acting associate professor Auteleeva L.T.)

10. Development of technology for the production and processing of sheep milk (supervisor - PhD, senior lecturer Ibraev D.K.);

Since 2018, the project for the commercialization of "Organization of production of resource-saving feed additives to increase the productivity of cattle" has been implemented (Grant recipient: LLP "NFT-KATU", head - Ph.D., associate professor Balji Y.A.).

Research and development work on a contractual basis:

1. Determination of immunogenicity and antigenicity of plant brucellosis antigen Omp16 and Omp25 (supervisor - Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor A. Bulashev);

2. Scientific substantiation in the provision of advisory services in the fight against blood-sucking insects (gnus) in the village of Korgalzhyn (head - Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Leader L.A.);

3. Artificial insemination of heifers of the Kazakh white-headed breed of the North Kazakhstan Agricultural Experiment Station (supervisor - candidate of agricultural sciences, senior teacher Bisengaliev R.M.);

At the faculty and departments, annual and long-term research plans have been developed, which cover a wide range of problems relevant to the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan.

In particular, the issues of increasing the productivity of animals, the development of methods and technologies in food safety of products and livestock industries. The share of the teaching staff in funded projects is 72.3%, and students, including doctoral students 55.1% and undergraduates 25.0%.

On the basisof the research carried out, dissertations and diplomas and projects are being carried out. A significant contribution to scientific research is made by professors: Bulashev A.K., Alimzhanov B.O., Alimzhanova L.V., Kazikhanov R.K., Shauenov S.K., Gazizova A.I., Omargozhauly N., Maikanov B.S., Abdrakhmanov S.K., AbdrakhmanovT.Zh.,Kukhar E.V.; Candidates of Science, Associate Professors: ShaikenovaK.Kh., Bostanova S.K., Saginbaeva M.B., Leader L.A., AdilbekovZh.Sh., BaldzhiYu.A. and others. The results of the research of the above scientists are introduced into the educational process and into production, they are reflected in textbooks, practical guides, as well as in numerous instructions, manuals and recommendations for agricultural universities.

Dissertation councils were opened in two areas of training: 8D091 - "Veterinary Medicine" and 8D08 - "Agriculture and Bioresources", where 26 PhD doctoral dissertations were defended over the past 6 years, of which 15 doctoral students from our faculty: Ibraev D.K., Burshakbaeva L.M., Auteleeva L.T., Kuzerbaeva A.T., MustafinaR.Kh., Esenbekova G., KarabaevaZh.Z., BakishevaZh.S., Murzakaeva G.K., Amantai S., Bakishev T.G., Tursynov K.A., Senkebaeva D.T., Tyulegenov S., Seidenova S.P.

Based on the results of scientific work, many works have been published, the most significant of them included in the Scopus and Web of Science databases.


Dean of the faculty: Akibekov Orken Sultankhamitovich

Phone: +7 (7172) 436-867; e-mail:

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs: Mussabekov Aidos Tumenbaevich

Phone: +7 (7172) 436-861; e-mail:

Deputy Dean for Educational Work: Alyonova Meruert Yergalievna

Phone: +7 (7172) 383-901; e-mail:

Enterprises and organizations - partners of the faculty

JSC "Ust-Kamenogorsk Factory"
LLP"Kazakh Research Institute of processing of agricultural products".
LLP "Research Center of Applied Biology"
LLP "Kazakh Academy of Nutrition"
LLP "Kazakh Research Institute of Processing and Food industry"
RSE "National Center for Biotechnology of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
LLP"Scientific Production Center of Grain Farming named after A.I. Barayev"
RSE "Republican Collection of Microorganisms"
LLP "Zenchenkoand K"
LLP Agrocomplex "Zhastyk"
JSC "National Research Center for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary"
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Foreign partners - universities and scientific organizations