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The Department of Forest Resources and Forestry

The Department of Forest Resources and Forestry


Training of specialists in the field of forestry was started in 2001 at the Department of Agriculture of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University and is one of the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Department of "Forest resources and forestry" as an independent unit was established in 2012 on the basis of the reorganization of the departments "Ecology and Forestry", "Plant Production" and "Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science».

The main activities of the department are research and teaching disciplines in the field of forestry. The department is a graduate in the field of 5B080700-"Forest resources and Forestry" in "Landscape design and gardening" and "Protective forestation", 6M080700 - "Forest resources and Forestry», 6D080700-«Forest resources and forestry".

Higher-education teaching personnel of the department consist of 23 people including 2 Doctor, 5 Doctors of Philosophy (PhD), 9 Candidates of Science. The academic degree holders rate of the department makes up 50%.  The Head of the Department  BoranbayZh.T.

In 2013, Professor Sarsekova D.N., and in 2014 the senior lecturer Kazangapova N.B. were awarded by "The best teacher of the university of the Republic of Kazakhstan" with a state grants. 11 lecturers  were trained abroad during the last three years.

There are 4 modern teaching laboratories of the department at the Agronomy Faculty and 2 laboratories at ERPC "Saryarka" in Schuchinsk:  “Botany and dendrology”, “Forestry”, “Plant physiology”, Forest seed business at ERPC "Saryarka" laboratory of inventory and forest management and “Forest crops”.

As part of the grant financed by the MES RK fr 2015-2017, professors of the department conducted research in the framework of projects: "Scientific substantiation and development of intensive technologies of mini rotary cultivation of highly productive forest plantations for energy purposes and assessment of carbon sequestration in the green belt of Astana city ". The Head of the project is Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Sarsekova D.N.; since 2016 a research work was begun in framework of Kazakh-Chinese project "Friendship Park" together with the Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The department is closely cooperate with research institutions and universities abroad, in particular with Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Krakow Agricultural University (Poland), Kastamonu University (Turkey), Czech University of Life Sciences (Czech Republic), Istanbul University (Turkey), University of Padova (Italy), West-Hungarian University (Hungary)  and other universities and research centers.

25 enterprises and organizations are bases practices for students in the disciplines of the Department. According to the State center on payment of pensions, employment bachelor graduates in 2020 made up 80%, master's graduates - 100%. Our graduates work in the Committee of Forestry and Wildlife of Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Research Institute of Forestry and Forest Melioration, JSC "Astana-Zelenstroy and other organizations.


The department is headed by Candidat of Agricultural Science Boranbai  Zh.T.

Department history

The history of the specialty as an independent one has a certain way: Training the forestry specialists at the Agronomy Faculty began in 2001. During this period, due to changes in the name of the classifier the names of specialties were also changed: in 2001, 4515 specialty was named "Forest and Park Service", from 2004, it was 05807- "Forestry Farm Business", and from 2010 5B080700- "Forest Resources and Forestry", in 2008 magistracy 6M080700 was opened– "Forest Resources and Forestry", in 2013 training PhD students in the same specialty started. The chair of Agriculture was originally responsible for the graduation of forestry professionals, then Department of "Ecology and Forestry", which in 2012 was transformed into Department of "Forest Resources and Forestry".

From 1960 to 2012 the chairs "Agriculture", "Ecology and Forestry" were headed by the doctor of agricultural sciences, Professor Lev Roktanen, Doctors of Agricultural Sciences, associate professor Aleksey VasilevichIvaninnikov, RenatHazeevichKaripov, AskarOralovichAmralin, ZhumagulovIglikImangalievich, PhD of Technical Sciences, associate professor Massenov K.B., currently the Department is managed by Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, professor and corresponding member of the RAM Sarsekova Dani Nurgisaevna. In 2005, summing up the results of socio-economic development of Astana and challenges in the development and construction of the capital NursultanNazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted the importance of training of forestry specialists and instructed the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to organize the relevant department at Kazakh Agro Technical University.

A new educational and scientific-industrial complex "Sary-Arka" with classrooms equipped with modern equipment and a computer lab was put into operation to improve the practical training of forestry specialists in 2006 on the basis of the Research Institute of Forestry in Schuchinsk. Training of 1st and 2 year students is held in Astana, 3rd and 4th year students study in ERPC "Sary-Arka".

Since 2008, the Department is preparing masters in specialty "Forest Resources and Forestry" and in 2013 master's degree training is conducted on polylingual program (in Kazakh, English and Russian). Since 2013, the department trains bachelors on specialty 5B080700 "Forest Resources and Forestry" in two directions: "Protective Afforestation" and "Landscape Design and Gardening." In 2013 S.Seifullin KATU received a license to train doctors RhD on specialty 6D080700 "Forest Resources and Forestry".

Since 2001, it has graduated more than 450 experts in the field of forestry in the field "Forest and Park Service", "Forest Farm Business" and 5B080700- "Forest resources and forestry".

International cooperation

In 2016-2019, the SUSDEV project “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development” was implemented. The project aims to develop lifelong learning programs that contribute to the development of green skills of various target groups and for three different subject areas that are closely related to the quality of life (ecology, food science and land management).

The aim of this project was to strengthen the role of higher education institutions in ensuring the sustainable development of industry and society, supporting national green policies in partner countries and promoting a green culture through lifelong learning. Project objectives included the development of modules to stimulate green skills for various target groups and skill levels; ensuring access of target groups to the opening of educational resources; improving green culture and continuing education through training of faculty, external stakeholders and public administration; increasing the importance of "green skills" in education and work. The project coordinator is Warsaw University of Life Sciences. As a result of the program, courses were prepared for the master's program for employers, and the «Green skills» center for green skills was opened in Schuchinsk.

In the framework of academic mobility, foreign scientists (AkimDorenbusch - Germany, MikhelZasada and KshishtovBetkovsky - Poland, LudekShishak - Czech Republic, Alfas Plyura - Lithuania, Olga Vayshlya - Russia, SezginAyan - Turkey, Alexander Tashev-Bulgaria) conducted classes by specialty for 3-4 year students.


On June 17-29, 2019, the VI international summer school «Priorities of Forest Science and innovation for youth» was held in Shchuchinsk, with the participation of 29 students, undergraduates and doctoral students from Turkey, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Universities: M. Kozybayev SKU, S.Toraigyrov PSU, ShakarimSemey state University. ZhangirkhanZKATU , S. Seifullin University and invited lecturers Menshikov S. L., D. SC. (Yekaterinburg, Russia) and Sultangazieva O. (a graduate of BOKU University, Austria, Kyrgyz state K.Scriabina University).

Student life

Students of "Forest resources and forestry", together with the teaching staff take an active part in all events held at the faculty and the university (public holidays, sporting events, month on crime prevention, drug addiction and religious extremism).

For students meetings with the heads and specialists of relevant organizations are organized with an invitation to give lectures and excursions.The students of the department became active participants in the meetings with the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and representatives of NDP "NurOtan" and "ZhasOtan".


Annually in the autumn period the students of the given specialty actively participate in planting trees around the green belt of Astana, which, in turn, forms among the future specialists not only labor education and love for nature, but also instills protect the environment from all possible fires and tree felling. Most of our students are engaged in scientific work. With this purpose the interest club "Jas ormanshy" (young forester) was organized (Shuchinsk), in which the students of the specialty are actively engaged. As part of the social and political, patriotic and legal education curatorial hours devoted to the state holidays of Kazakhstan, the conversation on the topic of discussion of the Annual message of the President, Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050"are held.

Annually the1st year students of the department within the educational program visit the local historical and specialized museums located in Astana (Kazakhstan First President Museum, S.Seifullin Museum, etc.), to expand the horizons in major they visit national parks and reserves in cities Schuchinsk and Kokshetau. Student Youth Organization (SYO) and university students, with the support of vice dean on the educational work   organize concerts, meetings, parties.

For the development of students’creative abilities amateur clubs, the club of artistic expression, music workshop and debate club are available.


Information on the subject Olympiad in the department of "Forest resources and forestry"

Department specialty



Name of student

Place in the subject Olympiad

Venue of the Olympiad

2019-2020 academic year


 5B080700- "Forest resources and forestry"

Beysenbai Aidar Beysenbaevich


Republican Student Olympiad of MES RK, KazNAU

2020-2021 academic year


 5B080700- "Forest resources and forestry"

Bazarbayev Adlet Aibekovich


Republican Student Olympiad of MES RK, KazNAU

2021-2022  academic year


 5B080700- "Forest resources and forestry"

Abay Madina Muratbekovna


Republican Student Olympiad of MES RK, KazNAU


 5B080700- "Forest resources and forestry"

Bilyalova Darina Kalitaevna


Republican Student Olympiad of MES RK, KazNAU


 5B080700- "Forest resources and forestry"

Zhakhan Zhasnur Erlanovich


Republican Student Olympiad of MES RK, KazNAU


Head of the Department "Forest Resources and Forestry" Boranbai Zhumagul Tanatkanovich.

Tel: 8 (7172) 31-02-14, +7-771-470-65-65,


Information On educational programs of Baccalaureate (5B080700 - "Forest resources and forestry"), Magistracy (6M080700 - "Forest resources and forestry") and PhD (6D080700 “Forest resources and forestry")
The development plan of the educational programmeоf the specialty "forest resources and forestry"
Educatuonal program «Landscape desing»
Educatuonal program «Protective afforestation»