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Technical Faculty


Technical faculty began its history in October 1957 as the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization. In the course of its further development, stood out in 1961. The Faculty of Electrification of Agriculture (Energy Faculty) and in 1985 - Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty (Department of computer systems and vocational training) were divided from the Mechanization faculty. Throughout the period, material and technical base, methodical support and scientific and pedagogical potential of the faculty increased immeasurably.

Over the entire period, the faculty trained more than 10,000 professionals, majority of them occupy leading engineering and administrative positions in the national economy not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the CIS countries and abroad. The faculty is one of the leading the Central and the Northern Kazakhstan on their profile.

Technical faculty has 6 departments: 

The training of specialists is conducted on the following specialties of Bachelor degree:

The training of specialists is conducted on the following specialties of Master degree:

  • 6M071300 - Transport, transport equipment and technologies
  • 6M080600 – Agrarian Technics and Technology
  • 6M073200 - Standardization, certification and metrology
  • 6M072400 - Technological machines and equipment
  • 6M072800 - Technology of processing products 
  • 6M072700 – Technology of food products

Doctoral degrees:

  • 6D080600 – Agrarian Technics and Technology
  • 6D073200 - Standardization, certification and metrolog

The faculty members of the Technical department includes more than 150 highly qualified specialists, including 14 doctors of science, 59 candidates of science, 3 PhD, 38 masters, 4 graduates of "Bolashak" program, 8 have the title of professor, 28 - associate professors and docents, 11 lecturer have "The best lecturer of the university" rank, 16 were awarded various departmental awards and diplomas, 17 teachers conduct classes in English.

In the learning process training and specialized classrooms, computer labs and science labs of the faculty are used, such as "Strength of Materials", "Fuel and lubricants vehicles", "Design engineering and support of production" "Materials and technology of construction materials", "Welding and metal working laboratory", "Metal working", "Mounting and exploitation of technological equipment», «Technology of food production", "Product technology of food", "Processing of meat and meat products" and etc.

The department has Kazakh-Belarusian center for professional training and retraining of engineering staff and the Kazakh-Chinese Center for Agricultural Mechanization. The Kazakh-German Centre for precision farming is opening.

The results of cooperation are reflected in regular joint publications in high ranking scientific journals, publication of joint textbooks and educational aids.

Since 2015 for the first time on the Faculty at the State program of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan (SPIID-2) conducted profile training graduates of specialties 6M072400 - "Technological machines and equipment" and 6M072700 - "Technology of food products". Educational programs of SPIID-2 are developed in cooperation with leading scientists from the University of California Davis (UC Davis, USA) with professors Neal Van Alfen, Yubang Lee and Charles Field Shoemaker.

Research is carried out in the direction of the industrial-innovative development strategy of agro-industrial complex of the country.

The faculty performed 6 granted applied research topics by grant funding Science C ommittee MES RK, on 042 - "Applied research in the field of AIC" Ministry of Agriculture.

Graduates employability of the faculty was 85% in 2015. In the national ranking of the Independent agency for accreditation and rating in 2015 specialties of bachelor, master and doctoral 5В080600, 6M0806000, 6D080600 - Agrarian technique and technology took 1st place; specialized undergraduate and graduate 5В072700, 6M072700 - Technology of food products - 3rd place, undergraduate 5В072800 - Technology of processing industries – 3rd place, graduate 6M072800 – Technology of processing productions (on branches) – 2nd place.

Since 2001, the dean of the Technical Department is doctor of technical Sciences, professor Nukeshev O. Sayakhat.


History of faculty

The faculty of Farm Mechanization (now Technical) begins its chronology on October 9, 1957, as one of the first three faculties of the institute. The department was located in the building built from adobe bricks belonging to the railway school.

The first course - 100 full-time students – started training on September 1, 1958 and in October of the same year 51 students started studying by correspondence.

The first chair of the faculty – the chair of Technical Mechanics, organized in March 1958 was headed by the first director of the Institute, candidate of technical sciences, senior researcher T.G. Dukhov. Since April, 1959 it was divided into two subdivisions: the chair of technical mechanics and drawing (the Head of the chair candidate of technical sciences Kupershtokh L.N.); the chair of farm mechanization (the Head of the chair, senior lecturer Bock N.B.). Dukhov T.G. headed the chair of technology of metals and repair of machines organized in July 1959.

In October, 1961there was a new division of the departments: Department of technical mechanics and drawing – into the chair of descriptive geometry and graphics (the Head Kupershtokh L.N.) and the resistance of materials and machine tools (the Head associate professor Plisuchenko A.A.), and the Department of farm mechanization was divided into the chair of agricultural machinery (the Head Bock N.B.) and tractors and cars (head Vorozhtsov I.P.). In April 1962, the chair of metal technology and repair of machines was divided into departments: Metal Technology (the head acting associate professor Berdnikov B.F.) and repair of machines (the head cand. techn. sci., associate professor Dukhov T.G.). In July 1962 from the Department of tractors and cars the chair of operation of machines and tractors was separated as independent one (the head cand. techn. sci., associate professor Vorozhtsov I.P. Zavatsky N.G. became the head of the chair of tractors and cars. In June 1962 the chair of farm electrification was organized (the head cand. techn. sci. Karlinskaya M.I.).

For the practical training of students in April 1963 the training machine park was established. It was headed by candidate of technical sciences Kachkanyan R.A.

In the process of further development of the Institute from the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization in 1965, the Faculty of Electrification of Agriculture (now the Department of Energy), and in 1985 - Engineering and Education (now the Faculty of Computer Systems and Vocational Training (CS&VT) were separated. In January 1965, the chair of electrification of agriculture was transferred to the newly organized Department of Farm Electrification.

In April 1968 the chair of labor protection and production training (manager acting assistant professor Kim Jon-Duc), and in April 1969 from the department of agricultural machinery the chair of mechanization of animal farms (head cand. techn. sci. Zavrazhnov A.I.) were organized.

A special place in the scientific establishment of the faculty belongs to the Chelyabinsk Institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture (Chi-MESKH). Its target postgraduate study more than 20 faculty members have finished, 7 of them were supervisored by d.t.sci., professor Ullman I.E., Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR. He is listed in the Book of Honor of the Institute.

For this period the Faculty was headed by the following scientists: Kupershtokh L.N., candidate of technical sciences – 1960;  Lazarev A.I., candidate of technical sciences; associate professor - 1960-1962; Karlinskaya M.I., candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, laureate of the USSR state prize - 1962-1964; associate professor Berdnikov B.Ph. - 1964-1965; senior lecturer Dzyugovsky V.Ph. -1965-1967; associate professors Zavatsky N.G. - 1967-1968; Pinchuk A.T. - 1968-1972.

Training of Mechanical Engineers was realized on a specialty 3113 - "Mechanization of agriculture". During this period material and technical base, methodical support and scientific and pedagogical potential of the faculty have been increased. The faculty has replenished with the necessary equipment for qualitative training of modern specialists.

Laboratory class on the car diagnostics is conducted by senior lecturer  Mogilchenko V.I.

Laboratory class on the mechanization of the animal farms

Considerable attention was paid to the combination of theoretical and practical training, the work of the training park contributed to it, the qualification assignment of mass working professions, practical training as part of the student mechanized units at agricultural universities of the Soviet Union was initiated by our faculty.

As a result of occuring structural changes the chairs of tractors and cars and agricultural machines in 1985 were transferred to the newly organized engineering and pedagogical faculty, and in 1989 the chair of tractors and cars was returned to the home department.

Graduates of the faculty were distinguished by thorough possessions of issues of industrial-technological, organizational, administrative and research activities.

Graduates of the faculty of farm mechanization of those years worked and now are working on the most important areas of the economy of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. Among them there are the following graduates: a hero of socialist labor Skryl V.K., deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR N.V. Gellert, chief of the traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR Koryakovtsev B.A., former chiefs of the administration of the North-Kazakhstan region V.K. Hartman, Akmola region Bulekbaev A. K., akim of Kostanai region Kulagin S.V., akim of Alekseevsk district of Akmola region Kiribayev R., director of the plant “Kazakhselmash” Ryasnov V.N., director of water supply organization "Astana Su Arnasy” Nurkenov Zh.E., director of PC "Rodina (Homeland)" Sauer I.A., director of the Polytechnic college of Astana Starunov V.I., more than 100 directors and heads of the administration of the farm and others.Well known scientific and pedagogical staff was trained. Among them there are doctors and professors: Tsoi Yu., Zhurkovich D.I., Abuov K.K., Degtyarev M.G. and Menovschikov Yu. A., more than 40 candidates of sciences, associate professors: Eskhozhin D.Z., Cheremisinov O.A., Levitsky Yu. A., Koishubayev G.A., Nurgaliyev T.K., Babushkin V.A., Schneider A.I. Saparov O.S.

Along with providing a high quality of training the staff of the faculty paid great importance to the research work. The largest contribution to the organization of students’ research and the creation of a scientific school in the faculty made professor Bock N.B. One of the founders of the faculty, the first head of the department "Agricultural machines", dedicated his life to the development of the working parts with a complex relative movement and their theoretical foundations. He is the author of over 140 scientific works and 40 inventions. Under his supervision more than 20 master's theses were defended. Many theoretical developments of the professor Bock N.B. were included in textbooks, manuals and guides. His research tradition has been successfully continued by his followers: candidates of technical sciences and students, lecturers Eskhozhin D.Z., M.A. Aduov et al., Figure 3. Thus, the works of Eskhozhin D.Z. on the development of the effective working organs of agricultural machinery are considered to be leading in its field.

D.Z. Eskhozhin is conducting the meeting of the chair

Laboratory class

Notable results have been achieved in their scientific fields by the following scientists-associate professors: V.M. Gurevich - The use of plastics in bearing units of agricultural machinery, he has trained four candidates of technical sciences, author of 6 inventions and 108 scientific publications; Razuvaev A.A.- development of maintenance system organization of machinery technical park of Northern Kazakhstan and proposals for sustainable building engineering services of state farms; Zeinullin K.S. and Baryshnikov V.Ph. - Development and introduction of preparation center and summer milking platforms; Kostyuchenkov N.V.- development of mechanized means of vegetables harvesting.

Fruitfully worked in the field of mechanization of animal farms Professor Zavrazhnov A.I., the first head of the chair with the same name, now the honorary rector of the Agricultural Academy named after I.V. Michurin, author of many inventions, more than 200 scientific publications.

Students' scientific clubs influenced fruitfully the level of specialists’ training. According to the results of their research students annually prepared for scientific conferences more than 100 reports, 12-15 students’ work were suggested for republican competitions.

Deans of the Faculty in that period were: Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor I.Ph.Yakovenko for 1981-1988 and candidate of technical sciences associate professor R.A. Kachkanyan - 1972-1981.

In 1989, for the first time in the history of Tselinograd Agricultural Institute the training in the Kazakh language learning was started. The staff of the faculty headed by the dean of the faculty K.Sh. Zeinullin (1988-1993) and other scientists including: candidates of technical sciences, associate professors Eskhozhin D.Z., Koyshubaev G.A., Nurgaliyev T.K., Saparov O.S. et al have published more than 30 textbooks and teaching aids, 100 teaching materials in 2 languages, and also the faculty acquired a lot of educational films, slides, maps, posters, charts, and other visual aids.

Gaining independence of our country have set new challenges for the education system, universities. The advent of modern foreign technology in agriculture has engendered demand for personnel of different profiles. In this regard, along with the training of mechanical engineers in the specialty 4513 - "Mechanization of agriculture", the following new specialties were opened as well: 4514- "Agronomy service"; 1404- "Agricultural machines and equipment"; 3004 - "Traffic organization." To optimize the management and improve the quality of training in 1999 from the Engineering and pedagogical department to the technical department the chair of "Agriculture and grain processing machines" with a specialty 4201 - "Technology of grain, flour, cereals and animal feed was transferred."

By this time, the name of the faculty ceased to correspond to the direction of the extended training and on the basis of the Resolution of the Academic Council of the University of 22.05.2000 the faculty of mechanization of agriculture was renamed into technical department.

Deans of the Faculty in this period were: candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Abdyrov A.M.-1993-1998, and associate professor Skachkov Ph.M. - 1998-2001.

To ensure the new specialties with teaching methodical aids the collective of the faculty has published more than 50 textbooks and manuals, 150 methodical workings.

Despite the difficulties of transition of the collective and state farms to market relations mechanized student teams operated successfully. Second-year students passed monthly practice at the plant "ZIL"(Auto plant named after Likhachev) in Moscow.

The qualitative part of the teaching staff was improved. Kostyuchenkov N.V. (1999), associate professor of the chair of technical service defended his doctoral dissertation. Candidate theses were defended by the members of the staff of the chair of technical mechanics Syzdykov Zh.A., Gorbunov B.N. and Nukeshev S.O. (1998).

The Faculty staff honors the memory of the past. Two of its auditoriums by the decision of the Academic Council were named after its professors, auditorium №204 was named after T.G. Dukhov (1918-1993), №181 was named after the prematurely deceased candidate of technical sciences, Professor Zeinullin K.S. The museum was organized there. Since 1997, as a result of the reorganization by the combining of the departments of descriptive geometry and graphics (DG&G) and the resistance of materials and machine parts (RM&DM) the chair of technical mechanics was formed; based on two chairs, metal technology and repair of machines – the chair of mechanical engineering; on the basis of the chairs  operation of machines and tractors park and tractors and cars the chair of technical service was formed, on the basis of operating departments tractor fleet and tractors and cars at the Department of mechanization of animal farms and safety – the chair of "Mechanization of technological processes".

In February 2001, the dean of the technical faculty was appointed candidate of technical sciences Nukeshev S.O.

Main effort of the Faculty collective has been directed at improving the qualitative composition of the teaching staff, the intensification of educational, methodical work and research. Methodical work was aimed at improving the teaching of sciences, the introduction of credit system of training and supervision, the use of active learning methods, computers, and technical facilities.

In 2004 the chair of "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" was established and from the Faculty of Technology 4517- specialty "Standardization and Certification of agricultural products" was transferred. The first head of department was appointed candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Zhusin B.T.

Training was conducted on 6 following bachelor specialties in the Kazakh and Russian languages: 050806- "Agroengineering"; 050732- «Standardization, Metrology and Certification"; 050713-«Transport, transport equipment and technology"; 050724- «Technological machinery and equipment"; 050728- «Technology of processing industries"; 050901- «Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation" with the use of credit system of training.

During this period, the material and technical base, methodical support and scientific and pedagogical potential of the faculty have grown immeasurably. In accordance with the curriculum the engineering disciplines were studied in 30 specialized laboratories, 4 computer labs and educational park, equipped with modern technical equipment, special equipment and machines. Projectors and interactive boards, simulators and other training equipment were widely used.

Research and teaching staff of the faculty has published over 100 textbooks and manuals, more than 300 teaching materials in two languages, and others.

Along with providing a high quality of training, the faculty team lays special importance to training of highly qualified personnel. As a result of purposeful work of the faculty management the qualitative composition of the TS has radically improved. (2010). Doctoral thesis defended candidates of technical sciences, assistant professor of mechanization processes chair, the first vice-rector of the University Abdyrov A.M. (2006), associate professor of the chair of technical mechanics Eskhozhin D.Zh. (2006), associate professor, Head of the chair of agricultural and grain processing machines Aduov M.A. (2008), associate professor of the chair of technical mechanics, dean Nukeshev S.O. (2010), candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer of the chair of technological machinery and equipment L.A. Babchenko (2010). Candidate of technical sciences thesis defended young scientists, graduates of the Faculty Zaichko G.A. (2005 supervisor Abdyrov A.M.), Akhmetov E.S. (2006 supervisors Eskhozhin D.Z., Nukeshev S.O.), Zh.M. Zhazykbaeva (2006 supervisor Aduov M.A.), Kaspakov E.Zh. (2007 supervisor Aduov M.A.) Nesveteev A.A. (2007 supervisor Kostyuchenkov N.V.), S.V. Romanenko (2010 supervisor Abdyrov A.M.) Zh.Zh. Mustafin (2010 supervisor Abdyrov A.M.).

Increasing the quality composition of the teaching staff is carried out by bringing in staff from other universities. During this period, more than 10 doctors and 40 candidates of sciences were recruited. As a result scientific degree of the faculty TS rose from 37.4 to 54%.

With the receipt of licenses for the specialty master and doctoral the new formation training started. The largest contribution to their training, the organization of students’ research and the creation of scientific school in the faculty the following professors - doctors of technical sciences: Eskhozhin D.Z., Kostyuchenkov N.V., Aduov M.A., Kanaev A.T., Nukeshev S.O are making great contribution. A significant part of their research master and doctoral students of the chairs conduct at the expense of Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture grants. They received more than 200 copyright certificates, patents and pre-patents for inventions. They published more than 1,800 scientific articles and recommendations for production.

For the high academic achievement for the first time five graduates-lecturers of the Faculty were elected as full members of various academies:

  • Abdyrov A.M. - A full member (academician) of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan;
  • Eskhozhin D.Z., Aduov M.A., Kostyuchenkov N.V., Nukeshev S.O. - Full Members (Academicians) of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Kazakhstan;
  • Nukeshev S.O. - A corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Powerful impetus for the improvement of the quality of knowledge, development of material and technical base gave new building of Technical Faculty equipped with modern training equipment and computer classes.

New building of the technical department

In addition, by the efforts of the University and faculty administration to attract foreign investments worth more than 500 million tenge in the form of training, machine tools and technology, international venues were organized. "Kazakh-Belarusian center for training and retraining of the engineering staff" (October 2013), "Kazakh-Chinese center for agriculture mechanization" (July 2014)," Kazakh-German Centre of precision agriculture" (in collaboration with the company "CLAAS", November 2016), the laboratory" “Rostselmash” and “John Deere”.

The co-chairmen of the Belarusian-Kazakh intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation V.K. Bozhko and Russuy M.I.

Visit of Deputy Prime Minister D.N.Nazarbaeva "Kazakh-Belarusian engineering training and retraining center"


Laboratory class of MTZ "Kazakh-Belarusian engineering of training and retraining centre"

Laboratory class of  mechanization of farm animals "Kazakh-Belarusian  engineering  of training and retraining  center"


Kazakh-German Centre of precision farming

Experimental production workshop of metalworking and welding


Kazakh-Chinese Center of Agricultural Mechanization

A new stage in the development of the faculty of the University started with the participation composed of 11 universities of Kazakhstan in the implementation of training in the framework of the "State Program of Kazakhstan industrial-innovative development for 2015-2019" (GPIIR-2) in the priority areas of "Food Processing" and "Farm engineering.”

In the purpose of transformation into a research university, the creation of technology platforms  and  the successful implementation of GPIIR-2, the reorganization of the faculty was carried out . "Technology of food and processing industries department" was organized (May 2015), by transfer of  such  specialties as  "Technology of food products"  "Technology of production and processing of animal products," Faculty ViTZh and specialty "Technology of processing industries".“Agrarian  Equipment and Technology department” was established on the basis of the  such departments as "Agricultural and grain processing machines" and "Technical Service" . Also on the basis of Technical Service department, "Transport Equipment and Technology" department was created.

Together with professors of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis, USA) Shrine Upadhyaya (Shrini K. Upadhyaya), Yu Bang Li (Yu Bang Lee) and Charlie Schumacher (Charles Field Shoemaker) educational program to train specialized master's degrees in specialties were developed: " Production and operation of high-performance agricultural machinery and equipment "," Technology of meat and meat products "," Technology of milk and dairy products "," Technology of processing of grain and oil crops "within 6M0724- specialty" Technological machines and equipment "and 6M0727-" Technology food products ", defined block diagrams and a list of equipment for the new laboratory.  Nukeshev S, Sataeva J, Kundyzbaeva N, Bolkenov B, R Galimov and Kosatbekova D.Sh passed a two-month internship at the University of California at Davis in order to develop a syllabus for the new disciplines, skills, mastery of work on new equipments. As a result "The pilot plant production of meat products" (December 2015), "Experimental dairy products of manufacturing plant" (December, 2016) with a capacity of 500 l / milk a day, and "Experimental and production workshop metalworking and welding" (December, 2015) – Mini factories for manufacture of agricultural machinery, Fig. 11-13 were made. The  scientists and university students` new developments   are produced in these experimental production workshops. The new varieties of meat and dairy products (more than 30 kinds of sausages, milk, cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc.), the crop, tillage and other techniques are done which developed within the framework of funded research projects of scientists of the faculty.

The experimental production of metalworking and welding workshop were naturally complement in the work, the Kazakh-Chinese Center for Agricultural Mechanization and Design CCM mainly in training of doctors PhD was opened in 2011  and also Design Bureau (KB) for the development of machines for risk farming areas.

Experimental manufacturing room of meat products

Experimental manufacturing room of milk products

Currently, the faculty  has trained more than 2,500 students, undergraduates and doctoral students.

  • There are 7 specialties on  bachelor  degree : 5B0713- "Transport, transport equipment and technologies", 5B0724- "Technological machines and equipment", 5B0727- "Technology of food products", 5B0728- "Technology of processing industries", 5B0732- "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" ; 5B0806- "Agricultural Equipment and Technology", 5B0901- "Organization of traffic movements and transport operation";
  • There are 6 specialties at magistracy 6M0713- "Transport, transport equipment and technologies", 6M0724- "Technological machines and equipment", 6M0727- "Technology of food products", 6M0728- "Technology of processing industries", 6M0732- "Standardization and Certification"; 6M0806- "Agricultural machinery and technology";
  • There are three specialties at doctoral 6D0806- «Agrarian equipment and technology», 6D0732- «Standardization and Certification" and 6D0724- «Technological machinery and equipment".

There are  6 departments: "Technical mechanics", "Agricultural machinery and technology"; "Standardization, Metrology and Certification"; "Technological machines and equipment"; "The technology and food processing industries"; "Transport Equipment and Technologies".

More than 140 lectures and senior researchers work at the further improvement of educational, scientific, methodical and educational work at the Faculty .The educational process is constantly introducing new and innovative technology, the dual form of training and motivation of independent work of students and educational programs are reviewed annually for inclusion of new topics and subjects according to the needs of employers.

The Department of Technical Mechanics

The Department of Agrarian Technique and Technology

The Department of Technological Machines and Equipment

The Department of Food Technology and Processing Products

The Department of Transport Equipment and Technologies

The Department of Standardization, Metrology and Certification

The implementation of multilingual forms of training (2012-2013 academic year) at all levels of education has set new targets for the development of educational program to the faculty staff. There are own manuals and guidelines in English (Eskhozhin K, Sataeva J and others .).

The academic mobility of faculty and students is developed. The Faculty began to implement the provision of academic mobility of students one of the first in the former Soviet Union .Since February 2012, 50 students annually have gone to  the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University (BSATU) for a semester of study . The foreign scientists systematically come  from near and far abroad. In recent years, the lecturers have been : Professor of the University of California at Davis Shrine Upadhyaya, Yu Bang Lee, Charlie Schumacher, Professor of Krakow Agricultural University Barbara Krzyzstofik, Bohuslav Lapzynska Cordón and Marzena Zayak, Karayvanov DP ,associate professor of the Sofia University of Chemical Technology, , professors  of BSATU Dashkov VN, Talochka NK, LM Akulovich and Associate Professor Sergeev LE, a professor of Humboldt University in Berlin, Peter Enders, professor of the University of Kastamonu Turkey, Temel Sariyildiz, professors of the University Putra Malaysia Chin Nyuk Ling and Farah SaleenaTaip, Professor of Mining and Metallurgy Academy. Staszica Krakow Jacek Tseslik, professor of  the University of Bologna in Italy, Barbara Krzyzstofik, professor of the University of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Mohamad Azem Mohamad Noor, a university professor of Natural Sciences Vroklav, Poland Maciej Oziemblowski and others.

Special attention is given to the practical training of students and faculty internships at leading enterprises of the domestic and global levels. Lectures and students are trained each year. They take training course in the educational institutions and US private households, Germany, Britain, China, Russia, and Belarus. Annually 50 students are trained at the Minsk Tractor Plant, 25 students are  at "Gomselmash". .

Thus, the Faculty staff contributes to the training of specialists for the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, meeting the qualification requirements and challenges in front of you to transform into an international research university.

Research and innovative activity

Scientific research work at the faculty is carried out according to the Program of development of S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University till 2020.

Research work at the faculty in 2012-2014 was conducted on the 3rd financed subjects within the budgetary program 055 - "Scientific and (or) scientific and technical activity", the subprogramme 101 - "Grant financing of scientific researches":

  1. "To develop the software and technical means to control and management of the automated technological process of the differentiated application of seeds and fertilizers in the accepted system of positioning" (supervisor of program –t.s.d., Professor Nukeshev S.O.) – for the amount of 9 000 000 tg. per a year. Realization period – 2012-2014.
  2. "Development of a seeder for crops of grain seeds of mineral fertilizers, with simultaneous introduction, at the moisture preserving technology of crops cultivation" (supervisor of the program –t.s.d. Professor Aduov M. A.) – for the amount of 5 000 000 tg. per a year. Realization period – 2012-2014.
  3. "Development and deployment of innovative technology of plasma processing and hardening of the most loaded details of cars and knots of mechanisms" (supervisor of the program – t.s.d. Professor Kanayev A.T.) – for the amount of 5 000 000 tg. per a year. Realization period – 2012-2014.

According to these scientific projects, works were completed and handed over the final report.

The staff of the faculty actively participated in a competition of projects of MES RK for grant financing in 2015-2017. As a result, 5 research grants were won for the sum of 47 million tenge per year:

  1. "Development of new technology and a technical tool for the internal soil differentiated three-layer introduction of mineral fertilizers" (supervisor –t.s.d., Professor Nukeshev S.O.) – for the amount of 20 000 000 tg. pera year. Realization period – 2015-2017.
  2. Design of a seeder with mixed coulters, (supervisor - Dr. of tech. sc., professor Aduov M.) - for the amount of 11 000 000 tenge. per a year. The implementation period is 2015-2017. 
  3. "Development of innovative technology and equipment for the organization of production of the new thermostrengthened materials demanded by country building industry" (supervisor –t.s.d., professor Kanayev A.T) – for the amount of 5 000 000 tg. per a year. Realization period – 2015-2017.
  4. "Research of the dynamics of the grinding loads taking into account power criterion of overall performance of mills for thin crushing of mineral raw materials" (supervisor – c.t.s., docent Seksenbayeva R. B.) – for the amount of 5 000 000 tg. per a year. Realization period – 2015-2017.
  5. "Research and development of optimum technological processes of superficial plastic deformation of hydraulic cylinders of the hinged equipment of agricultural machinery" (supervisor – c.t.s., docent Nikonova T.Y.) – for the amount of 6 000 000 tg. per a year. Realization period – 2015-2017.
  6. Within the framework of the budget program 255 "Development of the conditions for the production, processing, sale of crop production," the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK. Also gained the grant on the topic: "Stubble grain seeder with separate application of seeds and fertilizers" (supervisor of tech. sc.d., professor Aduov M.) - for the amount of 5 500 000 tenge. per a year. Realization period 2015-2017.

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