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The Department of Economy

The Department of Economy


The Department of Economy was created by order of the rector of S.Seifullin Kazakh State Agro Technical University dated July 16, 2007, No. 235.The main activity of the Department is aimed at implementing educational programs that are formed in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework, professional standards agreed with the Dublin descriptors which are included in the Register of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, taking into account the development trends of the country’s economy, modern requirements of consumers and the labor market for the quality of personnel training.

The vision of the Department: to occupy a leading position in the practice-oriented training of highly qualified specialists for the real sector of the economy, research institutes and to become the leading department for training personnel in the agricultural sector, specializing in economy.

The mission of the Department: instilling knowledge and the formation of the competencies of students who study economics. The inculcation of scientific research skills, responsibility for their choice and the formation of entrepreneurial thinking, an active life position, the creation of a practical base of skills for independent activities in modern market conditions.

Strategic goals and objectives of the department:

  • training of competitive personnel in accordance with the needs of the labor market, taking into account specifics, as well as on the basis of competencies defined by the National QualificationsFramework and professional standards;
  • modernization of the content of educational programs in the context of global trends (widespread development of a trilingual education model, the introduction of information and communication technologies in educational activities, the development of academic mobility of both teaching staff and students, the development of entrepreneurial education, the adjustment of educational programs in accordance with the priorities of modernizing the country’s economy);
  • development of network programs for interaction with other departments, the universities of Kazakhstan,far and near abroad;
  • development of personnel potential (raising the level of professional qualification of scientific and pedagogical workers of the Department; rejuvenation of the personnel of scientific and pedagogical workers of the Department);
  • improvement of the dual education system and the introduction of additional certification of students;
  • increasing the number of foreign students studying in the educational programs of the Department;
  • strengthening international cooperation, the integration of the department in the research and innovation space;
  • improvement of the quality of practices and practical exercises on a production basis by increasing the responsibility and interest of the managers of state bodies, manufacturing enterprises, social institutions;
  • improvement of the mechanism of commercialization of research and development results;
  • development and implementation of MOOCs (mass open online courses);
  • implementation of the principle of interdisciplinarity;
  • implementation of joint scientific research involving students;
  • introduction of innovative technologies to identify and develop the creative potential of students;

The Department, on the basis of issued license for educational activities of the State institution “Committee for Control in the Field of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, carries out educational activities at three levels:

Bachelors’ educational programs are conducted in the direction “5В050600-Economics”, “6В0141-Economics”.

The undergraduate level leads to the development of the basic competencies necessary for any professional activity (the ability to work with information, enter into communication, knowledge of the social and legal foundations of personality behavior in society, etc.) and the basic ones reflecting the specifics of a certain professional activity to a level that allows to apply them in standard situations.

Masters’ educational programs are conducted in two directions – profile and scientific-pedagogical:

  • “6M050600-Economics”;
  • “7M0141-Economics”.

A specialized field with a 1-year training period implements applied educational programs aimed at instilling managerial skills and providing training for managers, leading specialists in the administrative apparatus, and specialists in the agricultural sector with modern system knowledge.

The scientific and pedagogical direction with a 2-year training period implements professional curricula of postgraduate education in training personnel for the system of higher and postgraduate education and the research sector.

As a part of the implementation of the international project SARUD Erasmus + in 2017, the first enrollment in scientific and pedagogical master’s degree “6M050600-Economics”(Sustainable agriculture and rural development) was made, the purpose of which is to give students the opportunity, along with a certain fundamental economic and managerial preparation to master in-depth economic and managerial knowledge, as well as applied skills.

Doctoral study programs are conducted in the direction “6D050600-Economics”, “8D041-Economics”.

The PhD doctoral education program is aimed at training scientific and pedagogical personnel, highly qualified specialists, competitive both in the domestic and world labor markets with the award of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

In 2015, multilingual postgraduate studies in the specialty “Economics” were started in the magistracy (6M050600) and doctoral studies (6D050600).

The teaching staff of the Department takes an active part in international and republican research projects, as well as provides services and enters into contracts with manufacturing enterprises:

  1. 3561/GF4 “Justification and forecasting the needs of specialists with higher professional education in the agro-industrial complex of the Akmola region”.
  2. “Sustainable agriculture and rural development”. International project No. 561969 – EPP-1-2015-1-DE-EPPK2-CBHE-JP. Funded by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus + KA2 program.
  3. 13005/314 dated 04/10/2019. “Economic assessment of the development of innovative processes in meat cattle breeding of the Akmola region”. State Registration No. 0119РКИ0120.
  4. ERASMUS+ 610383-EPP-1-2019-DE-EPPRF2-CBHE-JP (2019-2086) Improving Postgraduate Education in Sustainable Agriculture and Agrosystems of the Future – SAGRIS
  5. Methodology of analysis and optimization of the socio-economic model of the rural district (on the materials of Northern Kazakhstan)
  6. Development of a model for the effective functioning of personal subsidiary plots on the example of poultry meat production.
  7. Study of the program for the resettlement of labor resources from the southern to the northern regions of Kazakhstan and the development of recommendations for regulating the resettlement from the southern regions to the north (on the example of Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions) for 2018-2020. State registration number AR 05136098
  8. Economic analysis of the cost of milk production, taking into account the market value of the cost of basic feed, wages and other cost items.
  9. Development of cost standards per unit of the main types of agricultural livestock products in the Kyzylorda and Aktobe regions " (on the example of IСE LLP, RZA JSC")
  10. Study of the impact of state policy in the agricultural sector on the development of cooperative processes in the agro-industrial complex, sustainable development of rural areas and ensuring.

In 2019, the Department of Economyhas successfully passed specialized accreditation for educational programs of 3 levels of training at the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA).

Graduates of the Department are in demand in the system of science and education, in the public service, in the economy of the agricultural sector, large corporations, in domestic and foreign firms of various profiles. More than 80% of graduates are employed after graduation.

The staff contributes to the successful functioning of educational programs in the areas of training students in accordance with the priorities of the University, Faculty and Department. The staff of the department is 39 people, including 19 candidates of sciences, 2 doctor of economic sciences and 2 PhD.

The Department of Economy has agreements with foreign universities on cooperation in the field of education and science: Agrarian University, Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, Urumqi (China), Novosibirsk Agrarian University, Novosibirsk (Russia), Hohenheim University, Stuttgart (Germany), Czech University of Natural Sciences, Prague.

The Department collaborates with LLP KazSRI “Economy of the agro-industrial complex and rural development” in the field of joint research. In addition, the Department interacts with LLP AF “Rodina” on the basis of agreements on cooperation and the functioning of its branch on the basis of the named advanced agricultural enterprise.

The educational, scientific and research activities of the Department, whose leaders were well-known scientists, such as Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Sagadiyev K.A., Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Meleshenko N.N., were notable for their marked activity.

Since the academic year 2020-2021 started, there has been an integration of the Department of Economic theory and law and the Department of Economics at the faculty of Economics.

The Department is headed by the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Temirova Akmaral Bolatovna.

Department history

On the first of September  in 1963 two departments at the Faculty were created: the economy of socialist agriculture and the organization of socialist agricultural enterprises.

The first was headed by assistant professor, Ph.D. D.F.Vermel, who has worked in this position until 1968.

In subsequent years, the department was led by associate-professors A.R. Paly (1968-1972), A.A. Kuznetsov (1972-1973), B.B.Baltin (1974-1983), G.M.Turmambaev (1983-1988), Professor, Doctor of Economics and Corresponding Member.

Then the department was headed by assistant professor M.I. Tsybenko (1967-1976) and docent, Ph.D., who later became a professor Zh.S. Sundetov (1976-1992).

Economics department and organization of socialist agricultural enterprises department has had  several reorganizations of the faculty over the lost year development. Have had in 1994, as a result of enlargement it has been organized by the Department of "Economics and Organization of Agriculture", later it became known as the "Agricultural Economics", which was headed by Professor, Doctor of Economics Zh.S. Sundetov (1994-1996), Associate Professor A.K.Khizhinsky (1996-1997), associate professor A.M. Kulakevich (1998-2000), associate professor Z.B. Oraztaeva (2001-2002). From 2003 to the present time the department headed by Ph.D., assistant professor N.N.Meleshenko

In 2012, the lecturers of "Economics" department Zh.S.Sundetov, N.N.Meleshenko, Z.B.Oraztaeva, R.R.Tikzhanova, G.N.Gaara, L.I.Selivanov, G.K.Narbayeva, G.M.Madenova, B.S.Sarsenbekova were awarded the Jubilee Medal for the 55th anniversary of S.Seifullin KazATU and E.P. Zadvorneva was awarded a Jubilee diploma.


SPECIALTY of "Economics"
Qualifications - Bachelor of Economics and Business
Duration of training - 4 years
Full-time form of education

Brief description of the knowledge application:

Economist - a specialist in the implementation of the economic activity of the enterprise, whose work is aimed at improving the efficiency and profitability of production, product quality and development of new species, to achieve high results with optimal use of material, labor and financial resources.

Economist knowledge concept allows us to develop activities in new areas, such as: efficient use of natural resources, precision agriculture, resource and energy conservation, alternative energy, green economy, space exploration, the development of new materials, robotics, biotechnology and others.

Brief description of skills:

Economist’s responsibilities depend on the specifics of the company.

Graduates of specialty 5B050600 - Economics in demand of large organizations and institutions of Astana and other cities of Kazakhstan like: "Kazagromarketing", "KazAgroFinance", AF "Rodina", the Ministry of Agriculture, Research Institute of "Economics of AIC and the PCT" and others. In addition, many graduates are governors of regions and districts or heads of national companies.

Program Summary:

The relevance of the educational program "Modern economy" in the specialty 5B050600 - "bachelor in Economics" due to the growing demand for economists - professionals in the planning of activities in enterprises, organizations and various forms of ownership management.

The ultimate goal of the program is training direction specialty requires a clear focus on the future, which manifests itself in the possibility of building their education, considering the success in personal and professional activities, satisfying the requirements of employers.

Link to WC (Working curriculum) or any other document, which describes in detail the contents of the program.

Link to elective subjects available in the program.

Contacts: PhD and Associate Professor Meleshenko Nadezhda, Head of the "Economics" Department, tel: 39-59-27


SPECIALTY: 6M050600 «Economics»
Qualification - master of economic sciences
Training term - 2 years
Full-time form of education

Brief description of the knowledge application:

Graduates acquire professional leadership skills that are useful for the further development of his personal career and they will apply knowledge in predicting the direction of economic development of the country, to carry out research and teaching activities, to use the acceptance methods of administrative decisions, think strategically as a socially responsible leader in the field of economics, as an expert in the field management.

Brief description of skills:

Graduates will have the skills possession of general scientific methodology and logic of scientific technology - research, conduct an independent research project, to analyze teaching and educational situations, to identify and solve educational problems. Doctoral students strengthen skills such as the ability to plan the work, focusing on the result; ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them; ability to work in the information space; Skill analytical activity, presentation of their work; reflection skill and self-education.

Summary of the 6M050600 «Economics»program:

The content of the educational doctorate program in the specialty of 6M050600 «Economics" specialization "Agricultural Economics" comprise subjects such as:"Methodology of Economic Research", "The course of Applied Econometrics and methods of optimization," "Business Innovation and Investment", "Organization of agribusiness" and others. This allows you to acquire competence in matters of the Republic of Kazakhstan in economic reforms, areas of economic development of the country and in matters teaching procedureof economic disciplines.

Contacts: PhD Tolysbayeva Marzhan Sovetbekovna, Head of the "Economics" Department, tel: 39-59-27

"Economics and organization of agroindustrial complex" - doctoral studies

Qualification: Doctor of Philosophy PhD in the educational program 8D04102 "Economics and organization of agriculture"

Duration of training: 3 (scientific and pedagogical)

Form of study: full-time

Brief description of the field of application of knowledge

The educational program for the preparation of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) under the educational program 8D04102 "Economics and organization of agriculture" has a scientific and pedagogical orientation and involves fundamental educational, methodological and research training and in-depth study of disciplines in economics for the system of higher and postgraduate education and the scientific sphere.

The purpose of the educational program is to prepare PhD doctors of international level for scientific and pedagogical work in the field of developing theoretical and methodological provisions for the analysis of economic processes and systems, as well as professional activities related to the application and improvement of methods of modeling and forecasting economic and production processes in an innovative economy.

Professional competencies

The educational program allows doctoral graduates to acquire competencies in the field of scientific activity in conditions of constant updating of knowledge and modernization of society, qualified and creative analysis of modern problems of economics and management, in organizing and conducting their own and joint research projects, setting urgent tasks and expanding the boundaries of scientific research on economic problems, in understanding the principles of building and improving educational programs in the field of economics, in economic, social, legal and communication aspects of business and management.

Brief description of skills

Graduates of the doctoral program are the most sought-after specialists with a systematic vision of economic problems, able to identify commercial opportunities for the application and implementation of research results, conduct an examination of research problems, and effectively manage knowledge-intensive projects.

Doctoral studies are conducted by highly qualified teaching staff, including invited foreign professors from leading foreign universities. Doctoral students will be trained in the most modern methods of economic analysis.  The organization of research activities is built in close contact with leading domestic and foreign scientists.

Program summary

1) theoretical training, including the study of a cycle of basic and core disciplines;

2) practical training of doctoral students: various types of professional practices, scientific internships;

3) research work, including the execution of a doctoral dissertation;

4) intermediate and final attestations.

The PhD program closely cooperates with scientific and public organizations, research institutes and educational institutions of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad.

As part of the training, the individual work plan of a doctoral student for familiarization with innovative technologies and new types of production provides for mandatory scientific internship in scientific organizations, including abroad.

Contacts of the adviser or a person to whom you can contact with additional questions: Okutaeva Saule Tolegenovna, adviser, 87752642682,

International cooperation

The department has agreements with foreign universities on cooperation in the sphere of education and science: Agrarian University, Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, Urumqi (China), Novosibirsk Agrarian University, Novosibirsk (Russia), University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart (Germany), Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague.

Within the frameworks of these agreements, foreign researchers come to the University to carry out the scientific seminars and round tables: R. Shlauder (Weihenstephan, Germany), Professor R. Dolushitts (Hohenheim, Germany), Michal Loshtak (Prague, Czech Republic).

Kishko N.V. attended Davis University in California, the city of Davis, California, USA, November-December 2016.

The staff of the department takes an active part in international scientific-practical conferences, including the Internet-conferences. During 2011-2015 the teachers of the department published more than 30 articles in the collections of materials to the international conferences. The conferences were held in Russia (Krasnodar, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Stavropol, Ufa), Poland (Przhemich), Czech Republic (Prague), Bulgaria (Sofia). The teachers were awarded by the certificates and diplomas. On the subject of the scientific research of the Department within the frameworks of the project «Substantiation and forecasting the need in specialists with higher professional education in AIC of Akmola region» Meleshenko N.N. (PhD), Zadvorneva E.P. (Master of Economics) had an internship at the University of Hohenheim (Shtutgart, Germany) in April 2015. In October, the scientific seminar on the project with the participation of professor and PhD student of the University of Hohenheim was held. The location place of this scientific seminar was the advanced agrarian enterprise LLP AF "Rodina".

Seitova Yenilik went to the Summer School on the basis of an announced grant to Italy

Student life

Students specialty of  "Economics" with lecturers participate in all events which are had at the faculty and the university (public holidays, sporting events, month on crime prevention, drug addiction and religious extremism).

Department of  Economics for students organized a meeting with the heads and specialists of  enterprises with an invitation to give lectures and excursions. Students the department of economics consists in sports clubs, organized by the University.

Curator hours has had regularly with a view to socio - political, patriotic and legal education, which are devoted to the state holidays of Kazakhstan, discuses the Message of President, Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" every year.

Young people participate in conferences, "round tables", which conducts the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Round table on the topic "Actual problems of family law" 

Open lesson "Legal education"

The Marathon of Good Deals continues its active work

Doing good things is our common deal

Round table "How to create your own business"

Information on subject Olympiads

Students of the specialty economics N. Askar, A. Omarova, E. Basan took part in the international competition of student scientific works in economic specialties on the topic: "Sustainable development of the national economy in a dynamically changing global geopolitical situation", held by the Department of "Economics" of the Faculty of Economics and law of Toraighyrov University. Students prepared a project on the topic: “Model for increasing the business activity of households” and won 3rd place.

3rd and 4th year students of the specialty "Economics" Sultanova A.B, Askar N.A, Omarova A.D. took part in the XIV Republican Student Olympiad in the subjects "Economic Theory", "Microeconomics", "Macroeconomics", "Enterprise Economics" and were awarded in the nomination "The most creative team".

The republican stage of RSSO consisted of two rounds and was held at L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University: the first stage is selection for the olympiad based on the results of essay writing; the second stage (offline) is testing and solving applied problems in the specialty.

3rd year students of the group 07-506-18-02 Mukhamedkarimova Aidana, Bakhytkerey kyzy Ademi, Toralieva Gauhar took the honorable 2nd place in the International Student Olympiad "Modern Economy through the eyes of young researchers", organized by the Abylai Khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages on 14.04.2021. Under the scientific supervision of the Candidate of Economic Sciences, assoc. prof. Agumbayeva A.Ye students prepared a research project under the name of "Educational model of the Regional Agricultural market: from enterprises to agribusiness clusters" based on participation in a business game used in the course of the discipline "Economics of the production sector "(topics - "Specialization and cooperation", "Combination", " Concentration of production»)in the 2nd trimester of 2021.


Economics students of Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University have participated in III International online tourism olympiad among college and university students of all disciplines. The olympiad was devoted to teacher-innovator, people's teacher of the USSR, participant of the Second World War – Nurgaliev Kumash Nurgalievich, and it was organized by the Department of Economics and Management of the NJSC “East Kazakhstan University named after Sarsen Amanzholov”.

The goal of the olympiad: increasing interest, developing competencies, and deepening the knowledge of students in the field of tourism, economics, management, and other non-economic disciplines in crisis conditions.

The 4th year students Almakhanova Shakhizat Amirkhankyzy, Belek Orynbasar Nurlanuly, Zhakupova Aiganym Zhasulankyzy tool 1st place, having prepared a video and presentation on the topic: “The economic potential of agritourism in the conditions of a “green” economy”. Scientific advisers: Temirova Aқmaral Bolatovna, Narbaeva Gulmira Kuanyshevna.

The olympiad was also attended by 1st year students of the Economics major, Seitova Yelik Erbolkyzy, Minaymbek Zamanbek Zholdasbekuly, Nurmashova Diana Bilulkyzy, who presented a video and a project on the topic: “Entrepreneurial initiative – 2021” and took 2nd place. Scientific advisers: Narbaeva Gulmira Kuanyshevna, Madenova Kulshara Myrzabayevna.



On November 22, 2019, students of the Economics Department took an active part in the XVIII Republican Student Olympic Games on economic disciplines "Innovative Ideas and Technologies in Economy and Business", organized by Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov.

The goal of the Olympiad was to improve the quality of training of specialists in the field of economy and business; Stimulation of creative initiative and scientific activity of University students; Identification and promotion of gifted youth, formation of key creative competences; Use of interactive teaching methods in theoretical and practical tasks.

The Olympiad took place in three stages.

The first round is a preliminary absentee selection, which involved two tasks. Presentation of his team (in the format of a video) and presentation of the innovative project "Startup Project 2019."

The second round - face-to-face competition of teams included a blitz tournament (economic quiz).

The third round is the presentation of the innovative project "Startup Project 2019."

The proposed project for the construction of a plant for the production of dry milk on the theme "Production of sublimated baby dry milk" interested the commission, participants of the Olympiad, and was successfully presented. The essence of this project - sublimated dry milk powder is made by means of vacuum drying on a special plant, which will allow to completely preserve all useful qualities of freshly brewed milk for a long time.

Following the results of the holding the ECO team - 01, which included students of 3 and 4 courses Tleuova A., Turabay A., Yebergenova L., Kinash F., Saginbayeva A. took the first place. Scientific leaders: Head of the Department - Temirova A. B., Senior Lecturer Narbayeva G. K.

S. Seifullin Kazakh Agricultural University as the winner of the XVIII Republican Student Olympiad for the next year was honored to hold the next Olympiad. The winners of Cup will be in our university until the next Olympic Games.


Sulikova Aisara Manarbekovna - a student of the Faculty of Economics, in 2017,  participated in the Republican competition of scientific and research works, announced annually by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan annually held in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on natural, technical, social, humanitarian and economic sciences and awarded with a diploma for the third place. Morever she participated was in the Republican competition of research works in "Fundamentals of Law and Economics" and was awarded with a diploma for the 2 nd place.


010000, Republic of Kazakhstan,

Nur-Sultan, Pobeda St. 62, Main Building №1

Phone: +7(7172)39- 59- 27

Educational program "Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development" - SARUD
Educational program "Modern Business Economics" (2021)
Educational program "Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development" - SARUD (2021)
Educational program "Economics and Organization of the AIC" (2021)
Themes of diploma works and master's theses
Specificity of the educational program of the specialty "Economy"
Educational program "Economics and Organization of the AIC"
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